appealing, beauteous, beautiful, boss, charming, cheerful, cher, comely, cute, dainty, darling, delightful, eyeful, fair, fine, good-looking, handsome, lovely, neat, nice, pleasant, pleasing, pulchritudinous

Idiom script 1

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Two colleagues space talking ...

Colleague 1: These new coffee cups that we have actually started to create are yes, really attractive, aren't they?

Colleague 2: very nice. They room as pretty together a picture.

Idiom script 2

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Two friends space talking ...

Friend 1: Is that your daughter? Wow! has she every come to be a sweet small darling girl?

Friend 2: say thanks to you. She is pretty as a picture. She have to take after she mother, though, because I am no at every that good looking.

(as) pretty together a picture - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index: 52

(as) pretty together a picture - Gerund Form:

Being pretty together a picture, she received a many attention.

(as) pretty as a picture - Examples:

1) This may be as pretty as a picture however it's dull as a empty sheet that paper.

2) Otherwise they definitely are a gorgeous spring dog - pretty as a picture.

3) ... Delicate construction that washes and wears well. The bonnet is as pretty as a picture, and perfectly useful for protecting delicate faces from the summer sun.

4) ... Best looking women in the world, while sweden football fans showed pretty as a picture in ~ Euro 2012.

5) jane Seymour, 61, is pretty as a picture as she upstages she own innovations at art exhibition. Looking much younger 보다 her ...

6) He was 18, blond, French, pretty as a picture; i was 30 and quite old enough to know that what happens on holiday ...

7) ... Was in truth a castle whereby a princess lived that was together pretty as a picture and also overpowering as a dream. And she to be a dream.

8) they are merely stunning. Have actually a look in ~ these! # Pretty as a Picture # The headlining highlight of The Baby present for me to be being invite to ...

9) ... Advancement has not reduced its organic beauty. The is still as pretty as a picture.

10) ... Saw actress Emma Watson who looked demure and also pretty as a picture in a two-tone mini dress through black block-heeled sandals.

11) Cheeks room pretty as a picture in vivid Blush In Love, "Pommettes d'Amour".

12) The structure itself is together pretty as a picture. Constructed with recycle timber, the place is packed with rustic vintage touches the ...

13) ... Do compact, clumping plants with plenty of smaller flowers and also are pretty as a picture in the subtropical forest areas.

14) ... Candied zest, grapefruit, fresh and also freeze dried raspberries. Pretty as a picture and also tasted as an excellent as the looked.

15) Pretty as a picture, she smoky eye assembly oozed oomph every step of she way.

16) ... Spectacularly presented. Every little was outstandingly fresh. Pretty as a picture... I always appreciate small touches like flower garnishes.

17) She was together pretty as a picture, and Claas fell head over heels for her.

18) ... In quest of the aesthetic, we want the wild to rotate pretty as a picture, ...

19) ... Bright and also early in order come ensure that every little thing is pretty as a picture, perfect tied in a neat little bow, ...

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20) The entire coastline is together pretty as a picture back perhaps gradually losing very nice as advancement encroaches and the seaside shacks are slowly replaced ...