SpongeBob SquarePants: intrusion of the Lava King

Publisher: Nick.comPlatform: Adobe Flash

This video game has unused graphics.

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This game has unused text.


To do:Try and get the Level Editor Saving and Loading to work correctly.Also get a rip of the crudely drawn arrow in a one graphic.

Possibly among the much more popular SpongeBob flash-games, invasion of the Lava King is a RPG, with no turn-based combat.

Unused Graphics

Two unused graphics the were expected for a level editor.

An unused video game over screen.

A crudely drawn arrowhead in a circle.

Unused Code

On the title screen there is a button labeled "Level Builder", but the game constantly makes that invisible. By altering the game"s code, you have the right to make the button visible and access the level builder the developers supplied to do the miscellaneous maps. The tool functions for the many part, however saving and loading show up to be broken due to it relying on functions from MDM Zinc, which the last game was no compiled in.


Unused Text

Level EditorText express the aformentioned developer level editor.

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txtFocusKeeperText discovered in a preloader referencing a "Focus Keeper," whatever the heck that is.

ArthurRaymond RobertMish PataMiss Saturne de la joieArthurArthurCarlaBombermanMish PataCarlaPlaceholder names for the leaderboard, including Bomberman!

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