Of all his cards ever before produced, the 1991 Fleer Michael Jordan basketball card continues to be a personal favorite that mine.

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Just look in ~ the overall eye very nice of this card and you"ll see what ns mean...

Those deep blue borders with the NBA logo installed in them to be a an imaginative step front at the time.

And the photo of Jordan ripping down a rebound v teammate Horace give looking top top injects the card with excitement.

Typically I choose a Jordan card through a shooting of the dunking but this one gets a pass...

The 1991 Fleer collection itself may not be worth lot these days since of the huge print volumes but you might be surprised at how much the Jordan card can be worth.

In this guide, ns cover every little thing you must know around this explosive card.

Let"s jump right in!


Number:This is card #29 the end of 400 complete cards in the set.

Design:The style of the card is soon recognizable through deep blue borders and bright photo of Jordan that dominates the right-hand next of the card.

The picture on his 1990 Fleer map was arguably much better but it"s tough to complain around any Jordan card...

Those blue boundaries really pop however they can be a condition obstacle because they easily display wear and tear.

I constantly loved how Fleer installed the NBA logo design repeatedly in the elevator of the borders as an interesting architecture touch.

Jordan"s name and also position are placed in the lower-left the the card while the Chicago Bulls logo sits in the upper-left.

The Fleer brand and also year the the set round the end the card in the lower-right corner.

Reverse Side:The turning back side the the map is published with a vertical layout and features his personal information and also stats indigenous previous years.

Fleer set of all kinds during the 80s and also early 90s had a unique look and feel come them, however this architecture started to look a bit various and an ext advanced.

For starters, it contained both a headshot and action shot the Jordan

And the hardwood background was a change-up from the common bland backgrounds they were known for using.

The write-up in ~ the bottom provided a glimpse at how dominant he to be at that point in his career.

Sometimes human being forget just how an excellent of a defender Jordan was because he was basically a person highlight reel on offense.

Little walk Fleer and everyone know but Jordan was about to capture his first NBA title the season...

Condition Issues:Centering have the right to be tough but like I stated a little earlier, the blue borders are vulnerable to mirroring wear and tear.

Michael Jordan’s Legacy

Most anyone agrees thatMichael Jordanwas the greatest ever to pat the video game of basketball.

And what a law it to be to clock him during his prime.

Not only did he elevate the video game of basketball to brand-new heights but he positively affected sports and culture in general.

His champion mentality and dedication to his craft transcended the game of basketball and collection an instance for youngsters everywhere.

Over 15 seasons as a pro, he would attain the following:

1984-85 Rookie of the Year6x NBA Champ5x MVP14x All-Star10x Scoring Champ9x NBA All-Defensive very first Team11x All-NBA

Those are justsomeof the amazing achievements that he"d put up end his legend career as the list is rather huge.

The only question mark left top top Jordan"s resume is just just how much more he might have accomplished had he no retired twice before finally calling it quits ~ his stint through the Wizards.

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Jordan cards will constantly be few of the most preferable in the hobby and even though plenty of others are much more expensive 보다 this one, that will always have a large nostalgic element to it.