For the film, seeThe Wizard of Oz (1939 film)The WonderfulWizard the OzAuthorIllustratorCountryLanguageSeriesGenre(s)PublisherReleasedMedia TypePagesISBNFollowedby
Early execution cover
L. Open minded Baum
W. W. Denslow
United States
The Oz Books
Fantasy,Children"s book
G. M. Hill
Print (Hardcover andPaperback),Audiobook
259 p., 21 pipeline of bowl (first version hardcover)
His Majesty, the Scarecrow ofOz


The WonderfulWizard ofOz is achildren"s publication written in1900 byL. Candid Baum and illustrated byW.W. Denslow. It was originally published through the George M. Hill firm in Chicago, and also has because been reprinted plenty of times, occasionally under the name TheWizard ofOz. The story chronicles the adventures of a girl named Dorothy in theland the Oz. It is just one of the best-known stories in American popular society and has actually been widely translated. Its initial success led to Baum"s writing and also having published thirteen moreOz books. The book has been in public domain since 1956.

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Historians, economists and also literary scholars have examined and interpreted the sources and possible definition of the book. SeePolitical interpretations the The WonderfulWizard ofOz.


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Spoiler warning: Plot and/or finishing details follow.

Dorothy Gale is a young girl who resides on aKansas farm through her Uncle Henry andAunt Emily ("Auntie Em"), and her tiny dogToto. (Although she last surname is just revealed in later publications in the Oz series.) at some point acyclone shows up outside and before Dorothy have the right to reach thestorm cellar, the farmhouse is recorded up in the cyclone and deposited in a grassy ar in the country of theMunchkins. The falling house kills theWicked Witch of the East, that had developed a power of terror end the Munchkins.

TheGood Witch the the north comes through the Munchkins come greet Dorothy, and also gives her the silver Shoes the wicked Witch that the east had been wearing when she was eliminated (her death is defined in The tin Woodman ofOz as because of her gift old and also dried up beforeOz became a fairyland). In bespeak to go back to Kansas, the good Witch of the phibìc consults a miracle blackboard which recommends: "Let Dorothy go to the City the Emeralds" and ask theWizard ofOz to assist her. The good Witch the the North also kisses Dorothy ~ above the forehead, stating that no one will injury a human who has been kissed by her. On her way down theYellow Brick Road, Dorothy meets some exceptional characters: she liberates theScarecrow native the pole he"s hanging on, restores the mobility the the rustedTin Woodman, and also encourages theCowardly Lion come journey through her and also Toto to theEmerald City. The Scarecrow wants to acquire abrain, the tin Woodman aheart, and the Cowardly Lioncourage; and also they are encouraged by Dorothy the theWizard can assist them too. With each other they get rid of a pair of raveningKalidah and escape from a ar of sleep-inducing poppies.

When they come at the Emerald City, the companions should wear unique spectacles to save the brilliance of the Emerald City indigenous blinding them; attract them, everything appears in various shades that green. They are told that theWizard will just see one of them a day, and also that the security himself has actually never seen him. Once each traveler meets theWizard, he shows up each time together someone or something different. Come Dorothy, the Wizard is a large head; the Scarecrow sees a beautiful woman; the believe Woodman look at a ravenous beast; the Cowardly Lion watch a round of fire. TheWizard agrees to aid each the them, yet his assist is conditional; one of them have to kill theWicked Witch the the West, that rules end theWinkie Country.

As Dorothy, Toto, the Scarecrow, the believe Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion travel throughout the Winkie Country, the angry Witch sends wolves,crows,bees, and also then her Winkie soldiers to strike them; however each hazard is dispatched by the travelers. Then, using the power of the gold Cap, the Witch summons theWinged primates to damage all the travelers other than for the Cowardly Lion. The Winged primates dare not strike Dorothy as result of the mark of the good Witch"s kiss upon her forehead and also decide to lug her and also Toto ago to the castle of the evil Witch. This to be the third and last time that the wicked Witch might command the Winged chimpanzees due to the Cap"s enchantment.

Dorothy is compelled to occupational as a maid to the wicked Witch, if the Lion is starved in an effort to do him agree to pull the witch"s chariot. Yet the Lion refuses to execute so, due to the fact that Dorothy sneaks the food every night. Dorothy is likewise left unharmed because of the great Witch of the North"s mark and also the silver Shoes. When the evil Witch gains among the shoes by trickery, Dorothy in anger grabs a bucket ofwater and throws the on the evil Witch, who begins to melt. The Winkies rejoice at gift freed of she tyranny, and they help to reassemble the Scarecrow and also the tin Woodman. So enamored space the Winkies that the believe Woodman the they ask that to come to be their ruler, which that agrees to carry out after helping Dorothy go back to Kansas.

The lengthy walk indigenous the evil Witch"s former palace come the Emerald City is alleviated through Dorothy"s use of the golden Cap, i m sorry summons the Winged monkeys to lug her and also her companions to the Emerald City. The King that the primates relates how he and his mischievous people were required by a an effective sorceress come choose in between submission or annihilation; with the Cap, they obeyed first a male named Quelala, then the wicked Witch, and now Dorothy herself.

When Dorothy and also her friends satisfy theWizard ofOz again, the tries to placed them off. Only under hazard of see the Winged primates again (who under the angry Witch"s command assaulted him in the past) is theWizard encouraged to permit the travelers in come his throne room. Toto by chance tips over a display screen in a corner of the throne room, revealing a wizened old guy who had actually journeyed here himself long earlier fromOmaha. He once rose high in ahot air balloon, was brushed up away in an accident and also finally landed in Oz; as soon as the human being saw the letters "OZ" top top the balloon (in Dorothy and theWizard inOz, we discover they space his initials), they presumed he was your ruler and at his direction started building the Emerald City. Finding himself in a nation of witches, the soon-to-be-designatedWizard witnessed the need to keep anonymity—hence his appearances come Dorothy and also the others, which are revealed together clever (for the dawn of the 20th century)special effects.

The Wizard do the efforts to sway the Scarecrow, the believe Woodman, and also the Cowardly Lion the what they lack are not brains or a heart or courage, however faith in themselves. But he quiet agrees to meet each the them and also to provide them (without your knowledge) aplacebo i m sorry brings the end the features they had all along. In bespeak to aid Dorothy and Toto acquire home, theWizard realizes that he will need to take them house with the in a brand-new balloon which he and also Dorothy fashion from eco-friendly silk. Revealing self to the people of the Emerald City one last time, theWizard appoints the Scarecrow, through virtue the his brains, to ascendancy in his stead. Dorothy chases Toto after he operation after a kitten in the crowd, and before she deserve to make it back to the balloon the ropes rest leaving theWizard to rise and float away alone.

Dorothy turns to the Winged primates to lug her and also Toto home, yet they cannot cross the desert surroundingOz. The citizens of the Emerald City recommend thatGlinda, the good Witch that the South, may be able to send Dorothy and also Toto home. They, the Scarecrow, the tin Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion journey to Glinda"s palace in theQuadling Country. With each other they to escape the Fighting Trees, evade the Hammerheads, and tread very closely through the China Country. The Cowardly Lion kills a large spider which is terrorizing the animals in a forest, and he agrees come return there to rule them ~ Dorothy returns to Kansas.

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At Glinda"s palace, the travelers space greeted warmly, and also it is revealed by Glinda the Dorothy had actually the power to go house all along. The silver Shoes she wears have the right to take her everywhere she wishes to go. She tearfully embraces she friends—all the whom will be returned, with Glinda"s usage of the golden Cap, to their respective sovereignties: the Scarecrow come the Emerald City, the believe Woodman come the Winkie Country, and the Cowardly Lion to the forest. Then she will provide the cap to the king of the Winged Monkeys, for this reason they will never be under its order again. Dorothy and also Toto return to Kansas and also a joyful household reunion.