"The Pit and also the Pendulum" is a quick story written by Edgar Allan Poe and an initial published in 1842 in the literary annual The Gift: A Christmas and brand-new Year"s existing for 1843. The story is around the torments sustained by a sinner of the Spanish Inquisition, though Poe skews historic facts. The narrator of the story explains his endure of being tortured. The story is especially effective at inspiring fear in the reader due to the fact that of that is heavy focus on the senses, such together sound, emphasizing the reality, unlike plenty of of Poe"s stories which are aided through the supernatural. The traditional elements established in famous horror tales at the time are followed, but vital reception has been mixed. The tale has been adjusted to film numerous times.

Francisco: I"m sorry, mistress, that you weren"t correctly able to confess. There just wasn"t enough time come torture you.

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Esmeralda: thanks anyway.

Torquemada: for sure Rome understands that public executions discourage sin?

Cardinal: The an excellent Lord, friend know, padre, that want us to love our neighbor, no roast him, mmm? No roast the ...

Dr. Heusos: you idiots, why did friend tear out her tongue?

Gomez: us didn"t. We don"t execute tongues.

Francisco: Of course not. How have the right to they confess if they don"t have actually tongues?

Cardinal: because that the love the God!

Torquemada: Yes, because that the love the God.

Torquemada: take them to your cells.

Maria: you swore you"d display mercy!

Torquemada: In this place, death is mercy.

Cardinal: No!

Gomez: No!

Cardinal: No, ns tell you, i havea de seal of de Pope!

Gomez: Oh! the hasa de seal of de Pope!

Cardinal: NO! aid me!

Gomez: aid me!

Cardinal: Someone assist me!

Gomez: Someone assist me!

Cardinal: No! No, i tell you! No, aid me! assist me someone!

Cardinal: The Pope also want the Inquisition to avoid the use of torture. And also declare an amnesty on every heretics and also witches. Hmm?

Torquemada: Rome is behind the times. His Holiness is old and lost his zeal!

Cardinal: he is the Pope!

Torquemada: and I am the Inquisition!

Cardinal: His Holiness additionally DEMAND...order girlfriend to return to Rome v me because that an audience.

Torquemada: I"ve obtained no such demand.

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Cardinal: ns just provide it!

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