5.1 Optional Goodies

Progress in ~ this pointTotal LifeTreasure MapsPower GemsCourage GemsWisdom Gems
New in this sectionCharacters:SalvatoreItems:Bomb Bag upgrade #1Locations:Cannon GamePower Gems:#5, #6, #7Wisdom Gems:#4

OPTIONAL: This entire section the this chapter is optional and also it entails goodies that we deserve to now collect through the bombs. Skip front to section 5.2 to continue onward with the main quest.

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Optional: Bannan Island - Bomb Bag Upgrade

Return come Linebeck and set sail for Bannan Island in ~ the northeast corner of the quadrant. Get in the cave on this island and also use bombs to punch up the cracked wall. Do your way through the cave and also exit ~ above the other end.




Speak with Salvatore, the man sitting in ~ the table in the middle of this area. He runs a cannon mini-game and also charges 20 rupees come play. Salvatore explains how to play the game. Hit blue targets to get 100 points, and also hit red targets continuously to earn 20 points per shot. There room a variety of prizes you have the right to earn depending on the scores friend reach.

Less 보다 1,500 points – eco-friendly or Blue Rupee.1,500 – 1,999 clues – Green, Blue, Red Rupee, or a arbitrarily Treasure.2,000 – 2,499 points – Red Rupee, large Green Rupee, or a random Ship Part

Additionally, if girlfriend beat her record, you will earn one more prize. This ar is a an excellent place to earn part extra free rupees, however at the very least, store playing until you have actually won the Bomb Bag upgrade. Afterward, return with the cave and also head back to the boat.



Use the Cyclone Slate, or just collection sail ago to the southwest quadrant and head over to the Isle the Ember when again. Once you arrive, go back to Astrid’s Hut and also speak v her. After finding the end that you have actually rescued another spirit, she will reward you through a 5th Wisdom Gem.

Return to Linebeck and set sail because that Mercay Island. As soon as you come you have the right to run end to the Mercay Island Shop wherein you’ll discover that bombs are now for sale. If friend haven’t already, you must go ahead and purchase the strength Gem from the store, together by now you should have enough rupees to get it.

Make your method back to the west side of Mercay Island and speak through Oshus. Much like Astrid, he will certainly congratulate girlfriend for obtaining as far as you have, financially rewarding you through a strength Gem. NOTE: If friend don’t speak to Oshus in ~ this point, the will ultimately just mail the strength Gem to you in a letter.

Make your means to the north end of the island and you’ll finally have the ability to blow increase those cracked block that have been blocking your way.

In the area just near the enntrance gate to the holy place of the s King, over there is a cracked wall surface that have the right to be puffy up making use of the bombs, so execute so and also then enter the cave.

There isn’t too lot to execute inside this cavern at this point in time. You have the right to leap throughout the ledges and also find a treasure chest that contains one more Power Gem. We will certainly return here at a later point once we get a new item. At this allude you can exit the cave and also make your means back to the holy place of the s King.

5.2 holy place of the ocean King III

Progress at this pointTotal LifeTreasure MapsPower GemsCourage GemsWisdom Gems
New in this sectionEnemies:Phantom EyeItems:Red PotionMaps:#9Power Gems:#8

Your 3rd journey through the temple of the ocean King will have actually you retrace your steps through several familiar floors. Now that you have actually the bombs, there are a few shortcuts to make the path a little faster. The holy place guide listed below will still cover every the floors, however we’ll quickly run through several of the acquainted areas, mainly pointing the end the new features.

~ Floor 1F ~

There is nothing brand-new on floor 1F, so run over to the staircase and head down to floor B1.

~ Floor B1 ~

Run over to the northeast edge of the room. Currently that you have bombs you can blow increase the cracked blocks to the left, permitting for quick access to lot of the room. Step on the floor move to open up the door and also then run over and grab the little key. Return to the locked door at the northeast corner of the room and head down the stairs.

~ Floor B2 ~

Wait until the Phantom is looking come the west and also dash southward. Over there is a cracked wall to the southern that you can blow up, revealing a shortcut. Do just that and also the Phantoms will most likely be alerted. You can run to safety at the northeast safe zone and wait for the Phantoms come retreat.

You will still should hit the two crystal switches close to the northeast component of the room. Carry out so and also the small crucial will as soon as again drop. Run over come the for sure zone in ~ the east part of the room. When the shore is clear, step on the floor switch and use the Boomerang to snag the little key.

Wait until the Phantom is heading toward the southwest corner of the room, then conveniently run southward across the lowered blocks. Hit the move to readjust which blocks are lowered, and then run to the locked door come the west. Use the small key and head down to the floor below.

~ Floor B3 ~

Unfortunately, this floor does not have any huge shortcuts, however there room a couple of notable changes. You will still must collect the three pressure Gems and also place castle in their proper slots at the top-right section of the room. The very first Force Gem have the right to be snagged native the treasure chest in ~ the northwest area of the room. As soon as you location it in that is slot, run over to the northeast edge of the room. You deserve to use bombs come blast away the blocks and also break the yellow jar for part extra time.

The 2nd Force Gem is in ~ the southeast corner of the room in ~ the endowment chest. ~ snagging the 2nd Force Gem, return to the south-east corner. Just to the appropriate of the flames, over there is a soft soil spot wherein you have the right to dig increase a geyser through your Shovel. This offers a tiny shortcut. Action on among the two floor switches, causing the Phantom to autumn into the abyss.

Grab the small an essential that is left behind and also use it to unlock the door in ~ the southwest portion of the room. Take it the third Force Gem to its suitable slot and also then head up through the door. In the following room you have the right to now tap on the door and also Neri, the soul of Wisdom will open it up. Before heading down the steps, be sure to break the yellow pot ~ above the left next of the room for part extra time. Proceed down the steps to the next floor.

~ Floor B4 ~

On this floor you will certainly be introduced to Phantom Eyes. If castle spot you, castle will slow-moving down her movement and also cause Phantoms to quickly appear. Walk under on the right side that the display screen until you reach a gust jar that is blocking your way. Map a path with your Boomerang come hit the crystal switch, causing the wind to subside. Before heading down, trace a second path v the Boomerang and also hit the Phantom Eye. While the is stunned, operation over and slash in ~ it through your knife to defeat it. Be sure to likewise use your Boomerang to rest the yellow jar in ~ the edge of the room to acquire some extra time.

Run over to the safe zone if needed and wait because that the Phantom to start walking upwards. Follow the Phantom up and to the left, being certain not to obtain spotted. As soon as you room in the facility of the room, don’t peek her head too far north, as the Phantom Eye will spot you. Instead, wait just approximately the corridor and toss the Boomerang in ~ the opponent to stun it. Defeat the Phantom Eye and also then operation over to the northwest corner of the room. You can break the jar to create a safe zone.

Optional: strength Gem #8

As girlfriend traverse across this room, closely defeat every one of the Phantom Eyes the are approximately the various corridors. As soon as you defeat all of them, a huge treasure chest will show up at the east end the the room that includes the strength Gem.

Wait until the 3rd and final Phantom Eye is relocating southward and then quickly run end to the for sure zone in ~ the west end of the room. From here you can wait until the Phantom Eye comes nearby and then shock it v your Boomerang. Close to the southwest edge of the map, usage the Shovel to dig up the soft floor spot. Ride the geyser come the higher platform and also strike the crystal switch. This will certainly cause all of the gust jars in the room to walk out, make for quick navigation throughout the room. Additionally, if standing next to the crystal switch, if you map a pathway northward with your Boomerang, you have the right to hit a yellow pot for an extra 30 seconds.

Run over to the western safe zone and wait until the Phantom starts walking southward. Run to the eastern a bit and you’ll an alert a cracked in the adjacent wall. Toss a bomb to blow open a hole. Be cautious as the Phantom may draw near due to the noise. Operation inside and strike the switch, bring about the spikes top top the eastern side of the room come drop.

Maneuver about the Phantom and run end to collect the small key. Through the key in hand, do your way to the locked door at the south finish of the room while preventing the Phantom. Open the door and also head down to the following floor.

~ Floor B5 ~

Wait for the spikes to lower on the left and also then run previous them. Over there is a decision switch in ~ the much southwest corner of the room. Wait till the spikes lower and also then smack it with your Boomerang. This will reason the spikes top top the appropriate side that the room come lower. You can run end to obtain 30 secs of time, as well as replenish your health. Run ago to the left and then head up, where the door will certainly shut behind you.

Four Yellow ChuChu will certainly appear. Fight them through the Boomerang to shock them and then end up them off v some sword slashes. Once all 4 are defeated, be sure to grab the 15 seconds of time at the west end of the room and also then travel eastward.

Once again the door will certainly shut behind you and this time you’ll it is in greeted by part Miniblins. Make rapid due of these enemies and also then collection 15 an ext seconds the time indigenous the right side of the room. Run northward and also use the Boomerang to hit the decision switch to the right, bring about a treasure chest to appear that consists of a Red Potion. Note, if you currently have two potions, this chest will contain some rupees instead. Run over come the door and also head under to the following floor.

~ Floor B6 ~

Once you come at this floor, wait till the Phantom Eye in ~ the northeast edge comes near and smack it v the Boomerang. As soon as the shore is clear, operation over come the for sure zone at the northeast edge of the room. Below you will discover a massive tablet computer that says that the is the 2nd tablet in the governing crest. You deserve to make a note on her map v the number 2. NOTE: there are four tablets in this room and while you have the right to look in ~ all 4 of the tablets to figure out the puzzle, friend can likewise just skip under in the overview to find the instant solution, as reading the tablet computers is not required.

Next, if you operation to the southeast edge of the room you can hit the decision switch, lowering the surrounding spikes. Check out the tablet here and also then mark it with a number 4 on your map. Simply to the left of the statue there is a floor switch that will reason the surrounding gust jar come wind down.

Just come the left the this gust jar there is a 2nd one, yet the floor move to deactivate this gust seasoned is on the left. Be careful to stop both the the Phantoms and also the Phantom Eye and also run follow me the southern end of room before then stepping on the floor switch. With the gust jar currently deactivated, operation to the safe zone near the large red door. From right here you can target the Phantom Eye on the left with your Boomerang and also then defeat it v your sword. Doing so will reason the spikes in ~ the west finish of the room come lower.

Run over to the west part of the room and break the pot to gain some extra time. Step on the nearby floor move to deactivate the gust jar found here together well, giving you quick accessibility to the safe zone. Don’t read this tablet as it will cause two Phantom eyes to appear in the room.

Run end to the northwest part of the room and break the red pot to produce a little safe zone. Pull out your Shovel and also dig increase the surrounding soft soil, climate toss a bomb onto the recently revealed wind geyser. This will blow up the cracked blocks. Ride the geyser up and also hit the decision switch, resulting in the adjacent spikes come lower. Review the tablet that is now available to uncover that it is both the an initial and last suggest in the spiritual crest, so mark it with a 1 on your map.

The final tablet is in ~ the southwest edge of the room and also can be accessed after battle the cracked blocks. Be mindful as the bomb will alert any adjacent Phantoms. This tablet computer is the third for the crest, for this reason be sure to mark it on her map.

Run end to the huge red door in the center of the room whereby you will require to attract the crest. The pattern matches the order that the tablets in the room gave. In one stroke, location your stylus pen at the top-left, move it come the top-right, then to the bottom-left, then to the bottom-right, and also finish off ago at the beginning point in ~ the top left. The shape is the of an hourglass and correctly drawing it will cause the door to open, therefore head ~ above through.

Climb the steps and walk as much as the sun symbol. You need to press the crest as much as your map. If you look closely, the picture is actually an upside image of the southwestern quadrant. Pull up your Sea Chart and select the southwestern quadrant. At this allude you should close her Nintendo DS/3DS. Yes, actually close the clam-shell. Note: If you room on the Nintendo 2DS you will need to just put her system into sleep mode. Doing so will cause the symbol to appear on her map in the center of the sea. Step right into the blue warp portal to return to the holy place entrance.

Back outside, operation on over to Linebeck and also along the way, you’ll an alert the Mailbox is shaking. Over there is a letter from Eddo at Cannon Island. He mentions that he has actually been functioning on a salvage Arm and also it is currently ready. When you room ready, head come Linebeck and collection sail.

Optional: endowment Teller

After completing the temple of the ocean King part III, the Treasure teller on Mercay Island is currently open for business. Right here you have the right to sell several of your treasure, and also any delivery Parts. The price of every Ship part and Treasure item is variable from video game to game. He may pay 0, 50, 150, 800, or 1500 rupees for any certain treasure or ship part. Everything he supplies to pay for a particular item, the will continue to be that price for the term of the game. However, if you begin a brand-new game, treasures could be assigned various values. In ~ this suggest you have to trade in as plenty of of her treasures and also any duplicate ship parts to gain some rupees.

Speak come the guy by the dock that is standing beside Linebeck. He’ll talk about the Salvage eight that is now easily accessible over at Cannon Island. If friend tell the you currently have the salvage Arm, that will offer you a treasure Map for just 50 rupees.

5.3 rescue Arm

Progress at this pointTotal LifeTreasure MapsPower GemsCourage GemsWisdom Gems
New in this sectionEnemies:OctomineItems:Salvage Arm, sunlight Key

Set sail because that Cannon Island and then go into the building to speak through Eddo. He wants you to shout about how much you desire the salvage Arm. This involves you yelling or simply blowing into the Nintendo DS microphone. Depending upon how loud you yell, Eddo will sell you the Salvage eight for a cheaper price. The cheapest friend can get the item for is 200 rupees, yet you could pay as much as 1,000 rupees if girlfriend don’t yell loud sufficient at all. After obtaining the rescue Arm, go back to the delivery and set sail.

Now the you have the salvage Arm, set sail for the eco-friendly crest the is in the middle of the quadrant. As soon as you arrive, madness the menu button and also select the rescue icon. This will certainly release the rescue Arm under to the depth of the sea. Uneven in The Wind Waker where attach would just pull up the endowment automatically, this time you’ll have to do some work.

Drag the bar to the left or best to move the eight side to side. Tap the red scroll upward to slow down the price at which the eight is dropping or madness the red role downward to speed things up. Your Salvage Arm has actually its own health bar, shown by the yellow diamonds at the top-left that the screen.

As you reduced the rescue Arm, you’ll run into a number of obstacles. Underwater friend will find stationary Octomines that will explode if girlfriend hit them through your salvage Arm. Additionally, you’ll uncover some Octomines that relocate left and right, sending a gust of water towards your arm, i m sorry will cause it to sway, perhaps hitting an additional mine or wall.

While salvaging because that treasure, there room a variety of rupees that can be collected, however, they space often uncovered in dangerous locations between Octomines. When you with the bottom the the sea floor, position your salvage arm over the sweetheart chest come grab it. Now carefully pull it earlier up, preventing the Octomines. Efficiently doing so will earn girlfriend the sun Key!

Up until this point, we have gathered nine treasure Maps, however only eight of castle are easily accessible at the moment. The 4th Treasure Map is marked by an X the is south east of Bannan Island. Girlfriend won’t be able to access this treasure until you can very first reach the Northeast Quadrant. The locations and also goodies of the 8 Sunken treasures are noted below. NOTE: If girlfriend bang up your Salvage Arm, you can obtain it repaired at the Shipyard top top Mercay Island.

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– Southwest Quadrant –Southwest that Molida IslandShip part
– Southwest Quadrant –Northeast of Mercay IslandSand of hrs (1 minute)
– Southwest Quadrant –Southwest that Isle of GustShip part
– Southwest Quadrant –North that Molida IslandShip part
– Northwest Quadrant –West the Bannan IslandTreasure
– Northwest Quadrant –East of Isle of GustShip part
– Southwest Quadrant –Southeast the Mercay IslandShip part
– Southwest Quadrant –West of Cannon IslandSand of hours (1 minute)

Your rewards incorporate 5 delivery parts, a treasure, and also 2 added minutes of sand for your hourglass. There space a ton the rupees come collect together well. Because that the many part, you need to avoid any kind of hard-to-reach rupees, with the exemption of the big green rupees, as those are worth getting.