Inspiring fear, awe, and an enig – here are end 100 werewolf names that can aid your character feather to life and chill the spine!

The vision of one eerie full-moon night is incomplete without the howling of wolves and the scary silhouette the a wolven biology lurking in the bushes, wait to strike. Werewolves, dreaded characters from folklore, have been about since the fifteenth century, and show no signs of going extinct anytime soon.

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A werewolf is a human that has the capacity to shape himself right into a wolf and they room occasionally called lycanthrope. The werewolf concept originated principally from europe folklores throughout the middle ages period. From books, stories, animations, and also movies, we have seen werewolves fear us and give us nightmares. And yet, end the years, lock have evolved in their form and character to come to be gentler and also better-natured (at least in part versions). No horror story is complete without a frightful werewolf. If his form is menacing and evil, he commonly comes v a name that provides us enough insight right into just exactly how deadly he can be. The name, therefore, is almost fifty percent the character sketch of a werewolf. If you space planning on utilizing one together character in her plot, look very closely through this wolven names for the one that functions best. Who knows, your character may simply be the one that becomes the many unforgettable werewolf there has ever before been!

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Werewolf Names because that Boys

Werewolves are well-known for your sheer strength and power. We frequently hear more about male werewolf names than names for werewolf girls as most wolf characters in fictional works often tend to it is in male. Names for a werewolf usually have actually a reference to wolves, darkness, the moon, or also traits and also attributes that the beast. Over there are number of descriptive surname used throughout the human being for a wolf, and you have the right to use these fine to name your character. Which amongst these werewolves names room you most attracted to?

1 . Acwulf, (English origin) meaning "old meadow wolf".

2 . Adalwolf, (German origin) means "a noble wolf".

3 . Amoux, (French origin) definition "an eagle-wolf".

4 . Arnou, (French origin) meaning "eagle-wolf".

5 . Audolf, (Norse origin) means "a wolf’s friend".

6 . Bardalph, (Old English origin) meaning "ax-wolf".

7 . Barwolf, (Old English origin) for an ax-wolf.

8 . Bledig, (Welsh origin) way "like a wolf".

9 . Boris, a common name definition "wolf" in German, Russian and Bulgarian.

10. Coinin, (Gaelic origin) an interpretation "little old wolf"; perfect for a quaint little character.

11 . Connery, (Celtic origin) way "a wolf farmer"; a name that combines dignity and also power.

12 . Connor, (Irish origin) an interpretation "a wolf lover"; great name if your character is a romantic.

13 . Conri, (Celtic origin) method "the king the the wolves".

14 . Convel, (Celtic origin) an interpretation "wolf warrior".

15 . Dolphus, (German origin) means "a noble wolf".

16 . Edon, (French origin) an interpretation "wolf"; cool quick name.

17 . Ernouf, (Scandinavian origin) meaning "as solid as a wolf".

18 . Ethelwulf, (Old English origin) definition "a noble wolf".

19 . Faolan, (Irish origin) an interpretation "a tiny wolf".

20 . Felan, (Celtic origin) an interpretation "a small wolf".

21 . Fenris, (Norse origin) for a superordinary monster wolf; very solid name.

22 . Fleki, (Norse origin) means "one that is ravenous".

23 . Geri, (Norse origin) name of the wolf seen through Odin, means "greedy".

24 . Gerwulf a solid name definition "a spear-wolf".

25 . Hardulf, (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "brave wolf".

26 . Heoruwulf, method "a wolf-army"; imagine how an effective this werewolf have to be!

27 . Hildwulf, (old English origin) means "a wolf in battle".

28 . Llop unique short wolven name.

29 . Lobo, is a Portuguese word because that wolf; additionally a common name.

30 . Lowe is a French name for a small wolf.

31 . Lowell one Old French word for a wolf cub.

32 . Lupus a Latin name definition "wolf".

33 . Maccon a Celtic name for the son of a wolf.

34 . Maheegan a indigenous American word for a wolf.

35 . Olcan word because that a wolf in Celtic.

36 . Radolf, (English origin) meaning "red wolf".

37 . Rendall (English origin) way "the shield of a wolf".

38 . Sandalio, (Spanish origin) definition "the true wolf spirit".

39 . Shumani, (Native American origin) method "thunder-wolf".

40 . Vigolfr an icelandic word because that a wolf; unique name.

41 . Vilkas a Lithuanian word because that wolf.

42 . Vuk a Croatian word because that wolf; fun brief name because that a werewolf.

43 . Vukasin a Serbian word because that wolf.

44 . Ulfred, (Old English origin) an interpretation "peace-wolf".

45 . Wolfgang, (German origin) way the "son of a wolf".

Amazing woman Werewolf Names


Almost all wolf names are an effective – either in their sound or in your meaning. This is true even for the surname of mrs wolves. We have an unified a perform of every kinds of mrs werewolf names that are sure to explain your personality perfectly. Even if it is you have a lone werewolf or a large werewolf pack to deal with, friend are particular to find all that you need here.

46 . Accalia a Latin name for a female wolf.

47 . Adolpha a beautiful German surname for a noble she-wolf.

48 . Altalune, (Latin origin) meaning "over the moon".

49 . Ayame, (Japanese origin) meaning "demon princess wolf".

50 . Bleddyn Welsh surname for wolf.

51 . Cathwulf, (Old English origin) an interpretation "a pure wolf"; powerful werewolf name.

52 . Daciana a pretty Romanian surname for a wolf.

53 . Louve, (French and English origin) meaning "a mrs wolf". This is the typical term to explain a mrs wolf.

54 . Lovette, (English origin) meaning "wolf cub"; because that a character who has actually an lover side.

55 . Luna, (Spanish and Italian origin) an interpretation "moon"; short and beautiful sounding name.

56 . Lupe, (Spanish origin) interesting short name because that a girl.

57 . Lupita, (Spanish origin) definition "water wolf".

58 . Lycandra a name from Greek mythology meaning "wolf’s bane".

59 . Nikini, (Sinhalese origin) an interpretation "a full moon in August".

60 . Orfilia, (German origin) an interpretation "a mrs wolf".

61 . Otsana, Basque origin name meaning "a woman wolf".

62 . Raffi, one English name meaning "red wolf", good female werewolf name.

63 . Ralphina, one attractive Old English name meaning "wolf-counsel".

64 . Reule, a French surname for a renowned wolf.

65 . Rudina, (German origin) an interpretation "a legendary wolf".

66 . Seff, a pretty, short Hebrew name an interpretation "wolf".

67 . Tamaska, (Hungarian origin) for a mighty wolf.

68 . Ulrich, ( English origin) definition "a woman wolf".

69 . Ulrika, (English origin) meaning "wolf ruler"; perfect for a an effective character.

70 . Ylva, (Scandinavian origin) meaning she-wolf.

Famous wolf Names indigenous Mythology


Werewolves room not just objects of modern-day fiction. They have actually been uncovered in people mythology as well. Gods and Goddesses have actually been well-known to nurture and also protect wolves, and also some of castle are thought to it is in werewolves themselves. Peter Stubbe was the most famed wolf since of his notorious nature and we bring you a perform of renowned wolf names the are connected to mythology.

71 . Artemis, is a well-known Greek goddess of the moon and also forests.

72 . Diana, is a roman inn Goddess that moon; identical of Artemis.

73 . Filtiarn, is the Celtic name for the lord of the wolves.

74 . Leto, is the legendary Greek Goddess the wolves; herself a she-wolf.

75 . Luperca, is a female werewolf associated with Remus and also Romulus.

76 . Lyacon, or Arcadia: name of the Greek wolf-God.

77 . Morrigan, Celtic wolf goddess.

78 . Nyx, is the Greek goddess of the night. This name have the right to mean "night", "midnight" and all things pertained to night.

79 . Odin, norseman God constantly associated with the wolf that space by his side.

80 . Romulus and Remus roman inn Gods closely linked with wolves; ideal names for a werewolf pack.

81 . Skadi is the Scandinavian goddess of wolves and winter.

82 . Theodulf Old English surname for the wolf God.

Werewolf names Taken from Fiction

We can never have sufficient of werewolves once we talk about horror or fantasy. End the years, werewolves have appreciated an top character owing to some impressive portrayals and also roles. While a werewolf name might be disarming and also misleading, his actions certainly isn’t! take it a look in ~ these tough werewolf names and also decide for yourself just just how your character is walking to under in history!

83 . Aardwolf, is a wolven number seen in Marvel Comics.

84 . Daniel Osbourne, character from the famed TV collection Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

85 . David Kessler, surname of a werewolf in one American Werewolf in London.

86 . Derek Hale, wolven character watched in the TV series Teen Wolf.

87 . Draugluin, fearful werewolf viewed in the works of J R R Tolkien.

88 . Eric Cord, a werewolf seen in the TV series Werewolf.

89 . Evo, the surname of a werewolf watched in Wildstorm Comics.

90 . Fangface, man wolven character seen in the cartoon present of the exact same name.

91 . Fenrir Greyback, werewolf character occurred by J K Rowling in bother Potter.

92 . George Sands, wolven character viewed in the TV collection Being Human.

93 . Grubbs Grady, werewolf play by Darren Shan, watched in the horror collection The Demonata.

94 . Isaac Lahey, a werewolf watched in popular TV collection Teen Wolf.

95 . Jack Russel, fictitious wolven character well-known in Marvel comics.

96 . Lawrence Talbot, a fictional character viewed in the film series The Wolfman.

97 . Michael Corvin, werewolf indigenous the movie Underworld.

98 . Nina Pickering, wolven character checked out in the TV display Being Human.

99 . Quentin Collins, werewolf through variations in character watched in the TV collection Dark Shadows.

100 . Remus Lupin, werewolf immortalized through his figure in bother Potter.

101 . Scott McCall, wolven character from the teenager Wolf TV series.

102 . Tom McNair, werewolf native TV collection Being Human.

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