Fly is critical HM the you should teach among your Pokemon, or you’ll be running about the entire area ~ above foot or your bike, which, as we all know, no the fastest mode of traveling. Surf might assist you come a details extent, yet then again, fly allows you to switch areas in seconds!

As Pokemon Emerald is still one of the many popular and beloved main series games to come out of Gamefreak’s studios, the need for the game is still pretty high.

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And brand-new players frequently get grounding at part story level together they’re not provided to the old storytelling methods.

But don’t worry; this overview will to walk you with every step, every battle, and also every direction you have to follow to obtain the HM fly, providing you accessibility to super-fast travel in-game.

So, here’s exactly how to obtain fly in Pokemon Emerald.

How to get fly in Pokemon Emerald?


Before also thinking around getting fly, you an initial need to defeat the gym trainer in ~ Petalburg city and obtain the balance badge.

Once you carry out this and continue v the story set by the game, you’ll expropriate surf, which you need to use to get to route 119, whereby the next part of the story bring away place. (You’ll need to go through 118 come reach route 119)

Step 1

Route 119 is complete of grass, so you will do it be battling a lot of enemies and also wild Pokemon, for this reason make sure you’re all set for this in advance. Next, head right up whereby the route guides you.

Step 2


Soon, you’ll end up close to a large building i beg your pardon is the Weather Insitute, and also for part reason, team Aqua/Magma room there. Together usual, you’ll have to challenge off against the grunts in the building.

Step 3

You’ll have to defeat each and every grunt in the building to make your way out the the place and head on your journey.

Step 4

Once you’re done through the villain teams and start make your way up the map, your rival will certainly appear. Now depending on your character’s gender, it’ll one of two people be might or Brendan.


Step 5

You’ll need to fight her rival next, and also once you defeat them, you will certainly be awarded the HM, Fly!

Requirements for utilizing Fly

After you obtain the coveted HM, girlfriend can’t use it directly; you’ll very first have to teach that to among your Pokemon who deserve to learn the move.

Next, you have to continue the journey to acquire all the title of the region, together you can’t use the HM outside fight unless you have the Feather badge.

The feather badge deserve to be acquired by defeating the Gym Trainer Winona. Friend can uncover her in the Fortree City Gym, i m sorry she is in charge of.


She supplies Flying species mostly, so taking her on won’t be tough as she doesn’t have actually a lot of adaptability in she team.

Pokemon that have the right to learn Fly!

Once you achieve the HM, you need a Pokemon which have the right to learn the move. If you currently have one, no problem, go ahead and use it.

But if girlfriend haven’t acquired the possibility to capture a Pokemon that can use the relocate for part reason, below is a list of Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald that have the right to learn the relocate fly.

The Pokemon are Salamence, Rayquaza, Crobat, Zatu, Skarmory, Taillow, Swellow, Wingull, Pelliper, Vibrava, Flygon Swablu, and Altaria. No all this Pokemon will certainly be obtainable to be captured at this time in the game, yet some will be.

If you’re play old classic Pokemon games, be certain to examine out our various other guides like how to gain Abra in Pokemon Red, or also a look at the finest Pokemon emulators because that those that desire to play on something different!

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