Determine her Storage Needs

First points first, your own an individual storage needs have to be determined. You, one of two people knowingly or unknowingly, have actually purchased a smartphone v the option to expand and also replace both its interior storage and its battery. For now, decision if you even need an ext storage 보다 the phone gives by default. Since the S4 seems to be mainly sold in its 16GB configuration, that is likely the quantity you have as well. However, all 16GB is not obtainable to you, the user. After Android 4.2 and all of Samsung's myriad apps, features, and also gimmicks have actually been installed, you have about 10GB of internal storage left v which you can work.

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So why would certainly you need more space? There space three key use scenarios in which you would:

Your call is replacing or is ending up being your mp3 player.Your call is coming to be your media player (videos/games).Your phone will certainly be provided as a video clip camera.

If you intend one or much more of these to it is in true for her phone, climate you will require expandable storage. If not, you're most likely not a phone "power user", and can go around your day.

Purchase the appropriate Card

OK, due to the fact that you're tho reading, ns assume that method you understand that you require to expand your S4's storage. Great! now you must pick the end a Micro SD map to enter your phone. Here is where a an extremely important distinction must be made; acquisition a Class 4 or slower micro SD card. Carry out a fast Google search, and also you will check out a organize of people complaining about their phones unmounting their cards or providing them formatting error messages. The reason for this is that the S4, for every little thing reason, does no play nice with class 10 cards. Either because of the speeds or just the interface, the phone, together I skilled first-hand, will suddenly prevent accessing documents on the SD card and also give a card layout error if the is course 10 type. I think this is a big oversight by Samsung, but it is the reality of the case now. The an excellent news is, course 4 cards occupational great! So as soon as shopping because that a card, make absolute certain it is course 4 or slower. I reverted my class 10 map for a class 4 type and have had actually zero difficulties since.

Class 4 micro SD cards are obtainable in capacities up to 32GB (over 3 time the user-accessible phone storage because that the 16GB model!) and cost approximately $22. Together a side note here, never purchase SD cards (or really any kind of cell call accessories) indigenous the save you purchased the phone call at. Castle price gouge hard, easily taking a 300% markup from the sale. Avoid them at every costs.

Installing your Card

Installing one SD card into your Galaxy S4 is exceptionally simple. Keep in mind that the phone walk not have to be powered turn off for this process, either, making that that lot easier. Here's how to execute it:

Remove the plastic back cover from the phone. It has small plastic tabs that keep it in place. The easiest means to do this is to pry a bit from the finish of the phone whereby you affix the charging cable, together there is a space there which allows for part leverage. When you've acquired it started, continue popping the ago off the the tabs till it comes free.The Micro SD card slot is located above the battery and also to the left the the sim card slot (Verizon model). Slide the micro SD card confront up, gold contacts down right into this slot.You're done! popular music the cover earlier on the back, and also we're in business.(Optional): If it would certainly make you feel better, or if you are using an existing micro SD card through old data top top it, you can format the card when it's been installed. It is in warned--formatting an SD card will erase all content on it, so just do so after a full back-up of the SD card! Then, rotate on the phone, and swipe native the optimal to accessibility the phone call settings. Tap the gear icon in the height right, then tap ~ above the "More" tab. Scroll down to the bottom and tap "Storage". Scroll under again and tap "Format SD card". Confirm, and also you're an excellent to go!


A great look in ~ the back of the S4 through no cover. The Micro SD card slot is located over the battery, and next come the center card slot.

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jz on November 02, 2016:

thank you, very helpful information

bobcat ~ above January 06, 2015:

don't think you have the right to get class 4 64gb cards though!

Miro Slavz top top November 10, 2014:

From what I've check out the S4 have the right to accommodate up to 64gb...does this sound accurate...I setup on placing all my music on the card does anyone recognize of any kind of issues of the call accessing the music through the player?