Roy Levesta Jones Jr., much better known by his phase name Roy Jones Jr., is a previous boxer, boxing pundit, boxing trainer, rapper, and actor the Russian descent. Roy Jones Jr. To be a experienced boxer native 1989 to 2018 and is widely related to as among the ideal of every time. He hosted middleweight, at sight middleweight, irradiate heavyweight, and heavyweight titles throughout his skilled boxing career. In 1999, he unified the WBA, WBC, and also IBF championships to come to be the undisputed light heavyweight champion.

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At the 1988 Seoul Olympics and also the 1986 Moscow Goodwill Games, he won silver- medals. He had a record of 66 victories out of 75 professional fights prior to retiring. That knocked out 47 the his opponents.

Roy Jones Jr. Net Worth:

Former boxer Roy Jones is pertained to as among the best boxers of every time. He has amassed virtually $45 million in compensation money from his battles, v a document of 66 wins the end of 75 experienced contests. In addition to his fighting career, he has showed up in a number of films and television shows. He has actually two albums come his credit transaction as a singer. His existing net precious is estimated to be $10 million.

What is Roy Jones Jr. Famed For?

Considered among the greatest boxers of all time.Won ideal Boxer ESPY Award 3 times.World Boxing hall of Fame called him the Fighter that the Year in 2003.
Roy Jones Jr. Won the silver- medal in ~ the 1988 Summer Olympics.(Source:

Where is Roy Jones Jr. Born?

On January 16, 1969, Roy Jones Jr. To be born. Roy Levesta Jones Jr. To be his birth name. He to be born in the united States, in the city of Pensacola. That is a dual citizen of the joined States and Russia. After meeting Vladimir Putin in 2015, he was granted Russian citizenship. Together a result, that is both one American and a Russian citizen.

Roy Jones Sr. Was his father, and also Carole Jones was his mother. He was born right into a boxing family. His father was a middleweight boxer who served in the Vietnam War.

Roy Jones Jr. Amateur Career:

Roy Jones Jr. Won the 1984 united States national Junior Olympics in the 119 lbs (54 kg) load division.He winner the 1987 United says National golden Gloves in the 139 lbs (63 kg) in the 139 lbs (63 kg) division.He winner the 1987 United claims National golden Gloves in the 156 lbs (71 kg) division.He won the silver- medal in the 156-pound weight class at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. He to be the youngest member the the U.S. Olympic Boxing Team. That was one of the most controversial final ever. The controversy in the match led Olympic organizers to develop a new scoring mechanism for Olympic boxing.As one amateur, he ended his career with a 121-13 record.

Roy Jones Jr. Professional Career:

Roy Jones Jr. Turned expert in 1989. Before transforming professional, he had already fought with several experienced boxers.He make his professional boxing debut knocking Ricky Randall the end on 6 might 1989.He compiled a document of 15-0 before knocking out former human being Welterweight Champion Jorge Vaca top top 10 January 1992.He winner his an initial title, IBF middleweight championship beating Bernard Hopkins through unanimous decision top top 22 may 1993.Jones then winner the IBF super-middleweight Championship defeating undefeated IBF super-middleweight champion James Toney ~ above 18 November 1994. Jones winner the location by unanimous decision.He then won his following title, Interim WBC irradiate Heavyweight championship in November 1996 after ~ he beat former three-weight human being champion, Mike McCallum, via a shutout decision. The was at some point made complete champion. He earned $2.8 million indigenous his fight versus McCallum.Jones suffered his very first professional lose in 1997 as soon as he lost to Montell Griffin via disqualification. Jones quickly knocked out Griffin in a rematch.He combined his WBC and also WBA title after defeating WBA light heavyweight champion, Lou Del Valle in 1998.He became the undisputed light heavyweight champion in 1999 after beating IBF champion Reggie Johnson. He also became the first boxer because 1983 to unify the WBA, WBC, and IBF titles.He ended up being the first former middleweight titleholder to victory a Heavyweight title in 106 years after he beat John Ruiz for the WBA Heavyweight title on 1 march 2003.Jones went back to the light heavyweight department and retained the WBA (Super), IBO and The Ring light Heavyweight Championships defeating Antonio Tarver on 8 November 2003. He additionally won the Tarver’s WBC title.
Roy Jones Jr. Came to be the undisputed irradiate heavyweight champion through unifying the WBA, WBC, and also IBF title in 1999.(Source:
His downfall began in 2004 after he lost against Antonio Tarver in may 2004, glenn Johnson in September 2004, and Antonio Tarver in October 2005.Following his loss come Tarver, he resumed his comment duties for HBO civilization Championship Boxing. However, HBO let that go because of his lack of meeting in January 2006.Jones went back to winning after he beat Prince Badi Ajamu top top 29 July 2006 to victory the WBO NABO light heavyweight title.He then beat Anthony Hanshaw on 14 July 2007 to win the vacant international Boxing Council light heavyweight title.Jones then beat Felix Trinidad in January 2008 before losing come Joe Calzaghe in November 2008 for The Ring irradiate Heavyweight Championship.He then claimed the vacant WBO NABO irradiate heavyweight title defeating Omar Sheika ~ above 21 march 2009.Jones then defeated Jeff Lacy in august 2009 before losing come Danny green in December 2009.Jones won the global Boxing organization (UBO) Intercontinental Cruiserweight Championship ~ he defeated Max Alexander via unanimous decision top top 10 December 2011.Jones winner the vacant WBU cruiserweight title in December 2013 after beating Zine Eddine via unanimous decision.Jones suffered his 9th defeat and 5th knockout versus Enzo Maccarinelli in December 2015.He defeated Vyron Phillips in in march 2016 and Rodney Moore in respectable 2016.Jones then beat undefeated bare-knuckle fighter and former world title challenger Bobby Gunn in February 2017 to success the vacant WBF Cruiserweight championship.Jones then winner the vacant world Boxing Union cruiserweight championship beating Scott Sigmon February 2018.It was his last professional fight. He taped 66 wins and 9 casualty in his 75 skilled fights.It was reported in July 2020 the Roy Jones Jr. Will return in one exhibition fight with Mike Tyson.

Rapping Career

Jones exit a rap CD, round One: The Album in 2001. His debut single was “Y’All Must’ve Forgot”.He formed

Who is Roy Jones Jr. Married to?

Roy Jones Jr. Is a husband and also father. He has a wife called Natlyn Jones. Roy Jones III, De Andre Jones, and DeShaun Jones room the couple’s 3 children. Jones keeps his personal life covert from the general public eye.

Jones’ mistress to be once claimed by a woman. Jones refuted the allegations.

Roy Jones Jr. And his wife.

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Roy Jones Jr. Body Measurements:

Roy Jones Jr. Is 1.8 meter tall, or 5 feet and also 11 customs tall. He has a muscular physique. He has a height of 74 inches and a reach of 74 inches. The is 88 kilograms in weight. He has actually a straight sexual orientation.

Quick Facts around Roy Jones Jr