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Mr. Underwood is "the single owner, editor, and also printer" the the town newspaper. The first time we see him is in chapter 15, as soon as he talks v Atticus throughout the break at church. Scout explains him thus:

Mr. Underwood had actually no use for any type of organization yet The Maycomb Tribune,...

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Mr. Underwood is "the single owner, editor, and also printer" that the town newspaper. The very first time we check out him is in chapter 15, as soon as he talks v Atticus during the break at church. Scout explains him thus:

Mr. Underwood had no usage for any organization but The Maycomb Tribune, of i beg your pardon he was the single owner, editor, and also printer. His work were invested at his linotype, whereby he refreshed himself sometimes from one ever-present gallon jug that cherry wine. He hardly ever gathered news; people carried it to him. The was claimed that he consisted of every execution of The Maycomb Tribune the end of his very own head and wrote it down on the linotype. This was believable. Miscellaneous must have actually been as much as haul Mr. Underwood out.

So he feels he has the insurance claim on the news, & he doesn"t have to go out & discover stories-they"ll concerned him instead. He plainly thinks of himself together important, and also the truth that he has actually come out to satisfy Atticus argues the gravity neighboring Tom"s trial. However he appears again at the end of the chapter, extending Atticus once the mob ideologies at the jail. He has actually his shotgun trained ~ above the group the whole time, & he"s prepared to shooting if someone provides a false move. In ~ the start of thing 16, Atticus remarks about Mr. Underwood"s personality "You know, it"s a funny thing around Braxton," claimed Atticus. "He despises Negroes, won"t have one near him." and also he still was willing to defend Atticus and also Tom indigenous the mob.

Later, after ~ Tom"s death, Mr. Underwood appears once more: this time in teh form of one editorial:

Mr. B. B. Underwood to be at his most bitter, and also he couldn"t have cared less who canceled advertising and also subscriptions...Mr. Underwood didn"t talk around miscarriages that justice, he was creating so youngsters could understand. Mr. Underwood simply figured it was a sin to death cripples, be they standing, sitting, or escaping. The likened Tom"s fatality to the senseless slaughter of songbirds through hunters and also children.

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Again, we have the layout of "It"s a sin to kill a mockingbird" assignment out prior to our eyes. It appears that even a male who "despises" other ethnicities can have compassion, and also can readjust enough to openly speak out versus the fatality of a male wrongly accused that a crime.