Not much to this thread. A good friend owns a so late PT Cruiser - not a GT or turbo anything, just one that the prettier level jane Cruisers with an automatic. I understand this is pass out - I"ve only remained in the auto once, and also that to be ten years ago. In ~ best, I"ll see this automobile sitting out at the far edge of the parking lot. I"m not that familiar.

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Anyhow, vehicle wouldn"t start. Mechanic diagnosed broken timing belt, and quoted $2100 in a fix that associated sending components out come a machinist. I confirmed that PT engines (at least everything that came up in the first couple of links on DuckDuckGo) space interference.

My first thoughts are that a instead of engine might be cheaper. A offered engine. A reman. I"m thinking about 2nd opinions, and alternating strategies, yet my only engine failure connected magic Doritos ago when the civilization was make the efforts to number out if Rachel and Ross would certainly get earlier together.

Before you ask, including a lift come the barn isn"t on the table.

$2100? Is the a sane amount?


Its a plain jain 2.4L DOHC motor, nothing fancy.

Get a reman.

Keep in mind: the engine only of a PT is a ache to work with, i m sorry adds to the job price.

The machinist work would it is in to have actually the head repaired with brand-new valves and also valve seats among other items, this is presume the pistons weren"t bad damaged. Then there"s every little thing else is damaged in there.

All the said, how much running and driving vehicle would $2100 gain them? allow alone placed down on a newer one?


They don"t constantly bend valves, so the mechanic is jumping to conclusions sending the head out if he didn"t do a leakdown test or anything. IIRC it"s a valve/valve interference issue, not piston/valve. I"ve done a belt top top one the broke, the ran well afterward, the task took an entire day, you have actually very little room to work in between the engine and passenger frame horn. Ns think the publication time is somewhere roughly 8-10 hours.

That claimed they"re hateful piece of E36 M3 cars and this is likely the time come scrap it or drape the body over a old one track auto chassis


Ive never seen a 2.4 eat valves. 2.0, every time. Placed a belt on and also do a compression check without reinstalling every the covers and mounts come confirm.


Thanks all, I"ll happen this on.

I go a little googling and also came up v $1200 to execute a head gasket. That includes the watetpump and timing belt. Therefore take the and include the price of one of two people a offered head or repairs to the head. That comes turn off the motor.

This is all assuming that the pistons room still great and the valves did not break and also bounce roughly a cylinder.

I would certainly scope the cylinders to verify what occurred inside the motor before tearing in come it.

I"ve excellent the time belt before, and also it wasn"t easy but it wasn"t hard. I would execute it first, because it"s only a couple of hundred bucks in parts.

And I need to say ns really delighted in our PT Cruiser.

Doing a time belt top top a 2.4 is nice easy, however the tight confines resulting from the PT"s fenders do include to the fun a bit.

I"m reasonably certain the unlike the 2.0, the 2.4 NGC is a non-interference style in regards to piston v/s valve. There is, however, a possibility of the opposing valves striking each other and causing significant damage. That"s claimed to be reasonably rare, however it might happen.

dean1484 wrote: i did a tiny googling and came up v $1200 to carry out a head gasket.

I would smile politely and tell you come tow her PT down the roadway if you asked me to execute the head because that $1200.

That number might work in a dust floor shop in Alabama, however I don"t think any kind of place through a warranty and also insurance would execute it for that.

Additionally: it won"t start and he says timing belt? us need much more information here. Ns think the is not regular for a car to rest the time belt when sitting. How countless miles? i think they were great for 120K.

I have done 30+ damaged PT timing belts, one had actually a bend valve. Just put a belt top top it.

For $21 I"ll help your friend push the PT Cruiser into a lake!

i bent all 16 valves ~ above the 2.0 in mine 95 Neon once the belt damaged while cranking the engine over v the starter. Yes, every 16 valves space bent.. Therefore i"m a little weary of just throwing a belt on that engine family and also hoping for the best, but i"ve likewise only ever worked on specifically one engine from that family...

My sister"s PT burnt a valve and needed head an equipment work done. It was throwing misfire codes because that the cylinder through the burned valve. That was about $2000 the end the door. Can"t remember i beg your pardon engine though, or if it at some point quite starting, yet it certain ran favor crap because that a while.

In answer to novaderrik:

The 2.0s were different from the 2.4s. The 2.0 in both SOHC and DOHC type were interference engines whereby the piston essential the valves closed in bespeak to clear its stroke. The 2.4 has no together clearance issue, yet the intake and also exhaust valves room close sufficient that that is possible, but not common, for them come make contact if the cams space rotating independently.

Throw ~ above a belt, tensioner, and water pump. In the unlikely occasion that doesn"t do it, grab a JY head and let "er rip.

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Remove the ecu changing the belt needs a lot of om up and down movement and also the connectors damages the ecu easily. I have actually done 3 2.4 pt cruisers and also all were driving when the belt let go. Just changed the timing stuff. Auto zone selling a complete kit with new covers and also updated tensioner.

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