The love story between Olivia Newton-John and also John Travolta in 1978's crate office struggle movie Grease has kept audiences enraptured for over 40 years. Picture: Getty
john Travolta and Olivia Newton man in England throughout the mainly of relax of movie 'Grease' in September 1978. Picture: Getty
Olivia Newton-John and also John Travolta pictured with each other on respectable 15, 2018 in Beverly Hills. Picture: Getty

So just what is their secret and go the two really fall in love off camera? review on from whatever you must know around the pair's relationship...

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Did Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta day in actual life?

Despite numerous rumours come the contrary – and also some steamy pictures of the pair kissing in ~ a party in 1978 (below) – there has been no romance in between the 2 stars.

Speaking on the Mamma Mia No Filter podcast in 2018, 72-year-old Olivia Newton-John revealed why she couldn't day John Travolta during filming and why it helped the chemistry ~ above screen.

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Olivia was 28-years-old and also John to be 23-years-old once they filmed Grease and the pair to be on the leaf of superstardom while shoot the movie.

"We were both v other human being when us were filming and also I think, respectfully, it just didn’t happen," she explained.

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Olivia Newton John and John Travolta kiss at the 'Grease' party in ~ Paramount Studios circa 1978 in Los Angeles, California. Picture: Getty
Olivia Newton-John and also John Travolta pictured top top the collection of 'Grease' in 1978. Picture: Getty

"I think it was good, because I think it maintained the tension there and the chemistry. It might have to be a genuine disaster had actually we determined to day or we had a falling out or something.

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"So ns think it to be just as well that it no happen. However we’re still great friends."

John Travolta himself has since talked about the real-life chemistry he had with Olivia Newton-John.

In 2019, when the pair were filming a Q&A session, his answer was a for sure "yes!" when asked if over there was sex-related tension on set.

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“I think you experienced that in ‘You’re the One That ns Want,'” Travolta said, referring to the very charged duet Sandy and also Danny performed at the end of Grease: “There’s almost resolve the tension best there.”

But one more cast member from the movie revealed that just because they didn't date, that didn't prevent John Travolta having actually a vast crush ~ above Olivia Newton-John.

Watch man Travolta and Olivia Newton-John's chemistry singing ‘You’re the One That ns Want' below:

man Travolta and Olivia Newton-John pictured in ~ dinner at the Palm Restaurant in Beverly Hills in April 1978. Picture: Getty

Didi Conn, much better known together the personality Frenchy in Grease, revealed the Saturday Night fever star had actually the hots because that his co-star.

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“Oh yeah, ," she told the Daily Mail in 2018.

"What was so lot fun to be that many of united state were older 보다 the characters we were playing so we simply stayed in character every day long. Therefore there to be an continuous improvisation happening for this reason the flirting… was fine."

The actress likewise made an tremendous revelation; that one of John and Olivia's on-screen kisses was 100% real.

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She explained: "Randal Kleiser, the director, thought: 'Maybe I must make an alternate ending', and they fly up into the sky and also instead of feather back, Danny looks in ~ Sandy and also pulls her closer to him and gives her the juiciest kiss and also Olivia."

"You view for a minute she's surprised and also then she responds. It's juicy and also it's great" – see video below

john Travolta and Olivia Newton-John pictured in brand-new York ~ above December 12, 2012. Picture: Getty

"They weren't acting in that moment, it was like he had actually his chance and he to be going to take it. It to be real, it really was."

What relationship carry out Olivia Newton-John and also John-Travolta have today?

The Grease co-stars space still an extremely close and also even famously rejoined in LA in 2002 to song their standard hit ‘You’re The One That i Want’.

John Travolta has additionally been a vast support to Olivia Newton-John together she has undergone treatment for breast cancer.

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Speaking in 2018, Olivia said: “He’s to be wonderful. He calls and checks increase on me."

“He came to one the my mirrors — right prior to this happened, actually, right before my diagnosis.

Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta attend a 'Grease' 40th Anniversary party in ~ the Samuel Goldwyn theatre on respectable 15, 2018 in Beverly Hills. Picture: Getty

"I witnessed him and I to be hobbling around the dinner table since I was having trouble sitting down. And he to be concerned," adding that the “called her up with some ideas of world to see.”

John Travolta speaks really highly that Olivia: “She’s always been one incredible human being and an inspiration to millions,” he claimed after her cancer diagnosis.

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“I recognize her therefore well. If we all placed our intentions for she to acquire through this, she will feel it and also it will assistance her. We love her and she loves us.”