If you"ve ever added or subtracted fractions, climate you"ve uncovered the least usual multiple (LCM) that 2 numbers.

You may not have dubbed it the "least usual multiple", rather you may have dubbed it the "least usual denominator", but it"s every the same.

If friend haven"t gotten this much in your examine of fractions, it"s ok.

You"ll learn exactly how to determine the LCM and also apply it when working v fractions. Let"s first take a look in ~ a few definitions.

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Our first meaning is the ax multiple.

The multiple the a number is the product of the number and also any nonzero whole number. (Remember: a product is the answer to a multiplication problem).

So, take it a look at the following instance of a multiple.



This leads us to our existing vocabulary word: least common multiple.

The least the the typical multiples of two or much more numbers is dubbed the least typical multiple or LCM. take a look at the following example.


You can additionally find the least typical multiple by utilizing prime factorization. This can be beneficial for larger numbers.


You will check out as you start to include and subtract fractions, the finding the least usual multiple will certainly become 2nd nature.

You will also use the least common multiple together you compare fractions in the next lesson.

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