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during the yellow Rush, prospectors brave Alaska"s danger Chilkoot Pass, hoping to to win it rich in the snowy mountains. Just as big Jim McKay discovers gold on his claim, a storm arises, prompting a Lone Prospector to take it refuge in a cabin. Unknown to him, the cabin"s occupant is desperado black Larsen, who attempts to litter the vagabond Prospector out. Solid winds, however, consistently blow the small man back inside, and also soon after, Jim is likewise swept into the cabin. Jim fights through Larsen end his shotgun, and also after Jim prevails, the Prospector claims him as a close friend in stimulate to continue to be safe. Over the next few days, the three males live with each other uneasily, your hunger cultivation as the storm rages on. After eat the lantern candle, with salt, the Prospector issues in vain that Jim has eaten Larsen"s small dog. Finally, the men reduced cards to see who will certainly hunt because that food, and also the loser, Larsen, sets the end alone. He immediately encounters two lawmen who are looking for him, and also after shoot them both, steals their supplies and also travels on till he happens upon Jim"s claim. Meanwhile, the Prospector and Jim grow so ravenous that they boil and also eat the Prospector"s leather shoe because that Thanksgiving dinner. Unsatiated, Jim starts hallucinating, imagining the the Prospector is a large, luscious chicken. That tries consistently to shoot his tiny friend because that dinner, bring about the men to fight. The Prospector closes his eyes and attacks, and when the discovers the the leg he is clutching is actually that of a bear, that shoots it, finally providing them with a meal. Shortly after, the storm ends and the friends part ways. Upon return to his claim, Jim finds a well-fed Larsen, who knocks Jim out and flees however is soon eliminated in an avalanche. The Prospector travels on come Gold sirloin City, where he drops in love through Georgia, a dance hall girl. Georgia"s flirtation through ladies" male Jack Cameron precludes her from noting the Prospector"s existence until finally, hope to provoke Jack, she chooses the grubby Prospector as a dance partner. The Prospector is thrilled, yet cannot help calling attention to himself as soon as his pants loss down and he by chance belts them with a leash the is still attached to a dog. Later, the Prospector look at Jack and also Georgia quarrelling, and also although afraid of the much larger man, bravely fights him. As soon as a clock drops on Jack"s head and knocks the out, the Prospector, that did not watch the clock hit Jack, is amazing by his own strength. The following morning, the little man obtains food through pretending that is virtually frozen exterior Hank Curtis" cabin, prompting the kind guy to feed and shelter him. One day, if Hank is far mining, Georgia and also her friends happen by his cabin. Georgia discovers her picture under the Prospector"s pillow and also teases the gullible male by pretending to adore him. Before leaving, the girls expropriate his invitation to new Year"s night dinner, ~ which the rips up his pillows in delight, only to be uncovered covered in feathers by Georgia once she returns for she gloves. Back the Prospector shovels eye for days to earn sufficient money to prepare a lavish dinner, on brand-new Year"s night the girl celebrate in the dance hall, leaving the little man waiting in his cabin. He drops asleep in ~ the table and dreams the he is entertain the girls by developing the illusion of as dance making use of rolls enclosed to two forks, but when he wakes, that is alone. The goes come the run hall, yet the girls and also Jack have already left for his cabin come tease him further. There, however, Georgia watch the dinner he has actually prepared and realizes her joke has actually gone too far. A few days later, Jim, who has actually partial amnesia and has searched in vain for his wealthy claim, recognizes the Prospector in the run hall and joyfully instructs that to lead him come Larsen"s cabin, i m sorry he to know is close to his claim. After the Prospector declares his love to Georgia and also promises to return because that her, the males journey come the cabin, and also while they are asleep, a solid wind pushes the house until it teeters end the leaf of a cliff. When they wake, they gradually realize that, by standing at opposite ends of the room, your weight shifts the cabin earlier and forth over the mountain edge. After ~ multiple attempts, castle finally manage to climb out of the house just prior to it topples end the cliff, just to discover that they are on Jim"s claim. The girlfriend are automatically transformed right into multimillionaires, and also prepare to go back to the mainland by boat.

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Unknown come the Prospector, Georgia is additionally on the boat, and after a journalist asks the Prospector to don his hobo apparel for a picture shoot, Georgia assumes the is a stowaway and also tries to protect him indigenous the ship"s guards. Soon, the misunderstanding is cleared up, and the Prospector invites his love to his high-end stateroom, whereby he "spoils" a press photo by leaning over to kiss her.