Our pond salon uses a broad range of pond services, including manicures, pedicures, and also nail enhancements. Our highly-trained and also professional team is proficient in taking care of ours clients’ beauty, beauty needs, using only the finest products ~ above the market.

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Regular mani & Pedi $33

Gel enthusiasm & Pedi $65

Dip flour $35

Pedicure $23

Spa eco-friendly Tea Pedicure $30

Gel Pedicure $40

Regular Pedicure and also Gel Manicure $48

Gel Manicure with complimentary Soak off $25

Eyelash expansion $50 individual $30

Eyebrows $9

Your 6th visit, acquire $5 OFF

Group parties for wedding and also birthdays available!

*Pedicures come with free Hot rock Massage


Specializing in pond care, our salon offers not only standard manicures and pedicures, but also deluxe versions for the can be fried pampering experience. Everything you choose, her nails will end up being stronger and healthier.

From simple acrylics to fancy UV gel nails, our selection of sturdy nail renovations will allow you come instantly achieve a specific look without wait for your nails come grow. What’s more, lock also help to protect broken or damaged nails.

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Give your nails a brand-new look through a new coat the polish, or select from ours eye-catching nail designs. If you’re emotion creative, you can also come up through your own design and also one of ours talented nail artists will certainly recreate that on her nails.