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I just BOUGHT A SAVAGE design 170 30-30 IN LIKE new CONDITION FROM mine WIFES GIRLFRIEND. She FATHER simply PASSED and SHE WAS selling SOME the THE points SHE DIDN"T desire TO KEEP and also I obtained THE RIFLE for 100.00 DOLLARS. I BOUGHT IT since I had actually NEVER watched ONE BEFORE and also KNOW NOTHING around IT. I TRIED TO operation THE SERIAL number TO SEE as soon as IT was MADE yet CAME UP with NOTHING. Because that WHAT ns PAID because that IT I know I DIDN"T get RIPPED turn off IT has actually A 4X9 TASCO SCOPE the LOOKS LIKE brand-new AND A SLING. Ns SHOT IT because that THE an initial TIME THIS WEEKEND and AT 100 YARDS to be HITTING AN customs FROM A MILK CAP. Ns WAS wonder IF ANYBODY might TELL ME ANYTHING around IT. Thank YOU IF girlfriend COULD.
First off, welcome come G&G. I"m certain someone will be able to assist you. I but know very tiny of the one you have. Again, glad you found the site. Trust me, girlfriend will find it informative and the members really helpful.

I have actually known a pair of people who had this gun and were pleased with it. Indigenous my monitorings they seem come be great guns with pretty respectable accuracy because that a hunting gun. There are some that have feeding problems yet from the 2 I recognize who have actually them one in 30-30 and also the other in 35 rem, they have actually never fail to feeding or fire. For what you paid for it i am confident you acquired a good deal top top a great gun! Contrats and also enjoy!!!
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I"m certain Mad Dog will be in top top this one. He has actually owned both a 30-30 and also a 35 Rem. He had problems with the 30-30 feeding the he couldn"t resolve yet like that well enough to shot the 35 Rem i beg your pardon I know he has had no feeding issues with, I"m certain he will certainly be here to burned some wisdom.

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You wanna offer it you lucky feller !!! that is the pump activity isn"t the or is that the bolt action ?819 RedHourse don"t run off,hang around and enjoy the site and also WELCOME to GUN and GAME...A.H

Redhorse, as Trix said, i have had both calibers and also still own the 35 Rem. Mine opinion on why few of the 30-30"s jam is cause Savage never made the lifter properly and also the rimmed instance on the 30-30 hangs increase on the edges and jams. I discovered that if you yes, really rack the pump hard it doesn"t jam as much as it would certainly if you be gentle with it. Gimme a partial of your serial number including the letter it starts with and I"ll phone call you when it was made.
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