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Label:Varese Sarabande ClubLabel number:VCL 0208 1075
Running time:not top top fileShipping date:March 7th, 2008
Original score through David NewmanProduct availabilityClick Matilda soundtrack CD for much more info from The MovieMusic Store.

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Album Tracklist
2.Home native The Hospital<1:36>
3.Million Dollar sticky Show<0:35>
4.Matilda Writes her Name<1:11>
5.To The Library and also Beyond<3:03>
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Music native the movie no on this soundtrack CD
Little Bitty quite One - Robert Byrd
Send Me top top My method - Rusted Root
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Soundtrack Q & A
Q:What song is play in the last scene the the movie throughout the montage that Matilda having fun with miss out on Honey?(from alpha_mushiin Australia)
A:I"m make the efforts to uncover out too! Think it"s talk Heads, can"t find out though, how frustrating!! (thanks to Liam Spencer Allen,Brighton, England)add more info
A:Rusted source - "Send Me On my Way" is the name of the song. It took me a while to find it as well. (thanks come J,Fort Wayne, IN)add an ext info
Q:What is the closing song on this soundtrack? that sounds choose David Byrne that the talk Heads.(from Jeff in Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
A:The tune is dubbed "Send Me On my Way" and is by the tape "Rusted Root" (thanks to Paul,Central component of the UK)add an ext info
Q:What is the music play in the step "To The Library and also Beyond"?? Please and also thank you!(from Denisein Canada, Ontario)
A:It"s score music by David Newman and also it is referred to as "To the Library and Beyond." that is the surname of the music track. (thanks come DEENWHIVER)add more info
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