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Cole Sprouse played one of the title character Cody Martin. He and also his brother, Dylan, virtually exclusively had a career with each other playing Frankenstein in "Big Daddy" as well as Patrick Kelly in "Grace Under Fire" together. Though Cole likewise had a function on "Friends" there is no his brother. This is one of their an initial shows whereby they worked together however not play the exact same character.

Cole Sprouse (Now)

Warner Bros. Television

Since "Suite Life," the pair determined to part ways career-wise and also Sprouse obtained a starring duty on the hit CW drama "Riverdale." Sprouse theatre Jughead Jones, one of the main characters and also narrator of the show. He likewise starred in a dramatic teen film "Five Feet Apart" which come out earlier this year.

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Dylan Sprouse (Then)


Dylan played the various other title character, Zack Martin, top top "Suite Life." He had actually a similar career to his brother, both playing the very same character in films and shows. Whereas Cody was an ext studious and intellectual, Zack was much an ext lazy and also rebellious.

Although Dylan isn"t the star that a CW show like his brother, the has likewise been developing a small career that his own. In 2018, he opened up the All-Wise Meadery in Brooklyn, NY through a friend. However he hasn"t completely quit acting, he appeared in Camila Cabello"s "Consequences" and Ygo"s "Think around You" music videos this year.

Ashley Tisdale was currently a Disney Channel star thanks to her function in the High institution Musical franchise. In "Suite Life" she played Maddie Fitzpatrick the candy respond to girl in the hotel. Throughout this time, she was also on another Disney Channel display called "Phineas and also Ferb," voicing end the duty of Candace Flynn.

Since the show ended she has ongoing to act, more specifically doing a most voiceover work, together she ongoing "Phineas and also Ferb" till it ended in 2015. She also played characters in "Ginger Snaps" and also "Skylanders Academy." most recently, she is showing up on the Netflix holiday present called "Merry Happy Whatever" together Dennis Quaid.

Brenda tune played London Tipton, the hotel heiress with a love of gold. Her character always wore designer clothes, to be pretty selfish, however meant well. Prior to "Suite Life" she additionally appeared in the Disney Channel reflects "Phil the the Future" and "That"s so Raven" and also the Disney Channel movie dubbed "Stuck in the Suburbs."

Since the show has ended, tune has continued to act in a selection of an excellent movies and also shows. She currently shows up on the Hulu show "Dollface" i beg your pardon just started streaming critical month. She is additionally on the the television display "Amphibia" and also mini-series "Teen Girl in a Frog World" likewise released this year. She is additionally currently dating another former boy actor, macaulay Culkin.

Phill Lewis played Marion Moseby, the manager the the Boston Tipton Hotel and being the guy in charge, he to be Zack and Cody"s friend and foe. When on the show he likewise played the duty of Hooch top top the display "Scrubs." He also played Marion in all of the Disney Channel present crossover illustration in "Hannah Montana" and "Wizards of Waverly Place."

Lewis followed most the the cast and played the same role in "Suite Life on Deck" up until the spinoff ended in 2011. Because then, Lewis has actually played roles on a variety of tv shows. He has lent his voice to shows favor "Special agent Oso" in 2009 to 2012 and voiced end the duty of Duper in "American Dad!" native 2005 every the means to 2017. "American Dad!" to be his critical credit yet he is fairly active ~ above twitter

Kim Rhodes play Cary Martin, Zack and Cody"s solitary mom who stays at the hotel through them. She was the hotel lounge singer. Before "Suite Life" she played bit roles in a range of movies and also television shows, her other most notable function was in the soap opera "Another World" as Cindy Harrison.

After the present ended in 2008, Rhodes ongoing to action in shows and movies. She joined the corridor for "Suite Life ~ above Deck" indigenous 2008-2011. ~ the spinoff finished she took collection regular roles in a variety of shows prefer playing the assistant manager in "Criminal Minds" and also a sheriff in "Supernatural."

Adrian R"Mante played Esteban the bellboy turned night manager that the Hotel Tipton. He just played Esteban in one episode of the spinoff "Suite Life top top Deck" but while on the original display he also performed ~ above the present "On the Up" and also "CSI: Crime step Investigation" as a paramedic.

Since the display ended, R"Mante play a few small roles in a variety of true crime themed shows favor "NCIS: Los Angeles," "Hawaii-Five-0," and also "Magnum P.I." His last function was in "Magnum P.I." simply this past year however it also looks like he has movie comes out referred to as "Unbelievers" i beg your pardon is currently in post production.

Stepanek play Arwin Hochauser the hotel"s engineer and also one that it"s residents. He to be wacky, funny, and also quickly ended up being a pan favorite. They had plans of giving him a spinoff show but it dropped through. When on the display he also was on one more Disney Channel show called "Brian O"Brian" whereby he played the title character.

After the "Suite Life" shows ended, Stepanek continued his acting career especially in television. He right now plays a recurring duty on the CBS show "Young Sheldon" where he plays Mr. Givens. He also lends his voice come the cartoon "The according to House" whereby he theatre the dad.

When Maddie to be off of work-related at the liquid counter, she was changed by Millicent, who was a quirky and also nervous (and possibly the many relatable) character. Millicent to be played through Kara Taitz, that made her an initial acting illustration on the show in 2007. She likewise made appearances on "Wizards of Waverly Place" and "Samantha Who?" during that era.

After "Suite Life," Taitz ongoing acting in the new York City area. She had a breakout duty on MTV"s "The hard Times that RJ Berger" and made an illustration on "Raising Hope" ~ above Fox. She has laid short in current years, but according come her on facebook page, she continued acting in she hometown of brand-new York.

Estelle Harris was currently a popular actress as soon as she took the duty of Muriel the maid in ~ the Hotel Tipton. She only showed up in a couple of episodes yet made quite the impression. Before "Suite Life," Harris had played duties on a range of various other Disney Channel shows mainly doing voice over work in ones prefer "Dave the Barbarian," "Kim Possible," and also "House of Mouse."

Estelle Harris continues to lend her voice in plenty of popular Disney shows and movies, many notably she plays the role of Mrs. Potato Head in the Toy Story franchise. She doesn"t really act in many live action shows and also movies, to like to simply do voice over work. She additionally played the role Peg-Leg Pen in "Jake and the never ever Land Pirates" and Oz"s Mum in "Fanboy and also Chum Chum."

Milly and Becky Rosso had actually recurring duties in "Suite Life" as twins Janice and Jessica native the UK. Lock began appearing on the present in the 2nd season. This to be their very first acting role. They additionally starred in the legitimate Blonde sequel called Legally Blondes and also had a song on the soundtrack.

The pair haven"t done lot acting due to the fact that "Suite Life" and also Legally Blondes, most recently appearing on the spinoff "On Deck" because that on episode as the exact same characters. They joined pressures with your two various other sisters Lola and Georgina and decided to emphasis on your music career. They unfortunately disbanded in 2015 after your mother"s death.

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Alyson Stoner had a tiny recurring role on the present too as a girl named Max. At the time she also had a recurring role on the Disney mini present called the "Super short Show" as Sally. She was additionally the boy dancer that busted the moves tough in those Missy Elliott music videos.

Just this previous MTV video clip Music Awards she dipped earlier into she dancing skills and took the stage during when Missy Elliott winner the Michael Jackson video Vanguard Award. Currently, she voices over Bat Girl/Barbara Gordon in the present "Young Justice" and also the function of Callie in "Pete the Cat."

Robert Torti played cut Martin, Zack and also Cody"s sorta-estranged father and also ex-husband of their mom. He worked in a touring absent band. Prior to landing the function on "Suite Life" Torti had actually a effective career as an actor already. He had actually a recurring function in the soap opera "The Young and also the Restless." He additionally had a duty in the Disney movie race to Witch Mountain.

Since "Suite Life" Torti has ongoing to act, playing roles in a range of shows, movies, and even in video clip games. He voiced end a range of characters in the video clip game StarCraft II: heritage of the Void. Many recently, he appeared in the movie "Bob Freeman: Exterminator because that Hire" and also the quick "Gastropod" i m sorry is coming out 2020.