I owed a friend some money for some shared expenses. I provided Fidelity’s online bill payment service to salary him because he doesn’t have a PayPal account and I was also lazy to uncover an envelope and also a stamp.

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A couple of weeks passed and I still don’t view the inspect hitting mine account. Fidelity uses CheckFree for online bill payment. For an individual payees not set up come receive digital payments, CheckFree concerns a paper check to the payee. CheckFree debits mine account just after that paper check clears.

I to be worried the CheckFree didn’t problem the inspect as i instructed. Once I witnessed my friend again, ns asked him if he had actually received the check. He claimed he did get a check however he wasn’t sure what the was. He to be afraid it was a scam.

I gained curious in what made the think it can be a scam. Therefore I supplied the device to pay myself. A check arrived few days later. It come by chin in one envelope, through no accompanying letter. The envelope simply says Payment Processing center with a PO box in Hickory, NC.

The examine looks prefer this:


For obvious reasons ns whited out the identifying information and replaced them v markers. The name and resolve of the human being who’s paying the invoice (“payor”) show up in (1). The optional note the payor gotten in with the invoice payment is published in (2). The payee’s surname and resolve show up in (3).

There is a “Please Direct any kind of Questions” ar in the top facility of the check. It lists a toll free number 877-246-7923 and an address:

Payment handling CenterPO box 1029Hickory, NC 28603-1029

If you doubt it’s a scam, you are not walk to contact that toll totally free number.

This inspect is of food legit. I know it since I made the online bill payment and also I knew it to be coming. If someone simply receives it the end of the blue, ns see how it can be suspicious.

If you receive a examine like this, don’t throw it away! If you space not sure whether it’s legit, call the person whose surname and resolve are displayed on the height left the the check.

If you use online invoice payment service from your financial institution to pay her friend or family, how do you do them an ext comfortable and also not scare them?

Give castle a heads-up. After ~ you do the payment, tell castle a inspect is coming in the mail in a couple of days. Tell lock it’s comes from a invoice payment service; it’s not going to be a personal check native you. Tell lock the amount.

I assumed the inspect would be obvious to mine friend. Ns was wrong.

Enter a note/memo. Encompass a an individual note or memo when you perform the digital bill payment. The keep in mind may help the payee identify what the examine is for.

I did encompass a note, however the font because that the note isn’t very big on the check. My friend apparently missed it.

Can the bill payment company make it much better for the payee? ns think so. A letter would be nice. “So-and-so provided our virtual bill payment organization to pay you $XXX.XX. It’s because that blah-blah-blah. If you have any kind of questions about this check, please contact so-and-so at .” That’ll carry out it.

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