In this article, we will cover the usual details that all Cartier glasses are recognized for and also in turn, re-superstructure the differences between authentic Cartier glasses vs. Fake Cartier glasses. The basic fundamentals joined with the precise details shown listed below will provide you the knowledge necessary to ensure the you are purchasing really Cartier frames.

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The an initial thing come look at once trying to determine if you have actually purchased genuine Cartier eyewear is the all at once quality of the frames. Repaint wearing or chipping, as well as misspellings, space easy signs of fake Cartier glasses.

Below room seven locations to examine once determining if you have actually purchased authentic Cartier eyeglasses.

Find Out exactly how to spot Fake Cartier Glasses

Lens Logo

The bulk of Cartier glasses have actually their logo stamped, or etched onto the lens. The vital difference here, from countless of the fakes, is the top quality of the stamp. Frequently, the counterfeiters will usage a cheap display screen print technique to rubber stamp on the Cartier logo. The display print an approach gives the logo design no texture, vice versa, an authentic pair of Cartier glasses has a logo design with a texture. Basic test to check out if you have purchased fake Cartier glasses is by running her finger over the lens stamp—if it is counterfeit, you will certainly not feeling anything. ~ above an really pair of Cartier glasses, however, girlfriend should be able to feel the etching or some form of texture. This simple test will indicate if you have actually purchased authentic or counterfeit Cartier glasses.

Authentic Cartier leg Piece

Authentic Cartier bridge item separating the two lenses should function the leg measurements. In part cases, the version number is printed right here as well. In our example, the leg piece offers the width of 20mm. The etching must be focused within the bridge piece. Just due to the fact that these details are current in one area that is unlikely to be checked out does not average that the top quality of the glasses have to degrade. Every detail, nevertheless of the function or the area the is discovered in, should keep the very same level the uniform Cartier quality.


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Authentic Cartier nose Piece

Typically, Cartier has actually their logo design stamped ~ above both nose pieces featured on the inside of the glasses. This is a detail that many counterfeiters neglect, as the majority of consumer do focus on boy details and only pay fist to the exterior details. Therefore, once you are examining Cartier eyeglasses because that legitimacy, constantly pay close fist to the inner details—the nose piece in particular.

Authentic Cartier Temple

Most Cartier temples room gold and hand engraved. This detail is much more daunting to replicate, and also most imitators would fairly not address it. However, some counterfeiters will certainly attempt come reproduce it. When determining if you have purchased fake Cartier glasses, inspect the temple insert and also look for spacing and also centering issues. The Cartier temple insert must be reasonably centered in ~ the reminder of the temple arm and also smooth through the surface.


In this case, friend are trying to find the opposite effect as the lens stamp. The Cartier temple insert have to not be elevated up above the surface ar of the temple arm. If you operation your finger over the holy place insert and feel significant bumps, that is one indicator the you have purchased fake Cartier glasses. The texture might vary slightly from layout to style due to the fact that each one is made from a various material, yet regardless that the material, the insert need to never be sticking out. You should likewise be certain to examine the gold because that tarnishing and if there shows up to be another metal shade in particular places, this is a sure sign that the glasses space not actual gold and in turn, not authentic Cartier glasses.


The three holy place insert tests are:Check for centeringThe insert should be flush with the holy place armReal gold does no tarnish

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Check because that Inscriptions

The Cartier signature, in addition to a serial number printed in tiny font, is located on the inside framework of each pair the glasses. This serial number have to be a seven-digits long and is provided by Cartier in all glasses to check authenticity.


The cost Of the Cartier Glasses

Notice the price the the glasses and also be wary of exceptionally low-priced versions. An really pair that Cartier eyeglasses through acetate rims will cost at $600 and also a pair through platinum frames can cost up come $3,000. If the price is far below the initial cost, there is a possibility that the pair is fake.

Authentic Cartier warranty Card

Cartier glasses are commonly sold through a difficult leather case, cleaning cloth and an authenticity guarantee card. Be sure to ask because that a vouch card and also an authenticity guarantee card as soon as purchasing Cartier glasses. If the glasses room purchased from a private individual, this info should still it is in available.

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