If you’ve felt the spark and you’re wondering even if it is there might be something more, let these 10 songs about falling in love through your finest friend overview you. Even if it is you’re concerned about losing a girlfriend or just how you’ll go around approaching the subject or simply happy that you’ve finally discovered your heart mate, there is a tune for every situation.

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“Something to talk About” – Bonnie Raitt. In this song around falling in love through your ideal friend, 2 friends are totally unaware the they’re interested in each other until people start gossiping around their nonexistent romantic relationship. That seems like gossip can be used for good after all.“The search is Over” – Survivor. This is a song about a guy’s search for love and the realization the his search is over since he was in love with his best friend the whole time. Luckily she didn’t acquire married and also have six kids while he was deciding who he wanted to it is in with.“You Shouldn’t Kiss Me favor This” – Toby Keith. This track tells united state that fall in love through your ideal friend can happen after a night out, an unanticipated kiss and also a tiny dancing, yet doesn’t cite anything about the awkwardness in the morning.“Complicated” – Carolyn Dawn Johnson. This is a song around falling in love v your best friend and not learning whether you must take a chance on damaging your friendship by confronting her friend with your feelings.“Lucky” – Jason Mraz special Colbie Caillat. A duet about two friends that are fully in love, this is a whimsical tune that reminds us that several of the best relationships come native falling in love v your best friend.“What if i Said” – Anita Cochran. A woman finds it s her falling because that her finest friend who’s in a relationship. She think he must break the off through the various other woman and also by the ton of the song, the doesn’t rather agree.“Friends and Lovers” – Gloria Loring and Carl Anderson. Instead of choosing in between being friends or lovers, this song around falling in love through your best friend says you can have both.“Could it Be” – Christy Carlson Romano. This is a song around being shocked at the truth that your newly found soul mate was your best friend the whole time. This song mirrors us that falling in love with your ideal friend can happen virtually instantaneously.“Falling in Love through Your finest Friend” – Paul Baribeau.

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 A guy that didn’t realize he remained in love with his best friend till it was also late reminisces about a song about falling in love v your ideal friend.“How execute I gain There” – Deana Carter. Realizing you’ve fallen in love with your best friend is the very first step and the 2nd is to discover out if your finest friend feels the very same way. This track covers the and likewise throws in a little persuasion for great measure.