In the publication Romeo and also Juliet, the two protagonists room Romeo and also Juliet. They accomplish at a party that Romeo was not even invited to. Although love is unlikely for them, they still number out a way to do it work. Juliet’s family, the Capulets, and also Romeo’s family, the Montagues, to be arch rivals and were the 2 powerhouses in town, the households despised every others. The hate for the the opposite escalated so far that a couple of casualties occurred. This story is so systematic to numerous that that can connect to songs, movies, and also other contemporary culture. Two songs with noticeable connections come this book are “We found Love” by Rihanna, and “Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift. The tune “We uncovered Love” clearly relates come the book and also this is shown by the lyrics. “Safe and also sound” connect in a deeper means unlike “We discovered Love”, the connection is past the lyrics. “Safe and Sound” relates come Romeo and also Juliet due to the fact that it shows exactly how both of lock will constantly be there for each other and that with each other they room strong. Romeo and Juliet never felt fulfilled and also hadn’t yet got to the optimal of their resides until lock met in ~ the party.

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The song “We found Love” shows exactly how although it is not most likely for Romeo and Juliet to be with each other they still finish up through each other. Romeo and also Juliet loss in love at the party even though they room an i can not qualify couple. A line from the song that support this is; “we discovered love in a hopeless place.” This plainly connects to Romeo and also Juliet. They never ever saw every other before the party. Romeo wasn’t even supposed to be in ~ the party since he no invited. One more quote native “We uncovered Love” that relates to the play is; “And we’re standing next by side together your shadow crosses mine What the takes come come alive.” before they fell in love the two of them to be unsatisfied, and when they dropped in love, this changed drastically. In addition, they came alive like in the song, castle both came to be happier and much more positive. These space the 2 most far-reaching phrases the the song, “We uncovered Love.” The love that Romeo and Juliet have for eachother is irresistible. Although castle are among the most unlikely couples they still space able to do it work. Also though occasionally their love seems “hopeless” they space able to fight through it. Transparent the publication there is constantly hope even with every odds are versus them. Like the song, “We discovered Love” the two discover love in a hopeless place and they proceed to be positive throughout the play. One example of this happening throughout the play is when Romeo arrives to the Capulet party, and Tybalt spots that the an initial thing he states is, “Tis he, the villain Romeo” (1.5.73). This quote also shows how the party seemed hopeless; it seemed choose nothing to be going to happen in between them. The entirety Capulet family currently despised Romeo, without also knowing he to be going to autumn in love with Juliet. Juliet finally starts to come alive like the lyrics claimed in the song when she watch Romeo. She automatically asks a family friend of the Capulet’s what his surname was, introduce to Romeo, and the nurse replies, “His name is Romeo, and a Montague, The only son that your good enemy” (1.5.150–151). The two lastly start to end up being joyful once they check out each other. Romeo and also Juliet had actually not been happy until they met, and when do, they transform into completely different people, and finally become satisfied. As soon as they met, it was the first time they really found true love. Because that example,

Have no saints lips, and also holy palmers too?Ay, pilgrim, lips the they have to use in prayer.O then, to ~ saint allow lips execute what hands do.They pray: provide thou, lest belief turn come despair. (1.5.112–115)

This quote mirrors the 2 of them finally reaching their full potential. To summarize, the tune “We found love” connects to the book in plenty of ways. It shows that also though the chances of detect love were low, Romeo and also Juliet obtained through it together. They never let the odds keep them native finding true love.

The tune “Safe and Sound” through Taylor Swift is an additional example of exactly how the play, Romeo and also Juliet associate to modern culture. Among the most necessary phrases is, “I’ll never ever let friend go.” Similarly, in the story, Romeo and Juliet would never let eachother go. They wanted to continue to be together and get married, there is no anybody knowing however themselves and also the Friar. One more important line from the song, “Safe and also Sound” by Taylor Swift is, “When I claimed I’ll never ever let girlfriend go once all those shadows virtually killed your light.” the shows also though times can get hard she will still shot her hardest come keep everything intact. In a similar way, Romeo and Juliet’s relationship could have fell through, but never did. A quote native the play reflecting Juliet’s persistence to remain with romeo is; “I will not marry yet, and when I execute I swear that shall it is in Romeo, whom you recognize I hate, fairly than Paris” (3.5.126–128). This quote is reflecting that Juliet is disobeying she parents for Romeo. That is choose the song, also if times are challenging the 2 of castle will obtain through it. Gaining over all these obstacles only made their connection stronger, and also after only being together for a really short time castle were already much happier and also reaching their full potential together. As soon as the 2 of them space together they can do anything, but alone they are weak.

The songs “We uncovered Love” and also “Safe and Sound” room very comparable to the publication Romeo and also Juliet. The track “We uncovered Love” connect by showing how also with the possibilities of the two being together very low castle still find a means to find love. The tune “Safe and Sound” shows exactly how although times are difficult for the 2 of lock they both have persistence and also hope to make everything work out.


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