While part think that Justin Bieber’s look seen in T-Mobile’s Super bowl commercial is a cross between James Bond and Clark Kent, world on society media assumed of that in a much less flattering light — prefer that that a bald, grinning senior citizen.

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The likeness sent out busy thumbs racing throughout iPhones, sufficient so the the pop star trended top top Twitter.

The T-Mobile ad called “Celebration Expert” finished with a tuxedoed and bespectacled Bieber shower his booty that virtually mimicked 6 Flags’ geriatric dancer. Judge because that yourself.

Here’s Bieber’s T-Mobile spot seen during Sunday’s at sight Bowl:

And here’s the 2006 6 Flag commercial:

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Super key watchers couldn’t stand up to the comparison, discussing not just their comparable outfits, but also their similar dance moves.

justinbieber looks prefer a young-old six flags guy #SuperBowl #SuperBowlCommercials pic.twitter.com/4aaluaUWJj

— Bex (
beccaonassis) February 6, 2017

JustinBieber looks like the 6 flags guy in his brand-new commercial ???? pic.twitter.com/MFrcMOqFW6

— Jaclyn Novak (
Jaclyn14xo) February 6, 2017

Anyone rather think that Justin Bieber in that T-mobile commercial looks choose the old guy from the 6 Flags commercials? #superbowl pic.twitter.com/peKS7UyKAn

– Liz Ronecker (
lizzyronnie4) February 6, 2017

BuzzFeed TWINS

– Holly Asbach (
holly_asbach) February 6, 2017

BuzzFeed omg now I can’t look at him the same and also not think the the 6 flags male ????

– Tiana ✌❤✊ (
TisforTiana) February 6, 2017

BuzzFeed i was saying this too!!!!!???????????? that’s the very first thing that pertained to mind!!

– ☁️Ashlie Taylor??’????? (
atm_1996) February 6, 2017

BuzzFeed the six flags guy had actually a lot more pizzazz

– Jessica (
Keep_Dancing89) February 6, 2017

12 Super key Commercials the Sparked angry (Videos)

GODADDY (2015)In the ad, a puppy falls off a truck and also hearteningly finds its way home. The look at sweet advertisement shocked viewers together the owner climate sells the puppy. Outrage ensued, forcing GoDaddy and advertisement agency Barton F. Graf to work again, please again the spot, dog-free.
SNICKERS (2007)After two guys accidentally kiss, castle respond by having to do something "manly" in this spot for the Mars liquid bar. The Gay and Lesbian Anti Defamation organization said the ad"s post was homophobic, and also a couple of years later it to be voted the 2nd worst super Bowl advertisement of every time by ad Age.
NATIONSWIDE"S "BOY" (2015)This advertisement depicted the unrealized life of a boy who never thrived up after dying in an accident. The clues sparked virtual debate about the inappropriateness of using tragedy to offer insurance. Nationwide"s cook Marketing officer left the agency three month later, and also the insurer skipped the Super key the following year.
JUST for FEET (1999)This was considered one that the greatest "oops" advertisement of all time. In the spot, a group of males hunts a barefoot Kenyan runner to pressure shoes top top him. After objectors hinted at the ad"s turoulend racism, the customer sued its ad agency, Saatchi & Saatchi. The following year, just for Feet go bankrupt.
ANTI-DRUG PSA (2002)This advertisement ran quickly after the Sept. 11 attacks and uses the excuse make that"s usual to narcotics use to suggest a link in between drug money and also terrorism.
GROUPON (2011)Starring Timothy Hutton, this spot starts by highlighting the situation in Tibet, yet pivots come a pitch because that Groupon, hyping a transaction that available $30 worth of Tibetan food for $15 at a restaurant in Chicago. The slogan, "Save the Money," triggered widespread Twitter indignation.
FEDEX (2008)This "Wizard that Oz"-inspired commercial was banned for allegedly encouraging viewers to huff substances.
TIM TEBOW FOR emphasis ON THE family members (2010)The NFL star and his mom starred in this advertisement discouraging abortion, enraging numerous over the commercial"s pro-life message.
SKETCHERS DOG racing (2012)This spot because that the shoemaker outraged pet lovers and was accused of cultivating abuse for fostering dog racing. An ext than 100,000 civilization signed a petition to obtain the advertisement pulled indigenous from the at sight Bowl, yet it aired any kind of way.
SALESGENIE (2008)Racism to be the fee leveled at SalesGenie for this ad featuring a pair of man pandas who work-related in a bamboo furniture store and also sport hyperbolized Chinese accents. It to be pulled native the airwaves complying with the super Bowl.
HOLIDAY INN (1999)Holiday Inn came under fire very first by transgender advocates when it ran this advertisement comparing the $1 billion precious of upgrades at its many hotels to gender reassignment surgery. The commercial was cut shortly after ~ the supervisor Bowl.
84 hardwood (2017)Just weeks after president Trump"s inauguration, 84 timber made an ad depicting a team of Latin migrants ~ above a journey to America prior to coming face to challenge with an imposing border wall. Fox understood the conclusion that the ad "too controversial" and aired one edited, 90-second version without a wall, with the ad directing world to a website to clock the complete version.
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Animal abuse, racism, anti-gay emotion — they’re not simply for football players anymore!

GODADDY (2015)In the ad, a puppy falls off a truck and hearteningly find its way home. The look at sweet commercial shocked viewers as the owner climate sells the puppy. Outrage ensued, forcing GoDaddy and ad agency Barton F. Graf to remake the spot, dog-free.

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