In America’s history, there have been many Pros and Cons of Manifest Destiny. This article explains the philosophical view, and overall effects of this phenomenon and tries to explain why we must say manifest Destiny is the only reason America has a history. Most people in America believed that United States boundaries would not be restructured. Manifest Destiny came as a game-changer, and it transforms the face of American history. Manifest Destiny came to be America’s philosophical pillar that transformed a nation.

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Pros of Manifest Destiny

1. Manifest Destiny offered the chance for exploration.With Manifest Destiny, most Americans got some chances to move, explore, and discover new places other than their usual community, and this was very beneficial in so many ways. The exploration is great for personal gain, socially, spiritually, and emotionally and economic improvement.Americans were given chances to settle in different new places, and this is where they maximized their potential, practice innovation, and discover new ways of living. As a result of this, most Americans could prosper, but it also leads to more drawbacks.2. It paved the way for Americans to share their culture.Following the acquisition of other new territories, most people interact, and there were more chances of culture share. The indigenous people who lived there came to learn an American culture since the American way of life influenced them. American culture is unique, and anyone can easily cope up with and enjoys it.They always enjoy freedom and individualism, and most people could benefit from this good trait given a chance. With manifest Destiny, American culture expands to all conquered and acquired territories. Everyone who lives in these territories could benefit from the religion, democracy, and cultural ways of Americans.3. Manifest Destiny increased goods and doubled the U.S.’s land area, services, and wealth.Expanding American territories brought a lot of changes to the nation’s economy. It did not just increase the size of the country, but it added a functional land that was used to produce products such as poultry and other farm production.In addition to that, with the territorial expansion, more ports were opened along with Asia and Europe, and it was very beneficial to the country since it brought a lot of wealth to the country’s economy. It is during this time when the gold rush event took place in 1945. This was one of the most significant events in American history, and it was a result of Manifest Destiny.4. It was good for trade and industry.The manifest destiny supporters said that the movement brought a lot of chances to trade with other countries. The conquered land, along with those acquired legally, such as Alaska, opened new doors for trading since it avails more trade routes to other nations, thus enhancing barter. American people were also allowed to choose where they would wish to live for their economic purposes and greener pastures.cons of manifest destiny Pros of manifest destiny5. Manifest Destiny Improvement of agriculture.During the movement, more land was acquired since Americans conquered several regions along with cities, ports. More land for agricultural use was also acquired, and those who were in favor of the movement said that the acquired land aided the production of food and for people and surplus foodstuffs for sale.This boosted the American economy. Through Manifest Destiny, American farmers and merchants could uplift their financial status and expand their production in the entire American region.6. There was territorial expansion.Territorial expansion was the main goal of manifest Destiny. The expansion meant a lot apart from physical expansion; improvement and progress are what was behind every decision made during the movement. The supports and leaders who made this movement succeed, Sayed that we enjoy America in what it is today because of Manifest Destiny.Our forefathers molded America we are enjoying now; they worked with one spirit and ensure that America meets its Destiny. The United state was able to expand economically. It acquired more properties, including precious minerals and productive land, along with strong governance, which we enjoy in our current American states to date. Immigrants, among other foreigners, were able to settle and live in the united states while enjoying the freedom as American citizens. The nation grew with every American treated equally, with brotherhood and togetherness. Without this phenomenon, none of this would happen.

Cons of Manifest Destiny

1. Manifest Destiny led to ethnic oppression.Those who were against the philosophy argued that the moves taken during the philosophy enforcement showed some ethnic and racial oppression. They continued to say that the enforcers used the orders from the figures behind the manifest Destiny to kill Indians and Spanish people mercilessly.The enforces used ruthless ways that were against humanity to enforce the orders. Most Indians shed blood just because of the reinforced Spanish troops. It could be better if the American government could use another way of enforcing these orders than killing fellow humans based on ethnic groups.2. Manifest Destiny fueled disagreements and wars.It was true that eruptions of some national wars were due to disagreements emanating from a misunderstanding between Americans and some natives. The reason behind this was the acquisition of land without the consent of the owners. Following the disagreement, the enforcers plotted revenge against the native settlers, leading to the eruption of war.3. Manifest Destiny used God’s name or the Divine Providence to manipulate other people.Critics disagreed with a supporter of the philosophy who claims that the manifest Destiny originates from divine providence, and it was God-given. This was very controversial with God’s plan for humankind since the enforces took people’s land, displaces and kill them, makes the inhabitants in the land suffer in the name of territory expansion. The acts were not supposed to be associated in any way with the names of God. Opponents took this as manipulation for personal gain. The critics said that this was used to lure the innocent and achieve the goals of the movement.4. Manifest Destiny was unconstitutional.The figures behind Manifest Destiny are very aware that territorial expansion will affect the lives of Native Americans by taking them out of their lands, and many will be homeless, but they proceeded to enforce and act. Those who disagreed with this philosophy said what America did was spread slavery, and taking peoples’ land without their consent is unconstitutional.Violation of people’s rights is also not accepted by any constitution. Critics said that no constitution could allow a country the right to acquire a new land area. America did not apply any constitutional measure during the enforcement of the philosophical requirements. They continued to argue that it is an offense for a country to let its people live in other places. This would be a huge problem in the country’s population structure since fewer people are protecting American institutions.5. God will not allow for a territorial expansion that would lead to killings.Those who were against the philosophy argued that God would never support killings and oppression of natives in the name of territorial expansion. Putting people’s lives at risk is never Godly. Even though Americans acquired some land legally from other people, the act of acquisition was not done with peace; everything ended up with violence and destruction of property. It is a biblical offense to use the name of God for one’s benefit. The movement could carry out its operations in its own way without putting the word of faith into the mix.6. Manifest Destiny led to the death and suffering of many people, particularly the Indians.Opponents claimed that many people were brought to suffering during the time of Manifest Destiny. Many people lost their homes since the land was taken without their consent. Some tribes were destroyed, Indians being the race that was brought to the reservation.The enforcers were acting in an inhumane way, and they could not spare even native Americans. Properties were destroyed, and individual development was brought down too. It was true that America would conquer the land and attain the goals of the philosophy, but the way its ruling was administered to native American citizens was ruthless.7. It was a time of slavery.Some opponents argued that the U.S. used the chance in the name of territorial expansion to propagate slavery. Most people were killed and displaced in the name of expansion. Some submitted themselves freely because of fear, but those who tried to resist ended up in conflict, and the result was bloodshed. This was very painful and marked as a major drawback to Manifest Destiny. The American Nation had promised not to acquire somebody’s property without consent, but it looks like they didn’t adhere to this rule before. Most native Americans were made slaves in their own land by the enforcers during those days. During this philosophical move, the Americans felt like they should control where the native communities should live. This is what they referred to as ethnic cleansing. In this process, natives were oppressed, maimed, and the laws enforced to govern them were not constitutional in any way.8. Manifest Destiny brought about war and conflict.Those who opposed the movement said that the philosophy led to civil wars and wars between countries. During the division of Oregon, the U.S. entered into conflicts with Great Britain in 1822, and this remained the reason why the U.S. started a war with Spain and Mexico. Other movements named imperialism, which the united states used to take over other countries such as Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines.

What’s Manifest Destiny?

In every form of leadership, there must be a certain phenomenon that precedes freedom and stability. Manifest Destiny stands to be a historical event that played an integral role in setting up the foundation of American leadership.The popular journalist John O’Sullivan invented this word in 1845. The editor gave the name to the movement during his defense on America’s claim to new territories and the thirst for expansion.pros and cons of manifest destinyThe manifest Destiny became the talk of the day in America and was publicized in newspapers, advertised, and nationally favored by most politicians. The manifest Destiny a rallying cry everywhere, and it came to be the final savior of the American expansion dream.Manifest Destiny is the mentality of the American people where they believed in expanding their territories from coast to coast to west in the 19th century. Manifest Destiny can even be said to be older than America itself, according to history.Andrew Jackson led an army of people in the Florida war even in the early 1800s, and he captured forts and towns. Seminole Indians who assisted Spanish forces, he has also prosecuted. The extension centered not only on the property but also on accomplishing people’s freedom and economic stability.The word also refers to the territorial expansion of America, which lasted from 1812 to 1860. This started in 1812 at the end of the war and the beginning of the Civil War. The efforts to extend were greatly motivated by individuals, including John Quincy Adams, who was responsible for the acquisition of Louisiana and the Polk administration in 1803 and 1840. In 1836 Texas became a territory of America after the Texas Revolution and declared its independence from Mexico. Nevertheless, that did not happen uncontroversially when Texas entered the Union as a slave state for plantations. The idea of manifest destiny made America search beyond its boundaries to go as far as Asia and Far Eastern Europe.Manifest Destiny’s pros and cons have some similarities with colonialism; the classes that benefited or suffered were similar.Elements in Manifest Destiny American Nationalism and the power or at least conviction of citizens in Divine Providence revealed the ideology or theory that was Manifest Destiny. God’s will to extend the country into several regions and America was compelled to do so, others claimed. For others, it was an obligation or a responsibility to spread America’s independence by conquest from coast to coast.Although many adopted Manifest Destiny, it was still a controversial philosophy with opposing opinions from Americans even in the 1800s. Some supporters and critics express their views.

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The End of Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny came towards its conclusion in 1848 after the untitled state came out with spectacular abundance and potential following triumph over Mexico. The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo marked the end of the war after the acquisition of more than 1,360 000 square miles of land.America owned a very productive land, present-day New Mexico, California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and Utah. California was a very productive zone even to date; it gold alone could finance America for decades without any financial constrain.Then there was an intention to open a new diplomatic trade between America and Japan under Burgeoning Pacific trade, an American trade name instead of an existing European commercial preserves.The manifest Destiny toward the close was mainly through the dispute over new western territories regarding the disruption of the American political system by slavery. Also, when Americans acquired the pacific coast transcontinental railroad, they laid down their arms.This was following the decision by U.S. minister to Mexico, James Gadsden, who purchased a piece of land in the southern route in 1853 to facilitate the railroad.The new Manifest Destiny:After the war, the American government focused on promoting the industrial sector and the reconstruction of unions that made the united states a powerful country. In 1890, another geopolitical doctrine steamed up.The United States, with other great powers, embraced the opinion from naval officer Alfred Thayer Mahan, which states that greatness in the competitive world was determined by the powers and ability to control the navigation of the sea.This doctrine played a great role in development since everything was all about competition. The seagoing architecture was revolutionized following the replacement of common sails with steam engines. The steamships came to be very reliable since they could accommodate much and meet deadlines regardless of difficulties such as weather changes and fuel-hungry engines.The steamships played a major role in the security and national commerce revolution, and America was able to meet national endeavors with ease.The new Manifest Destiny brought a huge change to the American nation and changed the game strategies towards building the nation and progressive cohesion of the American people.It curiously reversed the political structure and changed the lines of support of its figures. The initial Manifest Destiny was backed by Democrats, while the new one was a republican program that president Theodore Roosevelt vigorously promoted.The democrat was now forced to be subject to the new constitution, and they were to support any progress suggested by the ruling leadership. With time Democrats attempted to object to the ruling and failed to support the ruling party.The progress with both parties game into ideological differences led to the steaming up of world war 1.