In the movie the "The wizard of Oz", the beginning of the Yellow Brick roadway is entwined through the start of a Red Brick Road. The Yellow Brick Road brought about the Emerald City. Wherein did the Red Brick roadway go?




Interestingly, I have actually two (possibly conflicting) answers.

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From Wikipedia:

In the 1939 film, a red brick road can be seen beginning at the samepoint together the Yellow Brick Road but going in a different direction.This roadway does not exist in the books.


No one knows for sure....

In the original collection of Oz books written by L. Candid Baum the redbrick road goes come the Quadling country in Oz. Red is the Quadlings"state color.

In his books, the soil of Oz was split into fourquadrants and each to be designated a specific color: Winkie country =Yellow, Gillikin nation = Purple, Munchkin nation = Blue, andQuadling nation = Red. Glinda the great was the ruler of the Quadlingsin L. Frank Baum"s Oz series. Together her balloon floats away fromMunchkinland in the 1939 film, it shows up to be complying with the redbrick road. Therefore, the red brick road most most likely leads ago toher homeland, Quadling Country.


I"m inclined to go v the answer from Askville, due to the fact that it may simply mean that the roadway wasn"t in the Munchkin city in the books. (I haven"t read any kind of of them)

Thanks to Pixel"s link, I additionally did some browsing through the books. Not only is he and Wikipedia appropriate in the a "red brick" road is never mentioned, there is a passage the specifically argues that the roadway is no red - from The Patchwork Girl the Oz, 84% down the webpage (near the start of chapter 25, bolding mine):

Not the the trees and grasses to be red, however the fences and houseswere painted the color and also all the wild-flowers that bloomed by thewayside had red blossoms. This component of the Quadling nation seemedpeaceful and prosperous, if quite lonely, and also the road was currently moredistinct and also easier come follow.

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The map above does show up to be correct, however. The Quadling nation is, in general, connected with the shade red, and also is located in the South. So i feel it"s pretty most likely that the movie made some slight alterations, such the the yellow brick roadways all eventually led to the Winkie nation (and indigenous Munchkin country, meant you"d go best through the Emerald City), and also the red brick roadway to the Quadling country. If the movie incorporated more, a violet brick road and also a blue brick roadway may have been included as well.