I pecked the end those words plenty of times in typing class more than sixty year ago. Well, now IS the time. Where are those countless "self made" multi-millionaires and also billionaires now that their country needs them? American capitalism sustained them; now common decency demands that lock return great for good. 

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It"s a sickening realization the while they gain their riches in the safety and also comfort of their yacht or vast estate, simple Americans are putting their resides at risk giving essential, regularly life-saving, service. 

In fact, ns propose the all who die in the battle to loss the danger of the Coronavirus, which can be referred to as a 3rd World War, are valiant soldiers who must be given complete military honours, and also military benefits. 

The entire worldwide economy is top top the brink the collapse. Who much better to help business in trouble? however only a few such together Bill entrances are coming forth. Just the U.S. Federal government has provided more money for the civilization Health organization than Gates, who has actually contributed fifty percent a billion dollars. And also has gotten affiliated personally. 

Now what is it that the Christian holy bible says about the chances of well-off folks getting into heaven? like a camel going through the eye of a needle? Hmm. Possibly they should be reminded the "they can"t take it it with them," so they might as well share it. And also surely they have to feel a vested attention in a secure economy. 


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