Sara Lee and Oroweat Bread path For revenue – Zachary, Louisiana

Sara Lee and also Oroweat Bread route distributorship for sale in the Zachary, North Baker, St. Francisville, Jackson, and also Clinton, Louisiana region for $299,000! firm financing v an approximated $140,000 down! at this time grossing an estimated $844,844 per year in sales and also nets $132,740! Distributorship and “protected territory” room purchased through independent distributor and contracted v Bimbo Bakery. Sara Lee at this time distributes it’s famed brands the bread, Sara Lee, Oroweat Bread, Taki’s and also much more! Route at this time has 14 accounts moving to grocery store stores, supervisor stores, convenience stores and 2 correctional facilities. The present owner solutions the course 4 job a week! A trailer is included. Many of expansion opportunity! because that a video presentation the this listing go Here .

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Frequently request Questions:


$ $299,000 per Month

Cash Flow:

$ $132,740 per Month


$ Yes every Month


$ energetic Per Month
What room the day to day operations of this route?

To summarize, girlfriend will begin your job by picking up your bread order native the warehouse and also then continue to supply product come existing account that incorporate grocery stores and cash accounts usually beginning in the morning hours. Your duties will include the following: analyzing and developing an bespeak of product necessary for the shelf, pull the bespeak from her inventory, receive the order through the earlier door, and then to fill the order to the shelf.

What space the current average sales and also gross revenue for this route?

Currently this course averages $16,247 in weekly sales, and grosses $157,986 per year in commission. Revenue documentation will be listed to all severe buyers.

How carry out I gain paid?

As an elevation distributor you room paid by commission. This route currently receives an median of 18.7% of its gun weekly sales that $16,247 ($3,038 per week).

How much can I make?

$3,038 every week is the routes weekly average! This number have the right to be increased, by sustaining the company’s promotions and up offering within your designated territory. Route values can also be increased by new accounts opening, new product lines gift added, and basic inflation.

Can ns finance the route?

Yes, the company will finance around $159,000 for 10 years. In ~ an approximate interest price of 9.5% with an excellent credit and 10.5% with negative credit. Additional qualifications need no bankruptcies or felonies. Under payment because that the remaining balance calls for a certified cashier’s check. If more financing is necessary you can review additional Financing choices Here.

What are my expenses and also overhead?

Expenses include, yet are not limited to: course payment (if girlfriend finance), fuel, automobile repairs and also maintenance, handheld computer, helper, and insurance (Note: course payments vary for each distributor, depending on how lot money you put down verses exactly how much you finance). The current owner approximates $485.50 every week in expenses/overhead or $25,246 every year (Note: expenses represent a cash purchase and also do not account because that finance payment if requiring a loan come purchase).

What type of insurance carry out I need?

Typically a solitary owner operator of a course distributorship will require commercial insurance because that their delivery vehicle and business liability insurance. Owners v multiple employees will need a multiple automobile policy and workers’ compensation. Routes For Sale now offers discounts top top insurance! v our size and volume, we have partnered with several of the largest insurance brokers in the country to market the best rates. Inquiry Your cost-free Insurance Quote Here.

What type of car do i need?

The current owner solutions the path using a 2015 Wells Cargo 32′ Gooseneck Trailer the is had in the purchase. Estimated value is $10,000. Typical delivery vehicles offered for this form of company are crate trucks or trailers. Once considering second truck purchase, courses For sale recommends MAG Trucks.

What is the gun vs the net income?

The gross earnings for the path is $157,986 per year, minus your above mentioned costs of $25,246 provides you an estimated $132,740 in net income or cash flow.

How walk the offering price that the route gain determined?

All course sales are identified by a ratio based on a weekly sales average. The marketing price the this course is $299,000 based on a weekly sales typical of $16,247; this locations the organization at a selling ratio of roughly 18.4:1.

Do I have to pay for inventory or acquisition product up front?

No, you carry out not have any kind of out of pocket expenses when purchasing her inventory. Girlfriend are yet responsible for any kind of inventory the cannot be accounting for with your sales. As long as you run the organization as it is designed come operate, you will certainly not have any type of out the pocket expenses or losses.

Who is responsible for damaged or the end of date product?

Bimbo Bakery gives complete credit for stale and damaged product. HUGE!


Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes, together an independent distributor you sign a business agreement to represent Bimbo Bakery. In turn the firm agrees to promote and also assist girlfriend in growing your business. The contract is to defend both the agency and its distributors.

Why is the distributor selling?

Owner is pursuing semi-retirement and relocation.

How many accounts walk the path have and where is the warehouse located?

Currently there room 14 account with well-known grocery stores, super stores, convenience stores and 2 correctional facilties. Place of accounts and also warehouse will be disclosed top top execution of an NDA.

Do I get paid full commission once something go on sale?

When the firm discounts an object for keep promotions, you room paid complete commission on the discounted selling price.

How long has actually the seller owned the business?

The current owner has owned this route and territory for just under 5 years.

How plenty of days a week, and also what hours do distributors work?

Distributors work 4 days a week, 2am – 4pm, taking Wednesdays, Saturdays, and also Sundays off. At an early stage morning hours are required.

What around vacation time or an individual days?

As an elevation distributor/business owner you are responsible for servicing the route. That is our reference that you rental or train someone for added time required off. Additionally, you have the right to network and hire distributors with previous course experience at Course Relief drivers is a nationwide network that enables independent route distributors and vacation relief vehicle drivers to attach with each other. Every party negotiates its own terms and also compensation.

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What is compelled in order to qualify because that purchase?

Typically, most agency routes or distributorships will call for you to attend an interview for approval native the company, elevator check, and kind an reality (must be an INC.). This not only protects the company, but likewise ensures protection of her business. If girlfriend need assist forming this, we recommend the you kind A corporation Here.

What else need to I know?

Sara Lee delivers many well-known name brand top quality products, and also has been farming with its wild marketing efforts! Don’t hesitate on this one! plenty of growth opportunity! Financing available with an estimated $140,000 down! Priced to sell at $299,000! call Us around This route Here!

How deserve to I learn more about these kind of routes?

In order to provide new Buyers with as much information as feasible we have put with each other a quick overview the the industry. Learn an ext About Bimbo Bread routes Here!