*As a one-of-a-kind treat you deserve to listen come an initial recording detailed by the Sykes family members of Bessie singing give thanks to You lord for conserving My soul here.

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Thank You mr For saving My soul – Seth and also Bessie Sykes

Foreword: Since the original posting of mine article, Thank You lord for conserving My Soul, on January 14, 2011, and also a succeeding update on July 14, 2012 the short article has been review by net users countless times. I mean that is due to the fact that a most lives to be positively affected by this little song some time previously in your lifetime. Or it could be the the tune reminds folks of a one-of-a-kind time in their stays which was really important to them. Ns am pleased the so many people have discovered the write-up worthwhile, especially roughly the Thanksgiving vacation which wake up in November in the USA. Through this upgrade (October 21, 2015), ns am providing additional background top top the songwriters and their evangelistic ministry got through personal communication with direct descendants that Seth and also Bessie Sykes, authors of Thank friend Lord. 


John 4:29 (NIV) “Come, watch a man who called me everything I ever before did. Can this it is in the Messiah?”

Background: periodically things simply pop into your head native the past and you don’t recognize why. Newly a chorus that i learned together a child just keeps ringing in my brain for no apparent reason. The tune and words are etched in mine memory. In times once I the very least expect it, I find myself humming the tune and also repeating the native over and also over:

Thank You, Lord, for saving my soul,Thank You, Lord, because that making me whole;Thank You, Lord, for providing to meThy good salvation for this reason rich and also free.

The song is simple and the native are basic to sing. But I’m not certain that ns ever construed how profound these words really are. Ns recall finding out this chorus in Vacation holy bible School in the so late 1940’s or early 1950’s. After that I understand that we on regular basis sang that in our youth group. And also even later, our church would usage it as part of our prayer service, an especially after someone came forward to offer their life come Christ.



The Sykes residence base was situated in Glasgow, Scotland the third largest city in the unified Kingdom. Seth Sykes started his career as a conductor and motorman for Glasgow copy, group Tramways. He also served together Secretary because that the Tramway Christian Association wherein he was permitted to hand the end Christian literature and also Bibles. In 1929 Sykes left his project and in addition to his wife ended up being a full-time traveling evangelist. The Sykes were somewhat choose today’s media Christian innovators in that they supplied lantern slides and rousing hymns played by Bessie top top a small, folding organ to obtain the complete interest of your crowds. Seth’s sermons led countless world to Christ and this singing was many assuredly sung together a regular component of your services.

“Thank you, lord was born in a railway carriage between Edinburgh and also Glasgow and also has been wonderfully supplied of God. It has been analyzed into much more than 70 different languages consisting of French, German, Arabic and also Chinese, and also is sung both ~ above radio and Television transparent the globe. Numerous touching stories have been said of how it has lugged comfort and cheer to those nearing the finish of Life’s weary way. One dear guy heard that sung over a Canadian transfer network. He had actually come indigenous Scotland come Canada, and also somehow had lost touch through Christ. He established to renew the covenant. Search the beginning of the chorus, the was put in touch with Mr. And also Mrs. Sykes and memories of an old friendship to be revived.”

Reflection: I thank God for giving … yes giving … me my salvation. Over there is no method I deserve to take it for granted. The is God’s complimentary gift. I merely must tell others what Jesus has done for me. I pray because that the fervor the the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well had actually for telling others around Jesus after ~ she encountered her Messiah. She left she water pot and ran earlier to city to phone call everyone around what Jesus had actually done because that her. John records the outcomes of she testimony in John 4:39 (NIV) – “Many that the Samaritans from the town believed in him because of the woman’s testimony, ‘He said me everything I ever did.’” Her message was simple. She didn’t have actually Biblical training or a special calling. All she did was tell rather what Jesus had actually done for she in her own words. That’s all the is required. Tell rather in your very own words what Jesus has actually done for you and also let Christ perform the rest.

I wonder if Seth and Bessie Sykes knew what an impact their an easy hymn and also chorus would have on future generations. I, because that one, am indebted come them for their faithfulness and this exorbitant hymn and chorus. Maybe the full lyrics that the hymn would inspire you to tell rather what Jesus means to you.

Ephesians 2:8-9 (NIV) because that it is by elegant you have actually been saved, with faith—and this is not from yourselves, that is the gift the God— not by works, so that no one deserve to boast.


Thank You mr for saving My Soul

Some thank the lord for friends and also home,For mercies sure and also sweet;But ns would worship Him for His grace —In prayer I would repeat:

CHORUSThank You, Lord, for saving my soul,Thank You, Lord, for making me whole;Thank You, Lord, for giving to meThy good salvation for this reason rich and free.

Some give thanks to Him for the flow’rs that grow,Some because that the stars that shine;My heart is filled v joy and also praiseBecause I recognize He’s mine.

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I to trust in the from day come day,I prove His conserving grace;I’ll song this song of worship to HimUntil I check out His face.

As a unique treat you have the right to listen come an initial recording listed by the Sykes family members of Bessie singing say thanks to You lord for conserving My spirit here: