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Aretha Franklin Funeral: Smokey Robinson Remembers His ‘Longest Friend’ in emotionally Speech

The Miracles singer likewise sang “Really Gonna miss out on You” at Queen of Soul’s funeral consciousness in Detroit


Smokey Robinson paid tribute come Aretha Franklin, his “longest friend,” and also sang “Really Gonna miss out on You” at the Queen that Soul’s funeral consciousness on Friday.

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Robinson reminisced around meeting Franklin just after she relocated to Detroit indigenous Buffalo. Robinson was eight at the time. “From that minute on, almost, we had been so, so close and so tight,” that said. “I didn’t know, especially this soon, that i was walking to need to be saying goodbye to you, or farewell.”

“We talked about it plenty of times, exactly how we to be the two who were left the end of every our community friends,” Robinson continued. “We to be the longest ones. Now my longest friend has actually gone home. You checked out be through our Father prefer we all have to be among these days.”

Robinson claimed he and also Franklin speak frequently about “anything or nothing.” “I’m gonna miss our talks,” the said. “The critical conversation us had, girlfriend were informing me the you were gonna do your movie, and you want to recognize who I wanted to pat me.” Robinson laughed together he remembered this, and said the left the decision approximately Franklin.

“You’re going to be among the featured voices in the Choir of Angels, because, girlfriend know, you’d have to be,” he added.

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Robinson perfect his address by singing “Really Gonna miss You,” a tune he created for previous Temptations member Melvin Franklin, who died in 1995. It’s a brokenhearted track — full of lines like, “for the remainder of mine life, gonna it is in thinking about you” — and Robinson sang v a light, disastrous quaver in his voice. After that finished, he looked at Franklin’s casket and also added, “I’m going to love girlfriend forever.”

Robinson was one of plenty of soul luminaries scheduled to appear at Franklin’s funeral, a group that included Stevie Wonder and Chaka Khan. Ariana Grande also performed “(You do Me feeling Like) A natural Woman” in ~ the service.