Ouran High School organize Club: 10 Kaoru Hitachiin Facts most Fans Don't know In Ouran High School host Club, Kaoru Hitachiin loves come play pranks on world with his pair brother. Right here are some facts around him.

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Though every of Ouran High School hold Club"s characters room adored, 2 fan-favorites have to be none various other than the mischievous twins, Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin. They"re recognized for gift playful and also greatly gain pulling sophisticated pranks ~ above others, also at your expense. While castle don"t have actually the best skills socially, they start to open up and also grow after conference Haruhi and having your inner world broken into through her. Of course, the two are much from the very same person, and there"s too many of little things about Kaoru that are straightforward to miss.

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So, today, we"ll be acquisition a look at ten things that even dedicated fans could not know about the younger twin, Kaoru.

despite both that the Hitachiin brothers room co-dependent when it involves each other, Hikaru is absolutely much much more dependent top top his younger brother 보다 the opposite. In fact, it"s Kaoru who"s the first to realize that their co-dependency would have actually to end if both of lock had any real desire to prosper and change as their very own people. Kaoru is likewise much much more mature and also level-headed 보다 his twin, mirroring much an ext emotional maturity and also being the reason why Hikaru deserve to work through most of his problems.

In the anime, we only get to see Hikaru walk out with Haruhi, yet in the manga, Kaoru does as well- and it"s actually created that both twins are in love through her, though only Kaoru is conscious of both of their true feelings.

He ends up chasing ~ Hikaru after he runs off to try to avoid dealing with his own feelings, and also is the reason why Hikaru is able to realize and take a opportunity on his own feelings because that Haruhi in the first place. Kaoru important is sweet, deep-down, unlike the mischievous next he commonly shows.

While equivalent his twin when it comes to levels the hyper-activity and mischievousness, Kaoru is much much more mature once left on his own, and it shows in the topics that he gets the many enjoyment out of, being contemporary Japanese literature and English. It perfect suits his slightly much more introspective worldview contrasted to his brother, making that seem like much more of a match for someone intellectual like Haruhi.

7 be separated Personality

To add to the previous point of Kaoru being an ext mature when left on his own, it"s prefer a completely different transition when he"s apart from his brother. On his own, Kaoru is displayed to be calm, mature, and also overall pleasant to be around, exhilaration both serious and also selfless. However, as soon as he"s v Hikaru, it"s like something is carried out the him and also he prefers to let his devilish trickster persona run wild.

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It really is a an excellent thing these two both seek freedom as the manga goes on, as their complete co-dependency lasting forever would have actually been utter chaos.

Kaoru is generally the much more independent that the 2 twins, though overall is still much too dependent in its entirety for one of two people of their well-beings. While it"s Hikaru that ends up acquisition the very first step in the direction of their self-reliance by dice his hair darker to identify the two, Kaoru takes a similar stride that his own by permitting his hair to finally grow the end a little upon start college, vice versa, his brothers keeps their original style.

Overall, it"s great to view them finding methods that they"re comfortable v to differentiate themselves.

5 Shades the A Rose

Each host in the club has a rose color assigned v them, frequently signifying something about their character that"s deeper than surface-level, which continues to be true because that Kaoru, whose rose color is orange. In Japanese culture, this signifies happiness, i beg your pardon fits the an ext optimistic twin of the two rather well. The definition in west culture, gift romantic energy and enthusiasm, is true because that the younger twin as well, likely referring to how enthusiastically he carries the end his duties as a host.

Kaoru"s often proclaimed to it is in the much more mature twin of the two, own much an ext emotional maturity than his enlarge brother, though part fans often wonder just exactly how he managed to construct such great observational skills if the 2 never interacted with anyone else. The answer lies in Hikaru himself, together the younger brother was frequently the quieter of the two, and also spent a an excellent deal that time observing his brother and also figuring out his behaviors.

3 Platonic Love end Romantic Love

In the manga, Kaoru ends up acquisition Haruhi the end on a date and kissing her cheek, however he likewise outright admits come her the he isn"t going to be trying to pursue her any further for his brother"s sake. He says that he believes the Haruhi is the perfect human being to assist Hikaru learn just how to flourish without being dependent on Kaoru, and also is likewise too came to with a romantic relationship with Haruhi damaging the familial bond he has actually with his older brother.

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This shows just how genuinely caring Kaoru is, and also how much he values his brothers while being much less dependent.

In the anime, both Hikaru and Kaoru describe Tamaki as the Boss, and also typically stop from utilizing anything else, but in the manga this aspect is a little different once it involves Kaoru. While the anime choose to have actually Kaoru deal with Tamaki as he prefers to present his much more serious side, in the manga, Kaoru actually finds it hilarious the Tamaki requirements such respect and also instead choose to speak to him one idiot. They additionally initially flirt v Haruhi prior to their very own feelings have actually budded simply because it irks the King, though they still treatment for the various other deeply.

1 combine By Intelligence

for fans who have only watched the anime, it might come as a surprise that Kaoru has actually worked in addition to Kyoya in the past on secret missions wherein they don"t indicate the remainder of the hold Club. Kyoya acknowledges and respects Kaoru"s intelligence, and also though the isn"t shown in the man version, comes to Kaoru to consult him when it involves matters the need much more of a mature and also thoughtful touch.

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It"s an excellent to see, too, together it have the right to feel like host relationships the aren"t the "main" ones space brushed come the next a bit in the anime.

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