Paige Tamada is a previous American actress that joined Hollywood at 6 years old. She is noteworthy for the roles she played in The fresh Prince the Bel-Air, foolish City, The Santa Clause, and more.

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At period six when the believed of a career is too big for the mental of most youngsters to fathom, Paige had currently established a career course for herself.

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She attend French American college Lila, Santa Ana California. Because that college education, Tamada checked out her university of California Berkely v a major in English.


Tamada got the very first job in her exhilaration career in ~ the period of six. She joined the actors of the TV show, The fresh Prince the Bel-Air in 1991.

She played the role of Marie ~ above a TV series, complete House in 1992. And after that, she joined the actors of the family members comedy film, The Santa clause in 1994. She carry out alongside gibbs such together Tim Allen and also Peter Boyle. The film obtained eight award nominations and won 2 out of the eight.


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Likewise, few of her ideal movies are; Mad City, the horror film Milo, allied McBeal, and also so on.

Surprisingly, Tamada stopped acting in 1999. The factors why she left the sector were no revealed come the press nor she fans. It is believed that the was likely that in ~ the period of simply 14, the young star had actually simply had enough of the limelight, and perhaps wished to live a common life.

Here is a full list of Paige Tamada movies and also TV jobs that she has actually featured in.

MoviesMilo (1998): Young MayMad City (1997): The KidsThe Santa i (1994): Elf-Judy
TVAlly McBeal (1999): girlfriend #2 The Rockford Files: If the Bleeds... That Leads (1999): LilySeinfeld (1996): Clara The new Prince that Bel-Air (1993-1996): BluBird#2/Jessie

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Hearts Afire (1994): small Girl Untamed Love (1994): ChildEvening Shade (1992-1993): EleanorHome Improvement (1993): Tiffany Full residence (1992): Marie

Paige Tamada whereby is she now?

To the fans of the ex-actress who have been asking — where is Paige Tamada today? after ~ Tamada stopped acting and went under the radar in 1999, at 14 year old, what is recognized is the she visited college and bagged a level in English.

Aside indigenous that, not much has actually been heard or said about her publicly. She completely kept the happenings in she life far from the press and her fans.

Paige Tamada net worth

The talented previous actress's net worth is estimated at $1.3 million. Among her highest-earning grossing movies, The Santa i (1994) do $189,833,357 worldwide with a production spending plan of $22 million.

Who is Paige Tamada's boyfriend?

Since Tamada left acting countless years ago, details that her personal have no been made easily accessible to the public. However, in ~ 35 year old, Paige is believed to have had at least past relationships or be at this time in a relationship or probably be married.


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Paige Tamada is a former Hollywood actress. She began her career as a toddler and also quickly increased to fame. However, she tapped the end of the sector a few years after she started acting.

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