“Closer” is just one of Nine inch Nails‘ more famous songs, and was released as Halo 9 (with various US and also UK versions), the second single native their 2nd studio album The… review More 

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You let me violate youYou let me desecrate youYou let me penetrate youYou let me complicated you(Help me)I damaged apart mine insides(Help me)I've got no heart to sell(Help me)The only thing that works for meHelp me acquire away native myselfI wanna crap you favor an animalI wanna feeling you indigenous the insideI wanna fuck you like an animalMy entirety existence is flawedYou gain me closer come GodYou deserve to have mine isolationYou deserve to have the dislike that that bringsYou have the right to have my lack of faithYou have the right to have my everything
(Help me)You tear under my reason(Help me)It's her sex I can smell(Help me)You do me perfectHelp me come to be somebody elseI wanna crap you like an animalI wanna feel you from the insideI wanna crap you favor an animalMy whole existence is flawedYou get me closer to GodThrough every forestAbove the treesWithin mine stomachScraped turn off my kneesI drink the honeyInside her hiveYou are the reasonI continue to be alive
“Closer” is one of Nine customs Nails‘ more famous songs, and also was released as Halo 9 (with different US and also UK versions), the second single indigenous their second studio album The bottom Spiral.

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The song samples the drum track indigenous Iggy Pop’s 1977 single “Nightclubbing”:

The solitary itself has been sampled assorted times, many famously by Limp Bizkit in the track “Hot Dog”, which additionally parodies other NIN songs: “The Perfect Drug” and “Burn”.

As stated within boy name Huxley’s book, Nine customs Nails: Self-Destruct, “Closer” is a meditation on self-hatred and also obsession. To Reznor’s dismay, the song was widely misinterpreted together a lust anthem as result of its chorus.

In an interview, Trent further emerged this idea:

It’s supernegative and superhateful. That “I am a item of shit and I am advertising that and also if friend think you desire me, right here I am.” i didn’t think it would end up being a frat-party anthem or a titty-dancer anthem.

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