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You're in the girlfriend zone if you have actually a one-way romantic attraction come a friend. Below are pop, rock, R&B, and also country songs around the girlfriend zone: struggling come tell a girlfriend you love them, flirting, and also rejecting a friend as a dating partner.

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The girlfriend Zone: A Close, yet Unattainable Potential Love Match

A male asks his female friend to go to the movies. He doesn't specify that he's asking for a date, therefore his prospective love interest invites two common friends come go as well. The aspiring Romeo security the movie sitting two seats over from her. The negative guy got friend zoned and also didn't also see that coming.

The friend zone refers to one person in a friendship being interested in becoming more than "just friends." The human is one of two people afraid to expose their attraction or they do reveal your romantic feelings and are rebuffed. As a result, they pains longingly for your pal, a close, however unattainable potential love match.

You've most likely been come the girlfriend zone or banished someone rather there. Inhabitants of the girlfriend zone report that it is a vast, cold wasteland filled through what-ifs and if-onlys. Word is that it's tough to escape indigenous there.

If the friend zone is every too familiar to you, then make a playlist. Alternatively, pick a favorite tune from our long list of pop, rock, country, and also R&B songs to either

help convince her crush to check out you as more than "just friends" orreject a friend that is looking for much more from you.

Good lucky in recognize love outside of the girlfriend zone.

1. "Can't hit This Feeling" by REO Speedwagon

As a kid of the 80s, I have the right to vouch that we friend zoned each other back then, too, although us didn't have any kind of clever names because that the phenomenon. This 1984 rock song defines the interior struggle of even if it is to spill her guts about your attraction or simply keep pining away and not threat the friendship.

Friend ar Lyrics:

I can't fight this feeling any kind of longerAnd yet I'm still afraid to let the flowWhat started out together friendship has actually grown strongerI just wish I had actually the toughness to let the show.

2. "FRIENDS" through Marshmello & Anne-Marie

Do you need to put the persistent who squarely in the girlfriend zone where they belong? If so, then usage this friend zone anthem because it leaves absolutely zero room because that confusion.

The narrator in this 2018 digital pop number has actually a friend she's known because they were kids, and also she looks ~ above him together a brother. However, he need to have gained hit in the head with a rock or something due to the fact that now he's spreading goo-goo eyes she way, wanting to acquire his happy on. Also worse, he's completely unrelenting.

She doesn't desire her old girlfriend to chaos up their connection by talking around sexual attraction. The will only push she away further. She's made her feelings for this reason clear that she precise spells it out for him. Why can't he understand that "no" means "no"?

Friend region Lyrics:

Haven't ns made the obvious?Haven't ns made it clear?Want me come spell it the end for you?F-R-I-E-N-D-S.

3. "You Belong with Me" by Taylor Swift

The girl-next-door in this 2009 country crossover song has fallen difficult for a masculine friend. However, he's date a famous cheerleader that doesn't worth him. The snobby girl friend doesn't favor his form of music, doesn't get his humor, and doesn't know his story like his friend does.

The narrator watches your relationship and also yearns for him. She waits because that the man to recognize that his girl friend isn't ideal for him in ~ all, whereas true love has actually been waiting for him every along.

Friend ar Lyrics:

Can't you see that I'm the one that understands youBeen below all along, therefore why can't you see?You belong v me.

4. "Whenever I speak to You Friend" by Stevie Nicks and also Kenny Loggins

On occasion, a person is maybe to relocate their partnership out that the girlfriend zone and also rev up a romance v their friend. Don't child yourself though. You and your friend-turned-lover won't ever before forget the platonic ar where girlfriend started. The lover in this 1978 soft absent duet look at each other and see the girlfriend they've always had in each other. Isn't that a great thing though?

Friend zone Lyrics:

I see myself within her eyesAnd that's all I require to present me whyEverything ns do, constantly takes me residence to friend ever and ever.

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5. "Baby" through Justin Bieber (featuring Ludacris)

Back in 2010, a fresh-faced Justin Bieber laments that his very first love has damaged his love by kicking him come the friend zone. He'd do anything because that her and also can't think they've broken up. The Biebster offers to buy her anything to make her happy. The video of this tune is both one of the many viewed and most disliked videos on YouTube.

Friend zone Lyrics:

Are us an item? Girl, stop playin'We're just friends, what are you sayin'?

6. "Everything friend Want" by upright Horizon

Psychologically, some civilization are walking wounded, hurt and haunted through the past, confused around what they want, and also unwilling (or not ready yet) to seek help. This alternative rock tune from 2000 attributes a friend of one together person.

He adores her, however like various other potential romantic partners of hers, he has been relegated to the girlfriend zone. Of course, this leaves him confused. (Hey, sometimes, it's not around YOU, okay?)

Friend region Lyrics:

I am every little thing you wantI am every little thing you needI am whatever inside that youThat you wish you might beI say all the best thingsAt specifically the ideal timeBut I mean nothing come you, and I don't understand why.

7. "Layla" by Derek and the Dominos

This 1971 standard rock tune was named to Rolling Stone's perform of "The 500 best Songs of all Time." The male in this tune has it really poor for a woman he's provided comfort and also a sorry ear to when an additional man has broken her heart. For him, it's misery sit in the friend zone. She has him emotion foolish and also begging ~ above his knees that a future because that them is possible.

Friend region Lyrics:

I make the efforts to give you consolationWhen her old man had actually let friend down.Like a fool, I fell in love through you,Turned my whole people upside down.

8. "Not in that Way" through Sam Smith

Sam Smith's pained voice catches the anguish one feels once they autumn deeply in love v a friend and feel certain it's a one-way love affair. In the somber 2014 ballad, the narrator defines his reluctance to save his feeling to himself for fear of rejection. Yet here's the thing: friend never recognize if friend don't ask. What's much more painful 보다 rejection is never discovering for sure.

Friend ar Lyrics:

I'd never ask you reason deep downI'm details I understand what you'd sayYou'd speak I'm sorry, believe meI love you, yet not in the way.

9. "Friend Zone" by daniel Bradbery

After win the 2013 season of NBC present The Voice, this young nation singer walk on to relax this 2015 song. Critics seemed come think the track was not quite ready for music element time, however. The song cases that the an enig to success through a girl is safety money on her. Fail to do that will land a man in the friend zone. Many girls aren't the shallow, however. Together a general rule, most people want respect and to feel valued. The doesn't need to be expensive.

Friend zone Lyrics:

You think you're doing simply fineOoh, she acquired you ~ above the sidelineYou think you're flying towards the end zoneYou're just headed towards the friend zone.

10. "Don't let Go" by En Vogue

Friend zone Lyrics:

What's it gonna be 'cause ns can't pretend?Don't girlfriend wanna be more than friends?

The mrs in this 1996 R&B ditty is grounding in the girlfriend zone, and also she's begging to obtain outta there. She's consumed with thoughts the holding her BFF tight, lovemaking, and also even attract his clothes. Aching because that an finish to her misery, she make the efforts to to convince her girlfriend to set her free and make her a lover.

11. "To Be with You" by Mr. Big

The guy in this 1991 difficult rock song lays it all the end on the line when the girl he secretly loves is left heartbroken by her boyfriend. He's worn down of watching and also waiting on the sidelines, hear patiently come her together she complains around what the boyfriend has done lately to disappointed her. He to know he can display her love and make her laugh in a means that the friend can't. She simply needs to provide him a chance.

Friend ar Lyrics:

I'm the one who wants to be through you (I'm the one)Deep inside ns hope you feel it as well (feel it too)Waited on a heat of greens and blues (waited ~ above a line)Yeah, just to it is in the next to be through you.

12. "Teardrops on mine Guitar" by Taylor Swift

Have you ever before had the awkward, secret crush ~ above a friend however they store going on and on about someone else they like? her friend gushes about them, asks you dating advice, and also even confides the they are in love through this various other person.

That's the scenario the narrator in this 2007 nation crossover track finds it s her in. Being hopelessly friend zoned provides her cry when her like isn't around, yet it does give her plenty come write and also sing about. As with most the Taylor Swift's songs, it's based upon a actual person, a man that she supplied to walk to institution with but never dated.

Friend ar Lyrics:

Drew looks in ~ me, ns fake a laugh so he won't seeThat i want and also I'm needing whatever that we have to beI'll gambling she's beautiful, that girl he talks aboutAnd she's got every little thing that I need to live without.

13. "More 보다 Friends" through Jason Mraz (featuring Meghan Trainor)

If you're in search of the perfect tune to tell your longtime friend the you desire something more, then this mellow 2018 pop ditty is it. It explains how fulfilling the friendship is and how the narrator wants to take the crush the she has actually on she friend and turn it right into a actual romantic relationship, provided that the feels the exact same way.

Friend ar Lyrics:

I wanna be much more than friendsI wanna be more than friendsI wanna tell everyone you're takenAnd take her hand until the endI wanna be more than friends.

14. "Just Friends" by Hayden James (featuring young Matthews)

Friends v benefits (FWB) relationships are intended to involve sex-related intimacy there is no the messiness of emotionally commitment or romance. But here's the thing: repeatedly bumping uglies v your great buddy can come through unexpected complications.

This catchy, danceable pop song from 2018 is one FWB anthem. Exit by an Australian artist, it didn't graph in the US however has done well on YouTube. The tune's narrator has realized a small too late the he's please in love with his friend and doesn't understand where come go with these brand-new feelings. So complicated!

Friend region Lyrics:

When you to speak my surname So casual touch, mine hand ns stop and play the cool like I'm not right into you yet I'm simply lying.

15. "Something to talk About" by Bonnie Raitt

Sometimes you're in love with your friend and also everyone about you realizes it other than for you. Possibly it bring away a tiny gossip to do you wake up to the truth.

In this bluesy absent number from 1991, a mrs discloses to her friend the she's been hearing rumors that they space an item. Civilization think that they stand also close, laugh too loud, and also stare too long to it is in platonic. Recognizing the the rumors are right, the woman suggests spicing up your relationship:

Friend zone Lyrics:

People room talkin', talkin' 'bout people,I hear castle whisper, girlfriend won't think it.They think we're lovers maintained under cover,I just neglect it yet they store sayin' we... .

16. "Just Friends" by allied Barron

Are you hopelessly in love with a friend that is dating someone else? If so, climate this is the perfect song. You sit top top the sidelines, giving them emotional assistance for their relationship troubles while also secretly wishing that it fizzles.

This 2017 pop ballad explains the anguish of waiting for who you love to identify that you can be so much an ext than their good buddy. Don't they feel the spark and dream about you, too?

Friend zone Lyrics:

I watch you watchin’ meWhile your sittin’ next to herBut I’m tho gonna it is in the friend you need, even if the hurts.

17. "It Hurts" through Angels & Airwaves

The male in this 2006 rock song has actually crossed a line v his female ideal friend, and also there's no going back. He to know she's deceptive and also full the both excuses and alcohol. He additionally senses their partnership won't finish well. Still, they are irresistibly drawn to one another.

Friend ar Lyrics:

Her lips were the last point touched tonightYour ideal friend is no your girlfriend.

18. "Like a Friend" through Blue

You fulfill somebody who's just perfect because that you, and you instantly connect. Yet there's just one problem: they're happy committed to someone else. What carry out you do? In this 2002 pop song by British young band, Blue, the narrator encounters this frustrating dilemma. He decides come wait it out in the girlfriend zone till he starts to totally grasp just how lonely the is there.

Friend ar Lyrics:

But I recognize I can't have actually you and also I can't live without you,But i guess i can't have actually it mine way.For the lovin' I'm feeling, my love is still breathing,Girl, how deserve to you treat me this way?

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19. "Teenage Dirtbag" through Weatus

Occasionally the underdog actually wins the girl. That's the atomic plot twisted in this international pop fight from 2000.

An iron Maiden-loving society outcast has a crush on a classmate in his high institution gym class, a renowned girl with a huge shot boyfriend. The outcast believes the neither one of them know who he is, and he's contents to phone call himself the his to like doesn't recognize what she's missing. At the prom, however, the girl viewpoints the teenage dirtbag and also invites him to an stole Maiden concert. Love blooms because of a typical interest in music, baby.

Friend ar Lyrics:

Oh, how she rocksIn Keds and tube socksBut she doesn't know who ns amAnd she doesn't offer a damn around me'Cause I'm simply a teenage dirt bag, infant ... .

20. "Just Friends" by Jonas Brothers

The high school guy in this 2007 pop tune is getting means out end his skis. He's been friend zoned, however he has yet to get the message. As he walks with the halls v his mrs friend and also waits for her one-word message responses, the friend zoned dude daydreams about their ultimate marriage. Something tells me he has disappointing news in his future.

Friend region Lyrics:

I've to be making many plansLike a picket fence and also a increased gardenI just keep on dreamingBut it's cool 'cause we're just friends.


If you uncover yourself in the girlfriend zone, it's best not come live there as well long. It's a lonely location that is tough to climb the end of.

OmarMedinaFilms via Pixabay, free Domain

Even more Songs about the friend Zone

Know a song about the friend zone that we left out? do a suggestion in the Comments ar below!

Song & Year ReleasedArtistFriend ar Lyrics

21. Just Friends (1980)

Kool & The Gang

Never really lovers, just friends / phone call me girl, is this the finish / never ever really lovers, just friends / i cannot hide this emotion inside currently / I know for sure, we were simply friends

22. We're just Friends (2016)

Loving Caliber and also Anders Lydell

Dreaming of her kisses, in the night time / knowing what I'm absent but ns still lie / Hey, ns say I'm law alright, I'm well / but I'm scattered, we're just friends

23. Just a girlfriend (2014)

Jamie Grace

Why can't you just see what I check out / once you speak I'm just a friend, friend tell me I'm simply a girlfriend / ns think I could make friend happy / but you speak I'm simply a friend, you tell me I’m just a friend

24. Simply Friends (2006)

Amy Winehouse

I want to touch girlfriend / but that just harms / as soon as will we acquire / the moment to it is in / Just, simply friends?

25. Creme Brulee (1992)

Sonic Youth

I claimed it before and I'll to speak it again / "I'm so happy we're just friends"

26. Snap (2000)


I'll constantly be waiting for girlfriend / So girlfriend know how much I need you / yet you never also see me, do you / and is this is my last chance of obtaining you

27. We're Not simply Friends (2015)

Parks, Squres, and also Alleys

I’ve acquired a friend / She call me brother / there ain’t nobody we cannot live without / we don’t need nothing / other than each other

28. Just a friend to friend (2016)

Meghan Trainor

I loved you native the start / for this reason it division my heart / when you say I'm simply a friend to friend / 'Cause friend don't carry out the points we do / Everybody to know you love me too

29. Just a friend (2002)


Oh, infant you / acquired what I require / however you say I'm just a friend

30. We're just Friends (1999)


Over and also over and over again / ns say the were simply friends / Forget the effects / Infatuations end

31. You see Friends (I watch Lovers) (2003)


You keep running / I'll store calling / 'Till you notice / You view friends, yet I see lovers

32. Simply Friends (2018)


You know I’m always here to save you company, company / however I can’t assist but feel it’s not enough for me / probably I don’t desire to be simply friends

33. Simply Friends (1959)

Frank Sinatra

We loved, us laughed and we cried / Then all of sudden love died / The story ends and also we're just friends

34. Why room We quiet Friends (2002)

98 Degrees

We do nearly everything the lovers execute / and also that’s why it’s hard, simply to it is in friends with you / Every time your heart is broken by the stupid / I want you to recognize that it hurts me, too

35. To like (2005)

Davd Archuleta

Has it ever crossed your mind / once we're hanging, safety time girl, space we just friends? / Is there more, is over there more?

36. Friendzone (2018)


You're in the girlfriend zone currently / Sorry however there's no method out / You believed she was flirting / She's text massage you earlier / but now she says that you're reminding her of she dad

37. To speak You're just a girlfriend (2012)

Austin Mahone (featuring Flo Rida)

Hey, baby you, you obtained what I need / yet you to speak you're simply a friend

38. Friends (1996)

John Michael Montgomery

Friends gradually drift apart / They give away their hearts / Maybe contact you now and also then / yet you desire to be just friends.

39. Friends Don't (2018)

Maddie & Tae

They don't virtually say "I love you" / once they're downtown somewhere, just a small drunk / castle don't talk about the future and also put each various other in that / and also get chills v every inadvertently touch

40. Once Will I check out You Again (1974)

The three Degrees

When will I check out you again? / are we in love or simply friends? / Is this my beginning or is this the end?

41. Cool the end (2018)

Imagine Dragons

Cool out, 'cause baby i don't think I'm the one for you

42. ABCD (Friend Zone) (2019)

PNB Rock

I wanna do you mine / ns want more than conversations / i don't know just how you can take it

43. I hate This (2019)

Tenille Arts

‘Cause I recognize we said we'd simply be friends / i can't lie and also I can't pretend / boy I've tried and also bottom heat / Is i still love you and I dislike this

44. Much more Than friend (2018)


Don't wanna love anybody however myself / I'm all i need, don't need no assist from friend / and also I can't pretend that we're more than friend / 'Cause it simply ain't true

45. Never ever Be the exact same (2000)

Melanie C (featuring Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes)

It's not a secret anymore / currently we've opened up up the door / beginning tonight and also from now on / We'll never, never ever be the very same again.

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46. Don't Wanna Be much more Than simply Friends (2011)

Ellie Lawson

Don't wanna be an ext than just friends / i don't understand if it's real or if it's simply pretend

47. Girlfriend Don't Kiss friends (2018)

Studio black color & Emily Burns

Cause us all recognize that friends lock don't kiss friends / call me exactly how you check out this totality thing end / know these days space numbered, though we have actually each other I don't wanna pressure, but friends don't kiss friends

48. Friends Unknown (1974)

Donna Summer

I'd favor to phone call him the I need him bad / however I'm afraid if I carry out I might lose / The only friend that i have

49. Sleeping with a girlfriend (2014)

Neon Trees

It might be lethal / resting with a friend

50. The end (2010)

Best Coast

You say the we're just friends / yet I desire this til the end

51. Closer 보다 Friends (1988)


Right currently we're just friends / but baby ns pray part day / You'll surrender to love for this reason tender

52. More Than friend (2014)

Victoria Duffield

You obtained me holding my breath / obtained me tongue tied / ns can't lie / ns wanna be much more than friends

53. An ext Than just Friends (2001)

CeCe Winans

I want to be more than just your sisters / I desire to be an ext than next of kin / Gotta be more than just your brothers / I want to be more than simply a friend / all I want to it is in is every little thing / I want to it is in more

54. Kiss Me now (1976)

Diana Ross

Each and also every day, infant / I've to be hoping the you will offer in / provide in, give in, offer in / you mean an ext to me than simply a friend

55. Great U to be My Girl (2001)


Don`t provide a damn about your guy / ns don`t desire to be just friends / ns don`t desire nobody rather / I simply want to have all to myself

56. Friend (2010)

Best Coast

I great he was my friend / I'd love him to the an extremely end / but instead he's just a friend

57. Photo Perfect (2000)

Angela Via

All that this time / Guess ns must have been remote / no to watch you and also me / We're picture perfect

58. Best Friend (2013)


So phone call me why, tell me why, Why can't friend see? / Everytime you're kissing her in prior of me / it hurts, I'm human, Baby

59. Something the We're not (2013)

Demi Lovato

You wanna be much more than simply friends / i can't go v this again / protect against trying gain inside my head / Don't wanna do much more than hookup

60. Conserve the best for last (1992)

Vanessa Williams

Sometimes the very thing / You're looking for / Is the one thing you can't see

61. Prettiest girlfriend (2005)

Jason Mraz

Trying no to do all my moves in one motion and scare she away / well she can't watch she's do me crazy now / i don't believe she knows she's amazing how / She has actually me holding mine breath

62. Lies (2017)


I heard girlfriend told your friends the I'm simply not your type / If that's exactly how you really feel, then why'd you speak to last night?

63. Exactly how Am I an alleged to Live without You (1989)

Michael Bolton

And how have the right to I blame friend / when I construct my world approximately / The expect that someday / We'd be so much much more than friends?

64. The various other Side (2013)

Tonight Alive

And do you think the me at night / ns still wish us could've make it best / friend can't say that I never ever tried / ns guess everything seems much more clear / right here on the various other side

65. I Wish You loved Me (2007)

Tynisha Kelly

Baby, I understand I'm her friend, however I desire to be much more

66. Lead Me top top (1978)

Maxine Nightingale

I have frequently heard you speak / friend love me as a girlfriend / but I love you much more than anyone / You recognize I can't pretend no longer.

67. Brand-new Light (2018)

John Mayer

Oh, girlfriend don't think double 'bout me / and maybe you're appropriate to doubt me, yet / however if you give me simply one night / You're gonna check out me in a brand-new light

68. Damn great Friends (2012)

Elle Varner

I lengthy for friend / It death me come pretend / I’m not in love as soon as I so to be / but you don’t recognize / that we’re together / Damn an excellent friends / We might be a entirety lot more