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I found a perfect looking version 34-1 in 22 lr in ~ a pawn shop yesterday. Ns can find only one small mark top top one grip and also all else is perfect. The blue finish is nearly black the is so fine. Look at to have actually been fired-but no much. I found it in my publications but ns don"t see any kind of on other net sites because that sale etc. I additionally see where they call it a "kit gun" --What is that? Serial # 662xx. I think the 1 way it is built on the J frame but my book says those serial numbers start at 70000. BUT... It likewise says the 1 means J frame. Can anyone call me the year that manufacture? likewise it is square butt. Ns have new camera and also will try to carry out pics soon. Ns paid $ 230.00 + taxation for this. Likewise found box and also paperwork for sale on net site-should ns buy it?
Williethis gun has actually a 4" barrel and also is all original.

Your "kit" is her pack. Old WW1 song, "Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and also smile, smile, smile". So as soon as the standard firearms were the huge holster guns - 1911s, Colt single Actions, things choose that - or tiny fixed vision "self-defense guns", Smith come out through this small, easy to carry, target sighted pistol. Just the right size for throwing in your kit once you walk camping or fishing. For this reason - "kit gun".The Standard brochure of Smith and Wesson states that the -1 method it was constructed on the J frame (as opposed to the earlier, slightly smaller sized "improved ns frame"). The book additionally says that taken place "around SN 70000", no "at 70000", so your 662xx is close. The 34-1s began in 1960. The date is difficult. The publication says 1959 stopped at 62316. Then it says that 1960 started at 70000. To it is in absolutely sure, you deserve to write Smith and also request a manufacturing facility letter. They will tell you everything they know around the total - ship date, wherein shipped, special orders, if ever before returned come the factory for occupational - everything. Prices 30 bucks. Http://§ionId=10504You paid 230 dollars? Did girlfriend kiss him? If not, you need to have. The paperwork will, if you decide to resell the gun come a collector, boost the revenue value, slightly. If the box is no the initial box, numbered come the gun, it probably won"t rise the value any. I would not to buy the paperwork and also box, myownself, however I to be a shooter, not a collector. Come me package is simply a piece of cardboard that i either have actually to uncover some place to store, or litter away, because the pistol is in the safe.

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