But what do the cast of the struggle Fox sitcom look favor a te later? and also what have they to be up to? Some may surprise you...

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1. FRANKIE MUNIZ (Malcolm)

Frankie was called "one the Hollywood"s many bankable teens" in 2003 by CBS News, but his career hasn"t fairly gone the route plenty of expected after Malcolm said goodbye.

Aside from top the James Bond-for-teens Agent Cody Banks film series and a pack of small roles and also cameos, he has actually yet come star in a project almost everywhere as big as MITM. The being said, he did appear in Sharknado 3: oh Hell No! last year, therefore there"s that.

He placed his acting career on organize to become an open wheel gyeongju driver in the noughties, and also was no slouch behind the wheel in the events he took component in. He has likewise suffered from wellness issues, and had a "mini-stroke" in late 2012, adhered to by a second a year later.

2. ERIK every SULLIVAN (Dewey)

Everett / REX / Jamie McCarthy / WireImageELLEMEN

Dewey is now 24, i m sorry is frankly ridiculous. Don"t allow his gawky exterior fool you though, he has a black belt in taekwondo.

While he appeared in a variety of films and TV shows during MITM"s run, he appears to have left the acting human being behind since 2010. He i graduated from the college of southerly California the exact same year.


Everett / REX / Frazer Harrison / Getty Images20th Century Studios

Did you know that Justin was in reality younger 보다 Frankie Muniz, despite playing his older brother in the show? You execute now.

Like his aforementioned TV bros, Justin has actually largely battered the exhilaration world, and also hasn"t acted since the present ended as well as a couple of TV movies. Since 2010, he has actually been the Chief an innovative Officer that Virgin Produced, a film and TV production firm in LA.


Everett / REX / Michael Buckner / Getty20th Century Studios

Nope, Francis didn"t go on to star as Barney Stinson in How i Met your Mother. This Neil Patrick Harris lookalike has continued to act, appearing in miscellaneous TV episodes and also indie movies including Haven and White Collar.

His brother is That "70s Show star Danny Masterson, if his half-sister is Alanna Masterson, who right now plays Tara in The go Dead.


Everett / REX / Twitter /
CraigLTraylor20th Century Studios

Stevie controlled to make asthma funny, i beg your pardon is no simple feat. But since Malcolm in the Middle, actor Craig has had quite the change – just examine his Twitter web page for an ext examples.

He"s only had a couple of acting roles because the show ended, and also he"s currently an aspiring model, tattoo artist and writer.


Everett / REX / Karwai tang / WireImage20th Century Studios

Go on, recognize it. If watching Malcolm in the Middle, walk you ever think the guy played sad sack dad Hal would go on to be among the world"s most well-respected and also celebrated actors? Cranston has actually defied expectations thanks to his career defining role of Walter White in Breaking Bad, which released two year after MITM ended.

He has since won several Emmys, display Actors Guild awards, a gold Globe and also a Tony Award, and was nominated because that an Oscar because that Trumbo this year. Rather the turnaround for Hal. He even spoofed this revolution with an "alternate ending" indigenous Breaking Bad.

Other significant roles include Drive, Total Recall, Rock the Ages, Argo, Godzilla and Kung Fu Panda 3

7. Jane KACZMAREK (Lois)

Everett / REX / Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images20th Century Studios

In a present full the boys, it was yes, really all about the matriarch Lois. Woman won many plaudits for the role including 7 Emmy and also three golden Globe nominations (but no win, because that shame).

Since the display ended she has had actually various guest appearances on huge shows including The big Bang Theory and The Middle, and also she likewise voices the stern referee Constance damage in The Simpsons.

She was additionally previously married to The West Wing star Bradley Whitford for nearly 17 years before their divorce in 2009.

Now let"s reminisce through the excellent intro indigenous They can Be Giants:

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