How to do Sally Walden’s Costume from The Cat in the Hat

1Purple peak with CollarLittle girls can start v this cool blouse.

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2Green sun DressThen class it with this suspender dress, too.
3Purple BlouseFor ladies, you have the right to wear this top.
4Green as whole DressThen pair it off v this pinafore dress.
5Blonde WigYou may also get this blonde wig if you require it.
6Pink RibbonAdd a cute touch come the hair through a ribbon on every bun.

Sally Walter is such a cute character from The Cat in the Hat and also your sister, daughter, nephew (or even you!) deserve to pull it off easily! merely wear a purple peak with collar and layer it with a environment-friendly dress or pinafore. Then tie the blonde hair v pink ribbons right into cute pair buns.

About Sally Walden

Sally is a personality from Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat. The story adheres to a Cat that mirrors up in Sally and also her brother’s house. The Cat then transforms to show tricks to the kids while their mom was away. As the kids grew alarmed and also the mommy is about to come home, The Cat is maybe to develop a device that cleans increase its mess. The Cat climate disappears just in time prior to the mom arrived.


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