Ammonium sulfate is one ionic compound, created of 2 ammonium ion ($\ceNH_4^+$) and one sulfate ion ($\ceSO_4^2-$). Together such, you deserve to neglect the sulfate completely from your factor to consider of the oxidation state that the nitrogen, and also treating every ammonium ion as a different entity. Offered the complete charge on the ammonium cation, it need to be basic to see why the nitrogen has actually the specified oxidation state.

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To easily determine the oxidation number top top an separation, personal, instance atom in an ion the is essential to compose an equation.

First recognize what the oxidation number of your known atoms are.

In this case, we know the oxidation number because that H is +1.

Then set this value equal come the all at once net fee of the ion.

In this case, that is +1.

Our equation now looks like this: 1(4) = 1, You usage the multiplier of 4 to indicate that the ammonium ion has 4 hydrogen.

Next substitute a change in the equation for the lacking oxidation number:

+1(4) + N = +1

Solve because that N.

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+1(4) + N = +1

N + 4 = +1

N = +1 - 4

N = -3

Thus, the oxidation number for Nitrogen is -3.

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