T/F | The Python language supplies a compiler which is a routine that both translates and executes the indict in a high-level language.

You are watching: Ram is a volatile memory used for temporary storage while a program is running.

T/F | IDLE is one alternative technique to making use of a message editor come write, execute, and also test a Python program.

T/F | according to the behavior of integer division, as soon as an essence is split by one integer, the result will be a float.

T/F | In Python, math expressions are always evaluated indigenous left come right, no issue what the operators are.

T/F | computer system programs commonly perform 3 steps: intake is received, some procedure is performed on the input, and also output is produced.

T/F | In Python, print statements composed on separate lines do not necessarily output on different lines.

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T/F | since a named consistent is simply a variable, that can adjust any time during a program"s execution.

Where walk a computer system store a program and the data that the routine is working through while the regime is running?a.in key memoryb.in the CPUc.in second storaged.in the microprocessor

What type of volatile memory is usually used only for short-term storage while to run a program?a.ROMb.TMMc.RAMd.TVM

Select all that apply. To develop a Python regime you deserve to usea.a message editorb.a native processor if you conserve your paper as a .docxc.IDLE d.Excel

What is the informal language, provided by programmers use to develop models that programs, that has actually no syntax rules and is not supposed to it is in compiled or executed?a.flowchartb.algorithmc.source coded.pseudocode

A(n) __________ is a diagram that graphically depicts the steps that take ar in a program?a.flowchartb.algorithmc.source coded.pseudocode

The __________ role reads a item of data that has actually been gotten in at the keyboard and also returns that piece of data, as a string, back to the program.a.input()b.output()c.eval_input()d.str_input()

In a publish statement, friend can collection the __________ debate to a an are or north string to prevent the calculation from advancing to a new line.a.stopb.endc.separatord.newLine

After the execution the the adhering to statement, the variable marketed will recommendation the numeric literal worth as (n) __________ data type.sold = 256.752a.intb.floatc.strd.currency

After the execution of the complying with statement, the variable price will recommendation the value __________.price = int(68.549)a.68b.69c.68.55d.68.6

What is the calculation of the adhering to print statement?print "I\"m prepared to begin"a.Im ready to beginb.I\"m all set to beginc.I"m all set to begind."I\"m all set to begin"

What is the output of the adhering to command, given that value1 = 2.0 and also value2 = 12?print(value1 * value2)a.24b.value1 * value2c.24.0d.2.0 * 12

The __________ built-in role is used to read a number that has actually been typed top top the keyboard.a.input()b.read()c.get()d.keyboard()