There is a limit to what you deserve to bear, but my border lies through not gift able to present interesting short articles that have to do with one specific subject. Ns am no obsessed, though, however I am passionate. When I to be in institution (in France) there was a subject I particularly disliked: text study. Now, I find it fun and also entertaining, specifically if the text is a song. If you are reading this, it means that you’ve gained curious about the Playground, so ns hope you’ll enjoy the reading for ns write around this largely for my very own amusement yet it is definitely way funnier if the “Fun” is shared.

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Now, in ~ the moment, the Playground is all around my new number one tape (actually, they room sharing the spot v Europe) POETS the THE FALL. If you don’t favor their music, her loss… if friend do, an excellent for you! Anyway, ns am fascinated v their lyrics also the ones the sound quite straight forward, they might hold some hidden twists that room longing come be uncovered out… or perhaps it is just wishful reasoning on my part. There is other else the pushes me come write about this, actually 3 things:

Marko Saastero is a hard cookie who stated that there to be very few fans who came close to the true an interpretation of the songs’ lyrics: provocation number one!Second, likes the ide of trilogies and creating characters that cross over from one album to the other, with a life journey of their own. This provides the analysis of the lyrics through a spring glass fairly enjoyable to me.Third, none of the readers following Misfit at Heart on Facebook has actually shown any attention for together posts, therefore I’ll do the Playground my ideal writing to spite the silence… that knows, its noise can get weaker with time.

Album: indications of Life

Song: Lift


When Marko involved the band v the song “Lift“, the guitarist Ollie had actually not the faintest idea that what the was all about, however he chosen it. Marko has, or so it seems, never ever really described the content to the guys. Of course, this is a fun and entertaining believed to actually offer a crack at the hidden definition of “Lift” as the beginning of mine undertaking. This is the an initial track from’s an initial album, and an initial trilogy, so it had actually to it is in first. The song’s video clip introduces the viewer come a character whom I’ll call “Psycho Marko” for convenience purposes.

Overall, I very first imagined the tune to be around a woman, making use of “Psycho Marko“, breaking his heart over and also over, or something of the sort. This theory dropped apart pretty promptly – although that is simply my personal interpretation and holds no certainty on whether ns am appropriate or not.

First verse

If i take because that granted the the one talking in the song is “Psycho Marko“, then the definition of the city – and therefore the track – is pretty right forward. He’s shed his mind, or does not fit in the so-called normality the society. Why not? What has actually happened to him? bla-bla-bla… you’ll watch that that is not as straight forward as I’d like to think.

Psycho Marko” does not trust himself to say every little thing he thinks or feels for fear of gift misunderstood. His means of placing things might be too raw.

Second verse

In together times, he feels choose a sinner inside his own skin. Life is a regimen one has actually to acquire by, and once reality is “inconvenient”, together it mostly is, he provides up stories – review excuses – to help him cope. He sees just the negativity of life, whereby colors do not exist.


This is when he does not feel favor himself; he doubt himself, everything and knows not where he is walk or why. He does not provide up, though, even if his spirit is wounded, he simply wears a mask and also pretends that he is fine. Would certainly that it is in to right in? In which case one can wonder around why go he want to anyway. Fear is a feeling that comes frequently in’s songs; below it is, as I know it, a mix of one uncontrollable fear linked to the “negation the oneself”. The character is fighting for his very existence in the psychological sense that the term.


But then, comes this miraculous thing/person that he does no name and also lifts his own self-inflicted sentence. As soon as it’s here, he sees everything plainly and expresses the the means he to know how. Once it’s here, he’s gained wings and can execute anything. Did he do a resolve the devil? That might be a tip from the video (or ns watch too plenty of weird series and movies). From what ns gather, inspiration can be the operative word to the song although that is never ever uttered or clearly stated. I believe that through a small inspiration, whether for creative purposes or not, we could make our lives the best they must be, which is more than likely the factor why I recognize “Lift” the means I do.

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Third verse

This city is tricky and particularly difficult to mine twisted mind. If ns assume that this is about inspiration, and also “Psycho Marko” is currently trying to define how the felt when he believed it gone for good, the is come say his desires of mediocrity came true. He dreamt the he equipment in, maybe, prefer he was nobody special. I uncover this far-fetched favor there is some absent link ns cannot decide anywhere. From inspiration, the listener is pushed towards dreams and also their probable interpretation. It is feasible that i hear what and also how I desire to understand. Is it no true that one fathoms just what one has experienced?

Last verse

So, the conclusion of the song brings increase the hold-fast influence of dreams, however twisted castle are. They’re here to stay, come kick us around and also steer us. Have you i found it it too? “Psycho Marko” is currently generalising his purpose. Us are, somehow and also undoubtedly on different levels, every psychos. If us don’t understand what renders us tick, we’ll uncover that out in our dreams. It does not matter just how scary – or out-there our dreams are – we’ll have actually to confront them to lug them forth sooner or later. In the meantime, many of us just shot and disregard them – placing our sanity at risk in the process. Why on earth are us behaving in such ways? Come on, Psychology 101 (that I never took)! We space so fear of failure… so “Psycho Marko” is saying: attend to it and move top top (I think)

Lift – Summary

Most the the times, “Psycho Marko” feels that he does no belong as soon as he think he should. Impetus comes about and changes his state that being. He is tho weird and also twisted, yet he knows the it is as it need to be. He is fear of his dreams and state that us all are, yet in the end, they room what renders us unique and also bring a purpose to our lives. In other words, don’t provide up and also believe in yourselves!

Is the really what i have defined above? Hmm!

So, that was fun and also headache-giving (figuratively speaking). Unfortunately, I may never uncover out if my far-fetched explanation is accurate yet in the end, that is no the reason why I composed this. I execute enjoy mine figurative headaches they save me sharp in the mindless, yet orderly, chaos pour it until it is full my head. Besides, what walk it matter if one solves a mystery if an enig there is? after all, ns am no Sherlock Holmes.