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Naruto: route of the Ninja 2 Cheats for DS

Konohamaru Password once entering the school, speak to Konohamaru. The is top top the floor floor in between the Mission and also Challenges doors.Entering the password provides you a character item. These character item unlock the character, however it can only be offered after you have beaten the game.

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impact Effect H l B A K G C D F G E H ns D A together B C E G K F H together D K F i A B J l i K A G D E F together J G D together K A i B G B E i D A l F E B J D A G F l A l J K B E D G G J H l B F D E A H F B together E J G H F i C together K B G C G H A J B E l
"An extreme Battle!" mission
"The legend Haze Ninja!" mission
"The legendary Sannin!" mission
Unlocks Gaara
Unlocks Gai
Unlocks Iruka
Unlocks Itachi Uchiha
Unlocks Jiraiya
Unlocks Kankuro
Unlocks Kyuubi Naruto
Unlocks Orochimaru
Unlocks Temari
Unlocks The 3rd Hokage

Contributed by: DarkCAT_PL, Dark Isaac

how to Unlock characters in Wi-Fi mode

Some characters you unlock By either Winning matches,Getting wi-fi points,or by getting regional cards

Unlockable Unlockable gain Thirty local Cards and also talk to the male left to Anko After perfect the game, walk to Kakashi Hatake"s house and also after a short talk, select Guy might acquire 10 local cards and also talk to the guy left come Anko gain 10 regional cards beat 10 rounds(doesn"t matter win or lose) After perfect the game, go to Kakashi Hatake"s house and after a short talk, choose Kakashi Hatake obtain 100 Wi-fi points acquire five regional Cards and talk come the male left to Anko victory at least 1 wi-fi complement then speak to the male next come Anko acquire 30 local cards victory 1 Wi-fi battle and also Talk to the man left come Anko After completing the game, On main menu there will be Sound check Unlocked pat 20 Wi-Fi battles beat 20 rounds(doesn"t matter win or lose)
Curse Seal 2 Sasuke Uchiha
Guy Might
Kakashi Hatake
Nine-Tailed Naruto (OTK)
Rasengan (Ninja Tag)
Sasuke Second-State
Sasuke Uchiha
Sound Test
The 5th Hokage-Tsunade

Contributed by: latesilver30, Shadow1101

Enma Unlockable Unlockable Unlock Enma by collecting 20 regional Cards.

Contributed by: KingOfPikmin

exactly how to Unlock personalities

Besides Wi-Fi and Passwords, over there are details ways come unlock characters" ninja info cards.

Unlockable Unlockable acquire a Jonin location on the Mission "The power of Shukaku!" clean the game, then walk to Kakashi"s house. ~ a quick conversation, select Kakashi and also he will offer you his information card get a Jonin location on the Mission "I an obstacle This Guy!" acquire a Jonin location on the Mission "Anki Vs. The Wind User"

Contributed by: rocklee_112713, flameadept16

Unlock the second Hokage"s blade

Go to the Ninja college in the key town. Speak to Konohamaru. After completing the game, take the ticket come Shizune. She will provide you the 2nd Hokage"s Blade.

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effect Effect silver- Blade Ticket: C, F, J, H, I, L, E, G
Get the silver- Blade Ticket

Contributed by: VidelGuruBuu33

Unlockable Chars native Ibiki`s Mission. Unlockable Unlockable win the mission "The critical of the Uchiha Clan" to win the mission "The Messenger native Dawn" victory 100 matches in special Survival

Contributed by: shadowsnake5

could Guy

Clear the game, then go to Kakashi"s house. After ~ a quick conversation, select Guy and also he will offer you his information card.

Unlockable Unlockable clean the game, then walk to Kakashi"s house. ~ a quick conversation
Might Guy

Contributed by: DuelingAlter

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