Developer: CapcomPublisher: CapcomGenre: Role-Playing activity RPGRelease: Jun 13, 2006Platform: GameBoy AdvanceESRB: Everyone

Lottery Chip machine Codes

From: SenjaruOnce you are able to enter the chip shop in central Town, go inside to find a green machine on the right-hand side. Upon pressing A in former of the machine, friend will have the ability to enter a series of numbers to get bonus items.

AirWheel3 O71757977
AquaMan *51702791
BambooLance *69544569
BlastMan *24616497
BlizzardBall H97049899
Body fill (Pink NCP)28271002
Buster pack (Red NCP)19790420
ChargeMan *92070765
CircleGun V51378085
ColonelArmy *44892547
CountBomb3 M23722234
DeathMatch *38116449
DiveMan *32310827
DrillArm M60884138
DustMan *79814666
ElecMan *30424514
ElementWrap *08789369
Full energy SubChip45566783
Full energy SubChip39345472
Get "Full Energy"87341489
Get "Unlocker"04789479
Get NCP "HP+300"54654618
GroundMan *10414878
GunDelSol3 W14212857
HeatMan *12404002
HP+100 (White NCP)49951337
HP+400 (Green NCP)08749780
HP+500 (White NCP)55031325
KillerMan *84387543
Lock opponent SubChip68008194
Lock opponent SubChip98766899
Lock foe SubChip37495453
Lock opponent SubChip16336487
MegaBoomerang M88674125
Program because that Beat70741543
Program for Rush32132348
Rapid MAX (Green NCP)12046210
Receive an Untrap subchip59485971
Receive ChargeMAX Navi Cust program94305487
Receive HP+200 Navi Cust program24823665
Receive HP+50 Navi Cust program37889678
Receive SpinGreen09256524
Receive SpinRed77837421
Receive SpinYellow41976910
Recovery300 Y75641392
Shinobi Dash SubChip15511679
Shinobi Dash SubChip79459146
Shinobi Dash SubChip74198795
SlashMan *55910601
Tango assistance (Green NCP)69548756
TenguMan *00297421
TomahawkMan *67520179
Uninstall G97403000
Unlocker SubChip04789479
Unlocker SubChip41161139
Unlocker SubChip82564319
Unlocker SubChip99910954
Untrap SubChip09000465
Untrap SubChip22812406