The Anton Armstrong Choral series a series of multi-cultural choral music Anton Amstrong, Editor St. Olaf College, North

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Praise His Holly Name

EVrn,,RArr. Keith Hampton Sll"Az: Jillt<:TB.7776650ssg .{ 332 .igs33322J{1till

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Holy God We praise Thy Name

Holy God, We worship Thy NameTRINITYWords: attr. Ignaz Franz, 1774. Interpreted by Clarence A. Walworth, 1858. Music:

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EVrn,,RArr. Keith Hampton Sll"Az: Jillt<:TB.7776650ssg .{ 332 .igs33322J{1till

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The Anton Armstrong Choral collection a collection of multi-cultural choral music Anton Amstrong, Editor St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota praise HIS holy NAM Keith Hampton for SATB & Piano created for the 30th Anniversay of the Voices that Melody earthsong 220 nw 29th street cowallis, or 97330 541 / 758-5760 prayer His holy Name! Moderato Keith Hampton J=m SAM sing till the pow i mr come down.- progressive His H o - l y ~ together u t Hal- le- lu - iah! - er of the praise His Ho - lv name!- Men: 1 . A - name!- 2. Need to Q 1998 through earthsongs maz- ing grace, exactly how -&the sound that saved a wretch favor me;J e - sus be afflicted with the cross aTo"Eiee-slid- every the people go free?- Women: lo 1 I as soon as was lost, yet now I"m found, to be No, there"s a cross for ev" - ry - one and also 5- blind, but now- ns see. There"s a cross- for me. - Je sus, J e - sus, how I love Thee! scream Hal- le- lu - jah! CODA: an initial time: guys only; second time: All females sing the Alto part while the men repeat; and the third time: Sopranos sing the top, the Altos sing the middle and also Men repeat; then walk to the third ending. Prayer His Name! praise His Ho - ly name! - i Ho - ly J e - sus, worship His Name, Oh! Hal - le - lu- jah! very first time instruments only and also the Choir should clap on win 2 & 4. Each component then sings their part alone, climate all parts together. II II u w I- d r ns q r prayer His Ho - ly Name! Hal- le-lu - worship His Ho- ly Name, praise His Ho - ly Name,Praise His Name! Oh, oh, PraiseHis Ho-lyName! praise His Naee! Oh, oh, prayer His Ho-ly Name!

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