edgeAny next of a polyhedron's faces.

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elevationsTwo-dimensional see of three-dimensional figures given native the top,front, or sides. Elevations usually encompass measurements and also a scale.

empty setA set containing no elements. Additionally know together the null set. Signs usedto represent this collection are,


endpointA suggest at the end of a segment or the beginning point of a ray.


endpointof a ray The beginning point the a ray.

ends ofa kiteThe usual vertices the the same sides the the kite.


EqualFractions building Ifthe numerator and also denominator the a portion are both multiply ( or divided) through the same nonzero number, then the resulting fractions are equal.

This instance works due to the fact that 3/3 is another name for one, and also anynumber once multiplied by one retains its original value.

equallylikely outcomes Outcomesin a case where each outcome is assumed to occur as frequently as everyother outcome.

equationA sentence withan same sign.

Ex: 3x + 7 = 19

equationof the type x + a = bAn equation in which an unknown number x is included to a knownnumber a, causing a recognized number b.

Ex: x + 8 =16

equationof the form ax = bAn equation in i m sorry the unknown number x is multiply by aknown number a, causing a recognized number b.

Ex: 4x = 64

equationof the form ax + b = cAn equation in i m sorry an unknown number x is multipliedby a recognized number a, then added to a well-known number b,resulting in a known number c.

Ex: 2x + 7 = 27

equationof the type ax + b = cx + dAn equationin i beg your pardon the exact same unknown number x is multiplied by number aand c and included to known numbers b and also d, resultingin same values.

Ex: 5x + 8 = 3x +-10

equiangularpolygonA polygon with all angles of equal measure.

equidistantAt the exact same distance.

equilateralpolygonA polygon with all sides of equal length.

equilateraltriangle Atriangle in which all the sides have the same length.

equivalentformulasFormulas in i beg your pardon the same numbers work.

equivalentsentencesSentences the have specifically the exact same solutions.

estimateA number i beg your pardon is nearanother number. Also called approximation.

EstimationPrinciple Iftwo numbers are almost equal, then when one is substituted for the otherin a computation will be nearly equal.

Euclid AGreek mathematician, who lived around 300 B.C., famed for his Elements,a repertoire of theorems and also problems that forms a logical system of geometry.Euclid additionally wrote on conic sections, optics, algebra and also numbers. The provedthat the variety of primes is infinite. He established the an initial school ofmathematics in ~ Alexandria. For an ext than 2,000 years, Euclidean geometrywas the just kind teach in schools.

EuclideangeometryThe geometry based upon Euclid's axioms.

evaluatingan expression Findingthe worth of an algebraic expression through substituting a value for the variable(s)and then applying the orderof operations, PEMDAS (parentheses, exponents, multiplication anddivision native left to right, and enhancement and individually from left toright).


evaluatinga numerical expressionWorking outthe arithmetic in a numerical expression. The bespeak of operations, PEMDAS(parentheses, exponents, multiplication and division from left to right,and enhancement and subtraction from left come right), have to be followedwhen examining any numerical expression

even nodeA node i beg your pardon is the endpoint of an even variety of arcs in a network.


eventA collectionof possible outcomes of an experiment.

exerciseA inquiry whichyou know just how to answer.

expansionA size change with size greater than one.

exponentIn the power x^n, n is the exponent.

extendedratioA sequence of 3 or more numbers representing the family member sizes ofthe numbers (or quantities).


This 30, 60, 90 level triangle has actually angles which monitor a 1:2:3 ratiobecause 60 is 2 times bigger than 30, and 90 is 3 times biggerthan 30.

exteriorangleAn angle created by 2 lines and also a transversal whose inner containsno points in between the two lines. An angle which develops a straight pair withan angle of a given polygon.

over you see angles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and also 6 are all exterior angles.NOTE: If the 2 lines that are cut by the transversal room parallel,then the alternate exterior angles, 1&4, 2&3, will be congruent

exteriorof a circleThe set of points in ~ a distance greater than the radius from thecenter the the circle. It's just every little thing not in or on the circle itself.


exteriorof a figureWhen a figure separates the airplane into 2 parts, one bounded and onenot, the unbounded part.

exteriorof one angleA nonzero angle separates the airplane into 2 sets the points. If the angleis not straight, the non-convex set is the exterior the the angle.


extremesofa ratio In the proportion a/b= c/d, the numbers a and d.

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Rememberthat b and c are dubbed the means, and thatthe product that the method isalways same to the product the the extremes in any proportion.

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