I was freshly sitting v a client looking to buy a fiberglass swimming pool and also the standard question came out.

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"Marcus, ns was talking v the man that offered me a quote on a concrete pool and also he said me that i didn"t want a fiberglass pool due to the fact that it would certainly float. Is the true?"

I can only sigh upon hearing together a question, together it is one that I

figured the concrete pool home builders would have gotten weary of making use of by this point. Yet instead of to express my disappointed to this certain homeowner regarding the false native of one more salesman, i went top top to define to her the truth, i beg your pardon is together follows:

Any vessel, under the ground, deserve to float with sufficient water push pushing ~ above it.Fiberglass pools, back potentially could float if they were empty the water or had no concrete decking shortcut beam, practically never float.

Hydrostatic Pressure

Hydrostatic pressure, or water advertise upwards, is the reason why pools can pop up the end of the ground. To minimize this problem, the majority of concrete pools are developed with a hydrostatic relief valve. In the case of fiberglass, as lengthy as lock remain full of water, and have a cantilevered concrete transaction edge about them of at least 3" (this is ours general preeminence of ignorance at river Pools), climate floating have to never be an issue. (See Jason"s recent article about hydostatic pressure and also fiberglass pools.)

After having actually literally set up a few hundred pools ~ above the waters that Virginia and also Maryland during our time in business, we have actually not had actually one of these pools pop-up or "float" after installation. In fact, the only instance that frequently leads come hydrostatic worries with a fiberglass swimming pool is as soon as they space drained/emptied of your water, i m sorry is an pure "no-no" and also can cause, instead of the pool floating, the pool"s floor to buckle or crack. Such deserve to be repaired, yet is obviously not a great thing, i beg your pardon is why fiberglass pools should always remain full.

But psychic this the following time a concrete swimming pool salesman has actually the

audacity to use the old "fiberglass pools float" pitch. In fact, if you"re in the procedure of purchase a pool and getting quotes on both concrete and also fiberglass, then i suggest having actually these small pictures handy in instance the topic happens come come up. :-)

As always, happy swimming to everyone and also if friend have any type of questions or comments, please don"t hesitate come leave your thoughts below.

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