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I should R&R the radiator in the van and also am wondering if any kind of of the keep brand coolant is compatible v the Mopar HOAT native the dealer. I recognize the shade most most likely won"t be the same however I"m an ext worried about compatibility and also lubricity. Anyone have any an excellent results?Also, anyone have a guess regarding how much I"ll need? I"m guessing 3 gallons non-diluted (for a total of 6 gallons coolant+distilled water).

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Probably just 1.5 gallons and water to make up a 50/50 ratioI have always just supplied tap water. If your water is difficult or has actually lots of mineral in it that you should more than likely use distilled waterHank
14 lamb Cargo van (Caravan) 3.6L 190000 kms13 dodge Journey SE 2.4L Copper 150000kms84, 89, 93, 94, 95, 05, 07 Chrysler minivans in mine past, all served me well and also are lengthy gone.90 Shadow lengthy gone, number of Fords and a VW every history.

IMHO A gal of distilled water is around $.80 in ~ Walmart. If you space worried around the ideal coolant, climate you should also worry around the appropriate water to usage in the system.
IMHO A gal that distilled water is around $.80 at Walmart. If you space worried about the ideal coolant, climate you should additionally worry around the best water to usage in the system.
I agree. In my an initial post I stated distilled water. We have actually city water sourced native Lake Michigan here so it"s not bad, yet I can"t put it in the vehicle permanently. Interestingly, the local Ford dealer walk not usage Motorcraft coolant (I uncovered this out as soon as I had my Ford Fusion) however it"s good to recognize that Motorcraft coolant is HOAT. Appears no one here has the Zerex-G05 either. I was hope to find a compatible coolant on a Sunday therefore I could take benefit of the warmer than normal weather right here (sunny, 50*F) to change the radiator. Very sewing this is now an extra vehicle for united state so I have actually the time to wait.
Torquelover, I run lake Michigan right in 8 vehicles and also our watercraft that is open up cooled. Zero difficulties with plugged radiators or any buildup for the matter. Also the watercraft that has actually no coolant in it for lubrication had actually its original water pumps native 1977, one is beginning to drip for this reason both will get replaced this year. Ours water is nice darn good, no need for distillation because that drinking or car use.
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Around here, the neighborhood NAPA stores stock Zerex G-05. Both pre-mixed and "concentrated".They are open on Sunday for a couple of hours...
Torquelover, I operation lake Michigan right in 8 vehicles and also our watercraft that is open cooled. Zero troubles with plugged radiators or any buildup for that matter. Also the watercraft that has no coolant in it because that lubrication had its initial water pumps native 1977, one is beginning to drip for this reason both will obtain replaced this year. Our water is pretty darn good, no need for distillation because that drinking or automobile use.
We"re in a new development and also have some concerns with rust in the water. Sufficient to leaving deposits after a few days in the sinks, tubs, and toilets. The water firm has purged the present (i.e. Ran open up hydrants in the advancement for number of hours) which helped a bunch. I"m going to placed in a totality house filter quickly to get around this until points clear up. As claimed earlier, distilled water have the right to be had for well under $1 a gallon for this reason it"s no an worry for me.
If you"re including coolant or instead of it there is no flushing the system, it is essential (mixing dissimilar additives might lead come undesirable results - sedimentation, jelling, etc..)If you"re completely replacing the coolant and also doing a chemical do the washing up of the system, it"s not crucial to use HOAT coolant.. Any universal long life antifreeze will work just too in cooling the engine and will have similar corrosion protection..
I have actually had good results native Peak worldwide Lifetime antifreeze the is yellow colored. In my S/W Ohio locale, Napa has it for $16 a gallon. I have actually in that our 05 grand Caravan to change the factory fill in ~ the 5 year mark, and also have put it in several GM vehicles through the year after purging the dreaded Dex-Cool from them.So much so good!Don
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Zerex G-05 HOAT, a Valvoline product, is obtainable at WalMart here at a reasonable price. The Ford version is yellow, the Chrysler variation is orange. HOAT = Hybrid OAT, ie it is OAT through some silicates in it, no a huge deal if considering peak or Prestone all car extended life coolants coolants (these space OAT). Ns ran the Original eco-friendly in my 2002 for a pair of years with no problems. The trend now days is short to no silicates and also for the coolants to last for 5 years. So, HOAT is a short silicate coolant and OAT has 0 silicates. Neither have phosphates.Water: Why take it a chance on tap water although that may be what you obtain if excellent at a fix shop? Distilled water is no expensive and also demineralized water is even less high value at around $5.00 because that 18.5 litres/5 us gallons.Interesting enough, also Original green can be low silicate and also long life these days. Take Zerex Original eco-friendly for example the is short silicate (Zerex G-05 HOAT states typically Go number on that miniscule difference when compared to initial Green.Can"t go wrong v Zerex G-05 HOAT and demineralized water. If law a complete replacement, i would additionally take a look at PEAK lifetime antifreeze, relying on how much much longer I to plan on owning the vehicle. Top seems to be an extremely competitive and readily easily accessible here.You can blame the Europeans because that this HOAT stuff. That"s wherein it every started.
"HOAT" (Hybrid Organic acid Technology) antifreeze is typically dyed yellow but may likewise be dyed orange or green. HOAT coolants are right now used through Ford, Chrysler, Mercedes, BMW and also Volvo. The additive package in a HOAT formula coolant likewise contains silicates for added aluminum protection. Most of the antifreezes in this category additionally meet the european "G-O5" specification because that hybrid extended life coolant. The service life for HOAT is likewise five years or 150,000 miles.

See more: What Is The Lcm Of 5 And 8 ? (Lcm Of 5 And 8)? Least Common Multiple Of 5 And 8 gives good information on coolants and also answers the OP"s question an extremely well.
If a customer choose a different form of coolant than that i m sorry was originally in the vehicle"s cooling system, the cooling system should be purged to remove all of the old coolant. This will certainly avoid any kind of potential incompatibility issues between IAT, OAT and also HOAT coolants. We have not heard of any type of horror story of bad things happening inside a cooling system when different species of coolants are intermixed. However antifreeze service providers caution versus mixing different types. Your advice is to usage "same with same."
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