It might feel great to complain however literally no development is gift made. It additionally shows the you’re dissatisfied through Allah’s qadr (fate) he has actually ordained for you.

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All of united state in life will go through an excellent times and also bad, the one thing we have to not do is complain. There’s an additional saying that everything you emphasis on will certainly be true come you.

You have the right to probably discover a million methods you’ve to be cheated and no one is denying the these things didn’t happen. Yet what can you execute today that’s walk to readjust the past? that does girlfriend no justice to feel poor or pity yourself. How around instead we find out from the past and thank Allah because that the great that deserve to be learned from this experiences. It important is a blessing of Allah, we simply need to view it as such.

If you rather switch the concern around and ask every the methods He has actually blessed you, you’ll have actually a million different reasons to prayer Him. Learn to say thanks to Allah from the the smallest of things favor the lace on your shoe to bigger things favor your health, wealth, and also family.

Allah is no limited, that is the most gracious and most merciful. You have the right to ask because that all her heart desire (as lengthy as it’s permissible). What we have to mindful the is come desiring something and also invoking Allah but then having a fixed expectation the the outcome.


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It’s the strictly expectation which taints the soul. If us make dua v the attitude that it will certainly be fulfilled and it is not, we can grow bitter and here shaytan theatre his tip in her mind by saying things like “why does he no listen come me” or “why am I no deserving”. Us balloon up with negative emotions.

We need to make dua and also ask Allah come bless us through happiness, success and whatever is good. But if the contrary of what we mean comes true we have to learn come say Alhamdulillah and expropriate our fate. For sure Allah knows what’s best. To great life come be any type of other method then it at this time is, is foolish. Until you learn to do a time machine to rewind the clock, there’s no allude to dwell ~ above what could’ve been.

After the section on how to recite Allah Bless friend in Arabic. We’ve put together a lengthy list that “May Allah Bless You” estimates to accumulate you to find the tiny points you can be appreciative of. Hope you reap this rapid read. If you carry out please share and also spread knowledge.

How carry out You Say may Allah Bless girlfriend in Arabic

It is much better to recite Dua in Arabic if you know it, if you carry out not climate it is permissible come ask Allah in your native language. To say may Allah because that you in Arabic it would certainly be:

بارك الله فيك

The transliteration for this is Baraka Allahu Fik, an interpretation May Allah Bless You.

May Allah Bless friend Dua and also Quotes

1. Is he who responds come the desperate one when he calls upon Him and also removes evil and also makes you inheritors the the earth? Is there a deity with Allah ? tiny do friend remember. (27:62)

2. The said, “I just complain of my suffering and also my grief to Allah, and also I know from Allah the which you do not know. (12:86)


3. May Allah bless you with happiness and good health

4. For Marriage: may Allah bless you both v lots of pleasure in the brand-new journey the life.

5. Might Allah bless you with prosperity & success and attain every score in life…

6. May Allah bless united state all v success, health, happiness, patience and strength. Might all your desires come true and may you live the life the you have constantly dreamed of. May Allah bless you through victory in this life and also eternal life too. Amen!


7. Might Allah Bless you v Success.

8. Might Allah bless us through Patience!

9. May Allah bless our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

10. May Allah helps us witness the blessed month that Ramadan.

11. Ya Allah help me and the Muslims all throughout the world.


12. Might Allah bless girlfriend with good health and long life.

13. Allah safeguard me from any kind of harm.

14. Ya Rabb safeguard My Heart.

15. Might Allah fill your life with unlimited happy moments, plenty of wonderful surprises, and also infinite success!

16. For Birthday: Patience and also wisdom space two elements to live a happy and prosperous life. ~ above this unique day the yours, might Allah bless you with these two elements that are important for a joyful life. Ns wish a happy life ahead!! Happy Birthday.

17. Might Allah Bless You through All The highest possible Levels the Jannah and Happiness and also Success In This Life and also The Next.

18. Might Allah accept your dua and bless girlfriend with solid imaan, sabr, happiness and long age with taqwa

19. May Allah bless you and your family with every the pleasure in the world and hereafter.

20. May Allah bless you v long and also righteous life and make friend obedient maid of him.

21. May Allah bless you and also your family in this dunya and hereafter in ~ the work of judgment

22. May Allah do this civilization for you and also whole ummah a much better place to live and also he bless us with the opportunity to die as true Muslim

23. Allah you re welcome forgive united state for that us did wrong. Please store us top top the best path far from Shaitan.

24. May Allah bless you and your family by the plentitude of blessings… Ameen!

25. Might Allah bless you with what you room praying for, and also if the doesn’t, may He give you better.

26. Might Allah bless you and your wife through love, understanding and also happiness.


26. may Allah Bless girlfriend both and showers his countless blessings top top you might Allah store you both safe and also sound in all respects

27. Happy for you both as you’re happy to have found each other. May You enjoy lot love and happiness transparent your resides together. Might Allah Bless friend Both.

28. May Allah bless you with tremendous ship to stand for mankind throughout your life.

29. May Allah bless you and also keep continue blessing you always with peace and also happiness and all the success in her life of this dunya and hereafter. Might He bless you today and always.

30. might Allah Bless your marriage

31. may Allah Bless your marriage with happiness

32. may Allah Bless your marital relationship till Jannah

33. might Allah Bless your marriage with happiness.

34. may Allah Bless your brand-new home.

35. might Allah Bless your baby.

36. may Allah Bless friend on your birthday.

37. may Allah Bless me and my husband.

38. may Allah reward girlfriend greatly.

39. might Allah protect and guide us, might He forgive united state for what we do and also don’t do and also may He open our eyes and also grant united state hidayah.

40. may Allah bless united state to go perform hajj as soon as in our life.

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41. might Allah bless us to see an additional Ramadan.

Final Note:

One day ns was behind the Prophet (peace and also blessings of Allah it is in upon him) and he said, “O young man, i shall teach you some words : Be responsibility of Allah and Allah will protect you. Be mindful of Allah and also you will uncover Him in front of you. If friend ask, climate ask Allah ; and also if you seek help, climate seek assist from Allah . And know the if the country were come gather with each other to benefit you v anything, they would certainly not benefit you except with what Allah had already prescribed for you. And if they were to gather with each other to damage you with anything, they would certainly not injury you except with what Allah had already prescribed against you. (an excerpt indigenous hadith #19 the the 40 Hadith of Al-Nawawi)