Think you know the Doughboy? discover out all around the history, fun facts and also adorable signature properties of one of America’s great advertising icons.

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History that the Doughboy

The idea because that the Doughboy to be born on march 18, 1965. Rudy Perza copywriter working on the account because that Leo Burnett advertising firm in Chicago, came up v the idea for the brand mascot, that would pop the end of a can of refrigerated dough. The personality was named Poppin’ Fresh—a nod come the product’s quality and freshness. Perz came up with the idea while testing out dough in his own kitchen.

Milt Schaffer, who also worked for Disney, was the original designer of the Doughboy. Rudy Perz worried about the personality looking too similar to Casper the familiar ghost, and Schaffer’s architecture helped fix that.

To carry the Doughboy come life, the company decided to occupational with Cascade Studios in Los Angeles to use stop-action clay animation, similar to the opened credits of “The Dinah shore Show.” before computerization, it took 24 shots because that every one second of advertising time. The early model cost $16,000 come develop and had 5 bodies and 15 heads in bespeak to develop different looks and also positioning in the ads. In 1992 CGI (computer-generated imagery) modern technology replaced the use of stop-action motion.

More than 50 gibbs auditioned to perform the voice for the Doughboy, consisting of Paul Winchell, who did the voice because that Tigger native “Winnie the Pooh.” Paul Frees (also known for voicing Boris Badenov in “The Adventures that Rocky and Bullwinkle”) was the an initial voice actor because that the character.

He’s to be a fight from the an extremely start. In the first three years of his debut, the Doughboy had actually an 87 percent recognition factor amongst consumers. His popular has ongoing through the years: in ~ one allude the Doughboy to be receiving 200 fan letters a week and also received 1,500 requests because that autographed photos.

Learn more about the creation of the Doughboy directly from Rudy Perz himself in this podcast from A Taste of general Mills.


Pop Culture

The Doughboy’s very first commercial aired ~ above November 7, 1965. The Doughboy to be born once he popped the end of a deserve to of dough, and said his first words, “I’m Poppin’ Fresh, the Doughboy!”

Poppin’ Fresh also starred in a commercial making coco chip cookies with 6-year-old Maureen McCormick, that went on to play Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch. In the ad, the 2 sing the classic slogan, “Nothin’ states lovin’ like something native the oven, and also claims it best.”

In current years, MasterCard aired a commercial, i m sorry featured few of the top declaring icons, from the Morton Salt Girl (who poked the Doughboy’s tummy!) come the Vlasic Pickle Stork and also Count Chocula.

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The Doughboy likewise guest starred in a Geico commercial whereby he it s okay a pat down at an airport on the means to a baking convention. That course, he couldn’t help but giggle!

The Poppin’ fresh Family

In 1972 the Doughboy was introduced as a 7-inch vinyl doll, which ended up being one the the fastest offering toys in the U.S. The adhering to year, a companion doll, Poppie Fresh, to be released, adhered to by Granmommer and Granpopper, Uncle Rollie, a child (Popper), daughter (Bun-Bun) and Flapjack and Biscuit (the new family’s dog and also cat) in the years the followed.