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Instead of generating a monster based upon the inserted CD, the shrine CD function now generates a monster based on the present year, season and also the player name. The form and statistics that the monster are similar to as if a arbitrarily CD to be inserted. The original restrictions still apply, so it might not constantly be possible to generate the favored monster.

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The probability the generating a unique monster is ~1%. A couple of non-CD obtainable monsters have actually been added to the team of distinctive monsters, such as those obtainable through slating or obtainable in various other versions that the game.

This job is compatible v the NTSC us version that the game only.


This renders the game play simply as it could have been without the need of transforming out discs to get brand-new and different species of monsters. When you walk to the shrine it will certainly “read” the Monster Rancher 2 disc as normal, but it alters based of the time and also your name. I did operation in to a trouble where I began the game and also my name and also the season lined up for this reason the disc monster I can have obtained was too an effective so I had actually to reset and shot a brand-new name, yet after picked a new name the video game work perfectly. If you have actually a problem adjust your surname and shot again. This hack works really well. I would recommend to anyone who doesn’t want to or can’t swap discs. This is extremely recommend for any type of Monster Rancher fans.

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Monster Rancher there is no Disc Swappingpeacefighter01 Mar 202120170611Yes
Must-Have for Emulation. One Exception.Cralex01 Mar 202120170611Yes
Excellent!gamingcat0226199106 might 202020170611Yes