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I ran throughout a S&W design 1000 20ga with choke tubes in ~ a pawn shop and was wonder what the general agreement was on this gun and also what a fair price would be. I read about the trouble with the shock absorber trouble already. Five it"s 2 3/4 chamber together well.Thanks,DeWayne
They"re old. I only recognize of one place that has actually replacement parts. Having actually said that, I"ve own 2 that them and also liked castle both. I was especially fond of the 20 gauge which ns stupidly offered away. Also with the feasible repair issues, I"d own one more one. I wouldn"t desire to provide over $350 because that one, though.
I have a friend that has had a 12 gauge because that years. Years back he"s sent out off to Briley and had out cut down come 24 inches and also choke tube installed. It made one an ext quail gun. The wouldn"t be there is no it. Over there is another guy roughly here that has actually a 20. Dad has tried come buy it number of times. He won"t think the selling. That seems too be the theme. Not plenty of of castle around, yet those who have actually them ain"t selling.
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If you have a parts resource please article it. Ns still have one that i was offered when i was 11, that"s 33 yrs ago. Shot at numerous dove before finally getting an excellent with it. Killed a bunch that deer v slugs and also even a hog. Never had a possibility to shot it in 12ga yet I still favor the way the 20ga feels.
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I have discovered several references to this place for parts: together well.DeWayne


Correct me if ns am wrong, however didn"t Mossberg pick up the 1000 for a while ~ S&W quit offering them?cdb
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Went come the pawn shop this particular day to try and do a deal and they wouldn"t drop listed below $350. I"ll shot again next month

That"s one "M" design which has actually a 3" chamber, an extremely nice one of two people way. I suspect that the one I have my eye on will certainly be there a while.
Nice read DuckHunter, as an aside walk anyone think ns should just suck the up and also pay the extra cash rather than let what appears to be a good gun on slide away?

Nice review DuckHunter, together an aside walk anyone think ns should simply suck it up and pay the extra cash fairly than permit what appears to be a well gun slip away?
If you want it, buy it. I doubt you"ll understand the difference 20 years from now.... Ns shot one of those in 20 ga. Year back. I believed it was a nice shotgun.....

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You could always tell me whereby it is, I would buy the so you would certainly not have to fret end it any longer. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:cdb
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